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Any other female have small hips but big waist?

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I often hear about people complaining about their hips, but not their waist!!  Am I an oddity??  Currently, I have 38.5inch hips and 31.5 inch waist.  I have A LOT of old pants that fit perfectly on my hips/butt area but I have rolls of fat hanging over the waist.  It drives me bonkers!!  So either I have really baggy pants in the butt/hips and fit fine on the waist, or I have pants that fit perfectly from the hips down, but tight on the waist.  I guess I am apple shaped, though I also have large thighs and calves.  I've been doing ab work in hopes of toning my stomach, but I guess I'll just have to lose more fat in order to get that smaller waist.
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I'm with you...my body's the same.
I have that body type, too -- there's not much difference from my waist to my hips. Ah, well -- I'll learn to live with it, I guess. Maybe plastic surgeons do hip implants? If they can do calf-implants, I'm sure hip implants are coming soon! ;)
same here.

it's the classic apple shape. and it sucks.

my solution is to wear jeans with a lower rise-waist sits a couple inches lower than my natural waist. that way I avoid squishing the problem area, but get a good fit across the tush.
thing is, the size of your hips is perfectly normal for that size waist.  when you start to lose weight, both will decrease in size (probably at a different pace). 

Some just don't have the same shape as others.  Myself, I will never have the womanly curves that I'd like. 

Also, they make pants weird these days.  I never buy jeans because they always make my butt look funny. 

Try shopping at abercrombie (did i really just say that? yes i did)
They have a good variety and good sizing system.  Also, it can be good to talk to the fitting room gals to get an objective opinion.  What you think fits you in the waist but not in the butt area may look just fine.
I have the same issue. I either get pants that are a perfect fit on my waist, and consequently make me look like I have no behind at all, or I get some that give me a nice butt and the waist is too small. =|

I never tried A&F pants. The one time I decided to give it a try, I found a pair of jeans that I really liked and they only had them sizes 00-2 and >10 I never had the chance to see if the fit looked good on me or not =|
lunamagae, sounds like you have the same problem I do being pants.

A&F are my fav brand for jeans that fit me well, holister too. ironically ae fit horibbly.
"buying pants" sorry!
my jeans all look like my hips should be 29384029384 inches bigger.  meh.  get the hips tailored?  that's what i do, but its expensive.
I'm not an apple, but the good thing about apples is that they lose fat quickly on the upper body.
ravenlark, really? It's funny you say that cuz when I lose weight its my butt and legs that start to slim down, my upper stays the same, including my waist...

Dharma... I'll definately check those brands out. I've tried holister, and I found a pair that fit well, but when it comes to jeans, I want/need a pair to love. I've been buying jeans that are okay for way too long. I want to get a fav pair of jeans. Usually I find one of those every couple of years and they get worn out =| I'll check A&F.
Wow, I used to think I was the only one with this problem. For a while my waistline was actually bigger than my hips. I've always had a flat butt and small hips. Buying pants that have fit me across the waist led to unflattering sagging in the rear.

I wouldn't say I have had the best of luck finding pants that fit me well, I never stick to one brand because if I chance to find a pair that fits, I go back to buy more and they've discontinued that style or something.
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I am the same way! I have 38 inch hips and a 33 inch waist. I wear Silver Tuesday jeans, they make my butt look amazing and flatten my stomach, as they sit really low and don't squeeze as much!
im the opposite, my hips feel like the could bust out of my skin sometimes haha, i have big hips and a small waist, and i always hit them off everything.. and it hurts haha
Nice to know there are so many of us! I have a fierce hatred of clothes shopping and fitting rooms, maybe because the "standard" sizes fit me so poorly.  Even in my skinny days, I had a hard time finding clothes that fit.

I second the recommendation for Abercrombie & Fitch, and my favorite pair of cargo jeans came from American Eagle. Both are moderately low-rise, which accommodates the fact that the bust, hips and waist are not the 3-2-3 ratio that is the Miss America ideal.

Hey, thats me. 30 waist and 35 hips :os. I don't mind the no bum look, just the jelly belly that sits at the front!

My waist is smaller than my hips BUT my hips are still very small and my butts too flat....would i just have to put on weight to change this? or would all the weight just go to mi tummy :S OR are there any exercises that will better these parts of me??

Count me in too in the apple count! Size wise I am 2 sizes bigger on my waist than on my hips.. it is driving me nuts! LUCKILY I have begun loosing weight (not a lot yet)  and I can def. see it on my tummy, not as much as I like, but hopefully it will come :)

Same. 37 inch hips, 31 inch waist.     
i have a really odd body... i think it's called a ruler in like cosmo!? hahaha well in short.... i have a very boyish figure. My room mates cousin told me a lil while ago that I have the body of a 12 year old... *gee thanks* haha i can't help it.  My waist is 27 inches and my hips are 32 inches... not to much of a huuge difference but i realllly wish i had a bigger waist... just like a bigger bone structure in general.. oh well! not much you can do!

edit: totally didn't even add in my waist measurement haha
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my waist is 25 inches n my hips are 33 i duno if thats in proportion but i find it really hard to find pants that fit right
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