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Ostomy diet

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I would like to know how to stop gaining weight when a person has to be careful what healthy foods they cannot eat.   Raw veggies, cooked (gassy) veggies, no seedy foods, no hard meats, and etc.  Since I have an ostomy bag I have to be careful of things I consume.  Apparently the other things I am eating are helping me gain weight.  Is there anyone who can suggest something?  I would appreciate any input someone might have.  Thank you
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Bev- I'm no expert and that sounds rough, but first guess is really mild things like mushed up bananas, cranberry juice, chicken broth, yogurt...all good healthy foods. Maybe try to google 'ostomy diet'? I bet there are hopitals out there with guidelines. best wishes.
Have you asked your doctor for suggestions? It seems to me this is something that the medical profession must deal with fairly often.
If you ask our doctor, he may be able to give you a refferal to a dietician who has experience with ostomy patients and can help ou work out a healthy eating plan that takes your physical condition into account.

There may also be support groups for ostomy patients, I'm not sure. My grandpa had one, but I was pretty little when he passed on, so I don' t remember much.
Hi Bev,

I know exactly what you are going through. We just brought my mum home from the hospital yesterday. She has an ileostomy, and has just been diagnosed as boarderline diabetic. So now she needs a diet that is ostomy complient, diabetic compliant and doesn't have her gain weight (because that's bad for the diabetes).

I showed her this site yesterday, and when I first read your post actually phoned her and asked her if she'd already signed up, so it's quite coincidental.

I can't lie to you it's going to require some figuring out on your part (and on my part for her), and on my mum's part. The doctor's haven't been all that helpful to us. They were quite quick to provide a list of foods that she can't have, but not very quick with suggestions for foods that she can have - they just pretty much brushed it off and said "oh, anything". And, then when we asked about combining it with a diabetic diet, it was even more difficult. In fact the kitchen while she was in hospital apparently had a lot of trouble reconciling both diets, and mainly sent up a diabetic diet so we had to bring her a lot of food from home so that she would have enough.

Anyways, I think this site can really really help. It's a bit of trial and error, we know that an ostomy diet is also called "low-residue" and "low-fiber" diet. And, we know that a diabetic diet needs to watch the sugars and carbohydrates, but generally means eating healthy in any case.

If you start logging your food, then when you have food logged you can click on the "analysis" tool and see what proportions you have eaten of fat, protine, carbs and other. We figure this will help us to shoot towards a balanced diet, and identfy where we are falling short.

Some of the suggestions that we have for her diet, are:

untoasted whole wheat breads
Cream of wheat ceareal
overcooked pasta
we're using overcooked pureed vegetables to make pasta sauces
(keep ingredients separate on plate, easier to digest)
Cremed or blended soups (avoid mushroom & broccoli)
Strained juices (orange, grapefruit)

That's what I can think of so far. The trick will be using the food log to watch calories, as she can't eat a lot of the lighter things that she used to like salads, we need to make sure she feel full, is eating regularly to control the diabetes and is not gaining weight.

Feel free to add me as a friend, I will add you, I write fairly regularly in my journal and can include some stuff on our ostomy diet journeys.
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I'm gluadys and supersized is my daughter.  I just joined today. 

When I went into the hospital I was expecting that I would have an ileostomy or colostomy as a consequence of the tumor removal.  What I didn't expect was finding out I also had diabetes.

So now I have to double-think about how to manage both and any advice is truly welcome.

Although I am slightly overweight at present, I will not add the stress of trying to lose weight at the moment, but of course, I don't want to gain either.

A couple of things to add to the list in supersized's post.

Make sure, of course, that the breads don't contain whole seeds e.g flax, caraway, sesame, etc.

Get some veggies by using a mix-veg beverage such as V-8 or Garden Cocktail.  If you like Clamato, that adds some protein too.  (Don't rely on this for all veggies.)

At the hospital the vegetables they gave me most frequently were cooked green and wax beans, cooked carrots and squash.  The dietician said to eat "squash, squash and more squash".  Fortunately I like squash when it is well-prepared.  (I think the hospital took lessons on how to ruin it!)

I'm real, real, real new at this myself so I may be making some errors here.  But that's the current game plan.

One thing I do want to find out soon is whether I can eat rice with an ostomy.  The hospital gave me only mashed potato or pasta. 
Welcome gluadys :)
Hello mummy!
gluadys, if you can handle raising supersized, you can handle anything! Welcome to the site!
I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not?
Ahahahahaha....I dunno but it made me laugh!
I found this website that might help

http://www.healthcastle.com/candiettx_08_01.s html
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"gluadys, if you can handle raising supersized, you can handle anything! Welcome to the site!"

Athena_tavener, you don't know the half of it!!!!!!   But you're right on. 

And, supersized, that was a compliment-----to me! ;)
Oh, I have no doubt it was a compliment to you :P
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I found comprehensive information for an ileostomy diet on this site:

gicare.com/diets/colostomy-ileostomy-rectal-p ouch-diets/

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I found comprehensive information for an ileostomy diet on this site:

gicare.com/diets/colostomy-ileostomy-rectal-p ouch-diets/

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