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orange peels

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has anyone ever heard of orange peels boosting your metabolism?
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I think it has something to do with a substance extracted from bitter orange peels. ...snynephrine (sp?). I read somewhere that it can have bad interactions with prescription drugs and shouldn't be used during pregnancy.....
No, but I can't imagine they'd be nice to eat. It must hurt your throat.
This time of year I boil them for the smell.

You can use orange peels in receipes.  Grated.
I always eat the orange peels.  I actually like them and there are lots of vitamins in them.  Haven't heard anything about enteracting with meds.  Maybe I should check into that since I can't eat grapefruit 'cause with one of my meds they could kill me.  Of course I always eat the orange peels and haven't died yet. 
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probably a good idea to scrub them before you eat them, veevee.
How about dried orange peels? I think it is good to mix it in tea, kinda give some flavoring ya know? Can also make it candied orange peel like the chinese do.
Here is a link on a short Q&A about orange peel.
i personally think that's a myth. i guess you could really stretch it and say that since orange peels are fibrous and bulky so they fill you up and go through you faster than say, if you didn't eat the peel, but i'm not sure if the actual natural chemicals in citrus fruits could significantly change your metabolism. i don't know for sure though. either way, i'm eating my oranges, probably without the not that brave!
katier - I not only scrub the oranges (and everything else I eat) prior to eating, but I also only eat organic.   If they do change your metabolism, they don't for me.  No matter what I do, I don't lose weight.  Lost about 15#s in June/July and haven't lost an ounce since.
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