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What is your opinion on a juice fast?

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  • Is it worth it?
  • Will I lose weight, and not gain it back when I start eating real food again? 
Jw.  Thanks.

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Not a good idea.

You definitely won't get the proper nutrition your body needs on juice alone. Sure, you'll lose weight because your calories are dramatically cut, but as soon as you eat regular food again, you'll gain it back. Or worse, more.

Stick to a balanced diet. It's slower, but the slower you lose weight, the healthier it is and the more likely you'll be to keep it off.
*chants like a cheerleader*

B-A-D I-D-E-A! Bad. Idea! Bad, bad, idea!
a juice fast? of course you will gain it all back.
I agree with the other posters above. A Juice Fast is just not a good idea. You'll lose weight, but it'll all be water, and you'll gain it all back.

Better to do something a little healthier and go with a reasonable deficit of 500-750 calories. :)
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Juice fasts are a great way to detox your body, but they usually wont be much below 1200 calories anyways if you are drinking as much as you are supposed to. If you did go for one, make sure you read a book or two on it, have a way to get fresh squeezed juices (grocery store juices dont work even if 'organic' they must be squeezed that day with no sugar added. If you dont have a store to get these at, you need a juicer. Dont live off of a juice bar either because you need way more juice than can be afforded by doing that. You should ideally not feel hungry. I dont actually fast for weight loss on the rare occasions htat I do but because I can feel that there are toxins in my system that need getting rid of. A good juice fast is usually maintained for 5 days.
Juice fasts are actually very healthy as they do not limit calories (and counting on one is not good) and you are being loaded with enzymes. You should never be hungry on a juice fast and if you are, you need more juice. Some will even allow a banana or an avocado if solid food is really needed because they are easy to digest. There are careful processes to follow in order to prepare for a fast and in order to break one. It is important to do your reading and get to know many takes on it before doing it yourself. Alternative medecine professionals might be the best way to go in order to know whether a juice fast would be right for you.
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Drinking juice gives you all the calories of the fruits and veggies you put into the juice machine...MINUS all the fiber (which is what fills you up).

You'd be better off just eating more raw fruits and veggies than juicing.
Where are the benefits to a Juice Fast (for a day or two).
Not starvation with a glass of Juice now and then to lose weight. But an actual healthy Juice Fast to cleanse your system.
Is it worth it at all?
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It cleans your system and gives your digestive system a break. It only really works if its a minimum of 3 days.
That's actually not true.

"Cleanses" don't do anything your body, with enough fiber, doesn't do by itself. What you lose, when you cleanse, is mostly fecal matter and the lining of your intestines (which, like skin, sloughs off a little bit at a time over time.)

Honestly, no one needs to do a Cleanse. Eat lots of fiber and your body will be as squeaky clean as it's supposed to be. :)
I disagree.  Juicing can be cleansing, and sometimes it is a good idea to cleanse the bowel.  The no-no is juicing or detoxing without eating.  GNC has a 2 day liquid cleanse that you drink 4 times a day for two days while maintaining a healthy diet, I use it about every 4 months.
Please explain to me when it is a good idea to cleanse the bowel? :)

Also, are you a medical professional? I know I'm not, but your user name makes me ask.
a calorie cut is a calorie cut.

if you underdrink or overfast it will damage the metabolism.
fasting can have lethal complication. i suggest you research it yourself before doing it. it really can be a horrible detox. you should never do it if you  are on any medication or have had steroids within the past 6 months.detoxing with a clean diet it so much more pleasant. plus you can take any meds without it being a problems (talk to your doctor first though because even food can affect some medications)

if your only goal is weightloss i suggest looking into detox diets where food is involved. its really the first thing you should do anyway before even thinking of fasting if you are going about the process properly.

the interesting thing about detox diets is you get to learn a bunch about the properties of food and how they can be good for your body.

fiber cleans the colon but it doesnt detoxify the cells. just a simple example is say beef. we all know the give those cows chemical hormones etc...but they do that with plant stuff too. so you really have to make your detox choices be organic and without pesticides or hormones. that way the fiber, nutrients, water, food's natural properties can go to work  on bringing in the new and out with the old.

a really simple one that will just make you feel better is just have one day of  organic foods a week. the less meat the better [just because concentration of chemicals (enviromental and induced) are lower in plants usually than they are in meat..whole food chain thing gets more toxic like mercury in fish that eat other fish that contain mercury. it builds up in the larger animal]

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I've actually done a 7 day juice fast. If you are asking 4 advice/opinions please ensure that at the very least the person who's opinion you are applying value to has 1st hand knowledge through research and experiance. Just prior to embarking on my fast I too received mixed reviews.

I decided to go for it & was very glad I did. Juice fasting is not for weight loss. That is a side effect due to the change in diet but it will only be a permanent change if you also have a dramatic liefstyle change as you gradually come off the juice fast.

Juice fasting is not dangerous or unhealthy. In fact it is the SAFEST form of fasting. The body can easily go 40 days without food but it can only go a few days without water. In western culture, most of us are dhydrated daily and our diets are full of garbage,. We intake so much sodium, sugar and fat & eat so few fruits and veggies we are crowned the fattest/unhealthiest society in the world - by our own choice!

When juice fasting you want to do it right. It is so important to drink a glass of water for every glass of juice, it is also important to balance your diet with BOTH fruits & veggies (not mixed together - ewww) and you don't just have 3 meals a day but more like 6-8 glasses of juice at a minimum each day. Don't leave out the leafy greens. It makes for a gross color but it is so beneficial for the body.

I journaled my Juicing experience on my livejournal blog. You can look me up under username "MyPrimalScream" I will deffinatly juice again because I found great benefits to juicing. I didn't 100% do it right as I was just experimenting as a 1st trial run but I will be doing it again and for a longer time frame because I wan't to really get into the healthier lifestyle.

I still juice a few times a week but I am trying to get into the habit of incorperating it more because the more I juice the better I feel over all.

There are quite a few websites that will help you understand the good & bad to juicing & SOOOO IMPORTANT - the proper way to come off a juice fast - I kid you not - if you consider it - you must read up on & commit to properly ending a juice fast in a way that will ease you back into digesting your own food and not making things worse by attacking your intestines with garbage.
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