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Weight Loss
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ONLY losing weight with exercise

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I've lost about 50lb (put back on 5 over the holidays in sugar) with a mixture of diet and exercise. Since coming abck from the UK a month ago I really haven't had the drive to exercise, once or twice barely making more than minimal walk/jog effort on the treadmill once or twice a week. I WAS doing p90x and took my 2 rest weeks that has turned into 5 rest weeks and can't get motivated to go back to it. 

I have noticed that I am no longer losing weight, I have tailored my eating and lowered my calories for not working out but have sat miserably at the same weight since stopping exercise. As an experiment I exercised lightly for 3 consecutive days and saw the scale move down again.  

Is is possible for someone to only be able to lose weight with exercise? Even binging over christmas I barely went over my maintainance amount but still put on 5lb for about 4 days of sugary treats (give or take 2 of those being water weight). I really would like to be able to NOT have to devote an hour every single day to literally sweating my ass off but it does seem to be the only way the scale moves. I'm eating the recommended amount by CC, though granted I have been sneaking far too many carbs of that total amount, so no under-eating issue and I have been swinging wildly in calorie total but not going over my max this past week to try and see if it's just a plateau. (also hence why not stressing the xmas llbs) Stats being 208, 26, 5'7 and eating about 1400-1800 a day. I am mostly sedentary, I sit and study most of the day and will get up to play with the dog, make food etc. and then will TRY and do 45mins on the treadmill jog/walk every few days. I say try because a lot of the time the laziness wins. I dont feel like I've lost my motivation but it's a big jump from where I started his journey at 2 hours working out a day. 



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I think the CC calorie recommendation is a bunch of horse ****.  In my opinion, it overestimates the number of calories people burn per day and overestimates how much people should eat, therefore people don't lose weight.  Weight loss is mostly diet.  If you are on a sufficient diet, you will lose weight.  Weight loss is not linear, so you may lose, plateau, lose plateau, but you should start to lose.  If you are not, then you need to eat less.  Exercise is good because cardio improves your heart's health and weight training helps you retain your muscle mass so you only lose fat, but the diet is what loses the bulk of the weight.  Try getting a scale to see how much you are eating and try to eat more veggies and ditch some of the higher calorie food that you eat. 

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