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Only eating breakfast?

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I want to drop 10 pounds quickly.  I've been on a diet since I was 12 and weight 108.  I just put on 10 pounds this month because I have been tredmeil and running deprived.  My asthma is too bad to run during the cold winter months and I'm going to school and no longer have access to my tredmeil (and can't really afford the gym).

Is only eating breakfast (eating about 1200) a good way to lose weight really quickly?  I've been doing it for four days, I'm extremely, extremely disaplined (I would never go off it).  Once the weather gets better, like in about a month, I'll slowly start spreading out my meals again as I can start running again.

Oh, I'm a dance/actor/singer, so I get a lot of moderate exercise throughout the day plus I walk (and run a little but stop if my lungs get tight, so like, five minutes).  But it's just not the same as running for a half an hour every second day.
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uh, i dont think its a good idea but ill pass the mic to someone who can explain why lol
I don't really understand why you would think eating one meal a day would help, and I don't think it's a good idea. To stabilize your blood glucose and maintain a steady metabolism, it would be way better to eat maybe 5 ot 6 small meals. Otherwise, your going to probably crash by the end of the day. 
Spread it out!  Eating all 1200 calories at breakfast... I just don't see why!?  Maybe I'm confused by your post but...

Your tummy will shrink if you eat smaller portions throughout the day.  It also helps keep your metabolism up... and prevents those blood sugar highs and lows... and so many more reasons.

That's my two cents, but I'm sure someone else will pipe in soon with more.

Good luck!
I used to think that eating everything at once would help later in the day........ like maybe i would work everything off and if i kept on eating...that i was wasting time. maybe i understand what you are thinking?....but its not really the right thing to do.
I have the contrary opinion.  I eat only once a day, about 1200 calories +/- 50.  I DO NOT have fluctuations in my glucose levels, I don't have ups and downs in energy, I don't have cravings, and I'm not famished and so hungry I could eat everything in the house.  It's the easiest diet I've ever been on, and my health is better than it has been in decades. 

However, I don't consume the 1200 calories in the time it usually takes to eat one meal -- I actually have a 5-6 course meal over 2-4 hours.  The first course is usually an apple and a cup of steel-cut oatmeal with a little 2% milk and a little sugar.  2nd course is another fruit, usually an orange or maybe a banana. 3rd course is usually soup and sandwich using 100% whole wheat bread.  4th course is my health drink and maybe some yogurt (low-fat with all active cultures), depending on how I am doing with calories.  Dessert is grapes and cherries.  I am totally satisifed at the end of this meal, not only physically, but emotionally.  By satisfied I mean that I have no desire to eat.  Nothing tempts me.  I haven't had a chocolate, an ice cream or a sweets craving for weeks and weeks.  They don't even sound good.   

It's your choice of foods that affects your blood glucose -- not how frequently you eat.  I choose whole grains, and vegetables and fruits low on the glycemic index.  That means they break down slowly. 

My energy level is the highest it's been for decades.  And when I go to the gym to work out, I have abundance of energy to do cardio and weights, and I don't get hungry afterwards.

I'm only starting to get hungry again about an hour before its time to eat. 

It woks very well for me . . . but it's not for everyone.

And there is science behind it -- if you want to check it out for yourself, do a google on intermittent fasting.

I'm sure there will be a chorus of posts condemning my routine . . . but I know it works, and that's all I care.  The proof is in the pudding, so they say. 

If you do decide to do this, make sure you are getting a variety of foods in your one meal, that it is nutritionally sound, and that you choose foods low on the glycemic index, else you will go crazy with cravings the rest of the day.
To add to my two cents earlier...

I know I've binged before, getting up to almost 1400 for breakfast, and then I'm full and don't need to eat the rest of the day.  I feel sick, though, after I finish because I'm not used to consuming so much over only about 2 hrs. 

Even though I'm not hungry the rest of the day when I have done this, I just feel gluttenous eating that much and I don't think I'd be able to keep it up for the rest of my life.  I'm trying to change for good, not really doing the "diet" thing.

Plus, these have been breakfast binges, not pre-planned/thought-out and balanced-but-larger meals.  So I don't suggest my way of doing it.  LOL

I guess do whatever works for you, makes you feel good, etc.  Everyone's different and though it'd be nice to have diet "rules" or "routines" that work for everyone... it's just impossible.

As I've heard said before, "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad"  :P
I'm fascinated by your eating routine, Manewell. It wouldn't work for me, because of my very erratic insulin levels, but it certainly doesn't sound unhealthy.

But where do you get 2-4 hours at once to eat?  I never seem to have more than 30 minutes before I have to go somewhere or do something.
Eh... you're metabolism will get messed up. Typically I spread it out so I have 4 meals of 200-300 cals per day, it keeps my energy and metabolism up. There have been days when if I knew I was going to have a huge dinner, I would not eat all day, or eat very little until dinner... but only once in a great while. I would say spread it out more, it's better for you.
You need to eat to lose weight.  Do not listen to people who tell you to starve or restrict foods.  You need 3 meals and 3 snacks totaling no less than 1200 calories a day, more if you exercise.  Good nutrition throughout the day is what you need.

First of all, how old are you?

Second, why the need to lose 10 pounds quickly?  Why not do it properly?

I'm not trying to sound critical; I want to help you succeed. A little more information might help.
If you want to lose 10 pounds quickly, this isn't the place for advice.  Most of us here are committed to a healthy way of eating and losing weight and we won't give you advice on how to starve yourself.

Thank you..
  • Better to lose it slowly than quickly.
  • In theory you could eat it all at once; but wouldn't you puke?  I guess if it doesn't feel weird to you.  But I feel icky after like, 700 calories at once.  1200?!?  Certainly that much + in a day, but at once?
  • If this works for you then i guess go with it, but be supercareful :]
I had a friend in high school that was always trying anything she heard of that might make her lose weight. I remember she once tried only eating a big breakfast and she said she wouldn't eat the rest of the day. I think it was difficult for her during lunch hour in the cafeteria when all her friends were eating! Her theory was that in the old days, farmers work really hard at cultivating their crops and they eat a HUGE breakfast and not much at all for lunch/dinner, therefore breakfast is all you need.

I don't think it worked for her coz she eventually stopped it.
I don't think this would work for me either. Time really affects my hunger. Even if I'm not that hungry, when I realize it's "dinner time", then i hear my stomach rumble very soon!
Firstly, I'm 18 years old.  Spreading it over the period of one hour is actually doable since I have an hour commute to school every day and can eat on the subway.

Psht, 1200 calories is not difficult to hit in one meal...

oatmeal (200 calories)
skim milk (90 calories)
cereal like mini-wheats (200 calories)
large banana (100 calories...at least)
raisins (50 calories)
whole wheat speghetti (320 calories)
carrots (50 calories worth)
lean beef sauce or other protein sauce (100 calories per serving)
fat-free all natural yoghurt (80 calories)

That's actually about 1050 calories as a sample.  Plus I usually get some other source of protein like a two tablespoons of flax seed or almonds which is nearly another 100.

I feel very content after this meal.  I'm not hungry until right before I go to sleep, which is fine, because I know that I have a huge meal to look forward to in the morning.  I do the whole 5-8 meal thing a day.  I'll resume it as soon as I know I can start running hardcore again to burn it off.  I've already noticed that I've lost some of my weight already.  I figure this way, I'll have all day to burn it off and it's a lot less likely that I'll have handfulls of this and handfulls of that and overeating this or that.  When you eat 8 tiny meals a day, you're never satisfied.  You're always hungry.  And you can never eat whole wheat speghetti with sauce or anything because there goes one-third of your entire food supply for the day.

You have all day to burn these 1200 calories, are guarenteed not to have more than 1200 calories (because, yes, that would make you throw up), and are completely not tempted to have food because you know you're not going to go near food for the rest of the day.  It's easier to say no all together than to stop.
The farmers DID eat a big breakfast but that's not the ONLY meal they ate! I don't know where your friend got THAT idea! :P

Margaret -- I'm not understanding how or why you think eating all of your calories at once is going to help you lose weight. 1200 all at once or 1200 spread out is still 1200 calories. I know you said you have all day to burn the calories but STILL 1200 is 1200. Your body burns X amount of calories per day anyway ... I'm confused.
Having all day to burn the calories just doesn't make logical sense.  You have all day to burn whatever you eat/whenever you eat it.  Take what you're eating and divide it in 3 and eat 3 times per day minimum.  Add some more veggies at lunch and dinner and you won't be hungry and the calories will only bump up a 100 or 150 or so.  I'm really confused as to why you would want to do this, do you not have other opportunities to eat?

What about other forms of exercise such as swimming?  I personally go to an aerobics class this time of year as I"m not too into walking outside in the snow.

chris, I am currently not working and living with my daughter's family, so I eat between 2-4 or so, so as not to interfere so much with their mealtimes.

I am around food all day long, and I am frequently the one that prepares the lunch for the kids -- and it doesn't bother me at all.

pizza, ice cream, candy, cookies, soda -- it's not one bit tempting.

I believe the secret is eating enough at one time, of the right kinds of foods, to become fully full.  In other words, the emotional need for eating is met as well as the biological and physiological.  That then sustains me with no problem for the next 22 hours or so until it's time to eat again. 

As I said, you must choose your carbs from those that are low on the glycemic index.  My oranges, apples, cherries and grapes are.  And you must choose whole grains, not the refined stuff.  My oatmeal is whole oats, the bread is whole wheat.  And watch the low-fat products that add a whammy amount of sugar to make up for the taste.  Yogurts can be bad for that.

when I go back to work, I'll use the evening hours to eat. 

I'm sitting here at the computer feeling very comfortable, since it's been already 6 hours since my last meal ended.  And I feel no hunger, nor any desire to eat.  No late night snacks, no stress eating, no cravings.  in the mornings when I awake, I am not hungry. 
If it works for whoever wants to do it, then go for it I say. I could never do it, nor would I want to.

Manewell, I would think your daughter would WANT you to take meals with them. Why would you feel that you're "interfering"? And like you said, you're helping out with the kids, so you're obviously a welcome part of the family ...
I believe I'll lose weight because

a) Only an extra 100- 150 calories?  Only?  That's probably the rate I put on the five pounds in the first place.  Especially as I'm losing the 400 calories I used to burn every day by running.  So yeah, that was the 500 calories that let me put on 1-2 pounds per week.

b) I can't afford to go to the pool and aerobics classes are usually expensive and usually go way to slow for me - even the advanced classes.

c) The temptation isn't as bad.  Because usually I'm not hungry until I start eating.  Then it's hard to stop.  So if I have one meal (and I have a 1200 calorie limit - more than enough to make me extremely full) there's no possible way I can go over my calorie limit for the day.

d) I know that if you eat one meal at night you gain weight like crazy because you're sleeping on your food.  It is not used up and is instantly stored as fat.  That's why you should never eat past 6 or 7 (depending on when you go to bed).  So I figure the farther away from bedtime, the better.

e) I have to lose it quickly because I really don't like being five pounds more than I was.  I like being the skinniest in the class.  Not the second skinniest.  (It sounds ridiculous but it's true)  I'm not going to starve myself and eat under 1200 calories.  But if I don't work-out I'm going to gain weight because I'm used to burning over half of those calories.

I'm eating a very well-rounded meal with whole grains and carbs.  I'm a little low on protein, but protein's always been really difficult because I don't eat any saturated or trans-fat and I'm allergic to soy and lentils.
So I guess my main question is:

Will I lose as much weight by eating 1200 or less calories all at once in the morning...

Or will I lose more weight by maintaining a more moderate metabolism but probably eating at least 500 extra calories.

How much does your metabolism really effect you?  And how screwed up would your metabolism really get if you're not even getting hungry until before you go to sleep?  I thought your metabolism only started lowering if you were constantly hungry.
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