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Weight Loss
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One a Day Weight Smart??

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Have you taken this??  I am just curious.. I have never taken vitamins/multivitamins before.  I have heard good things about this product.. What do you think???  I know it's not a "diet pill", I don't see how people would take diet pills to make them lose weight.. It is all about exercise and healthy foods when you want to lose weight... but I am just wondering if this will help in any way.   the following website give information on it..  I'm just not sure. .shtml

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Thanks for the link, Van.  I've heard about it, but haven't tried it myself.

I wonder why it is so low in calcium and magnesium -- those are the only 2 that I noticed that are so low.  Magnesium helps in the proper absorption of calcium and research has shown that calcium is a benefit to weight loss.

and, the one thing about supplements that give 100% or more of the vitamin/mineral, if you already have a good, nutritious diet, the 100% is over-kill.  Still I've done some research on the possibility of over-dosing, and it seems that the body is able to handle moderate over-the-limits quite well.  And some "experts" say the DRI's are the minimums to take for the body to function well -- they aren't the maximum to take. 

It is very important to have a balanced nutrition -- the body just plain functions better, including weight loss and muscle building, waste elimination -- and a host of other things.

It isn't sufficient to just balance carbs/prot/fats -- you need to have complete nutrition.

I am in favor of taking supplements to "supplement" -- but not to replace.
Thanks!  Yeah, I would never take it to replace anything.  I'd say that I eat a very well balanced diet.  I am eating healthier now than I have ever eaten before! 
I take those. The only problem for me is that I have to make sure I taken them with food, or they make me sick to my stomach. But then, most vitamins do.
The company that makes One-A-Day pills were recently fined by the FDA particularly for the One-A-Day Weight Smart line for false advertising, etc.

Personally I think they taste horrid, but you should really find out what particular supplements you need and compare multivitamins to see what's best for you.
I've been taking those vitamins for about three months now... two suggestions...

as noted above, always take them with food, or you will get sick.  once I took them before a work-out, without any food and I was very ill for the rest of the day.

second tip, take them early in the day. I know they have a bit of caffine in them...and you will not get a full nights rest if you take them too late in the day.

Good luck!
I take them. I like them. No problems at all. I don't feel any "jolt" from the green tea extract, but I drink at least 2 cups of tea a day so it might be different for someone who doesn't. After taking the nutrition quiz on the world's healthiest foods site, I am glad I am taking them because I discovered I was lacking the recommended nutrient levels. They help pick up the slack.
Here's a link about the Fines for Deceptive Marketing Practices...

Federal Trade Commission Reaches ‚??New Year‚??s‚?Ě Resolutions with Four Major Weight-Control Pill Marketers

FTC Recovers $25 Million to Settle Allegations of Deceptive Marketing for Xenadrine EFX, CortiSlim, TrimSpa, and One-A-Day WeightSmartThe FTC has filed complaints in four separate cases alleging that weight-loss and weight-control claims were not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence. Marketers of the four products ‚??Xenadrine EFX, CortiSlim, TrimSpa, and One-A-Day WeightSmart ‚?? have settled with the FTC, surrendered cash and other assets worth at least $25 million, and agreed to limit their future advertising claims.

‚??You won‚??t find weight loss in a bottle of pills that claims it has the latest scientific breakthrough or miracle ingredient,‚?Ě said FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras. ‚??Paying for fad science is a good way to lose cash, not pounds.‚?Ě


One-A-Day WeightSmart

The Bayer Corporation will pay a $3.2 million civil penalty to settle FTC allegations that advertisements for One-A-Day WeightSmart multivitamins violated an earlier Commission order requiring all health claims for One-A-Day brand vitamins to be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

Bayer ran a national advertising campaign for One-A-Day WeightSmart, which contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a green tea extract. Bayer also advertised on television, radio, and the Internet, and in newspapers and magazines, such as RedBook, Family Circle, and TV Guide.

Advertising claims included statements such as:

‚??Just in! Most women over 30 can gain 10 pounds a decade, due in part to slowing metabolism.‚?¶ So eat right, exercise, and take One-A-Day WeightSmart. The complete multi-vitamin with EGCG to enhance metabolism.‚?Ě

‚??One-A-Day WeightSmart. The first and only complete multivitamin with an ingredient to enhance your metabolism. EGCG, a natural green tea extract, to help you while you manage your weight.‚?Ě

The complaint alleges that Bayer Corporation marketed One-A-Day WeightSmart with unsubstantiated claims that it

  • increases metabolism;
  • enhances metabolism through its EGCG content;
  • helps prevent some of the weight gain associated with a decline in metabolism in users over age 30; and
  • helps users control their weight by enhancing their metabolism.
The FTC alleges that these unsubstantiated claims violate a 1991 Commission order against Bayer‚??s predecessor, Miles Inc., that require all claims about the benefits of One-A-Day brand products to be substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

In addition to the $3.2 million civil penalty, Bayer is prohibited from violating the FTC order and from making unsubstantiated representations regarding the benefits, performance, efficacy, safety, or side effects of any dietary supplement, multivitamin, or weight-control product.

The FTC acknowledges the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus for its referrals of some of these cases.

The Commission vote to accept the Bayer settlement was 5-0. At the Commission‚??s request, the Department of Justice filed the complaint and proposed consent decree on January 3, 2007, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.
It might be low in calcium because it's a vitamin for both men and women, and men shouldn't take a calcium supplement because it increases risk of prostate cancer. High amounts of calcium in the body can lead to calcifcation in the penis and be very painful in a man.
these make me sick to my stomach too! I wonder if taking them at night would be better. It sure would make for a more pleasant morning
Why take them at all since they don't work?  There are better vitamin formulas out there - cheaper too.
Well they're getting slammed for unsubstantiated weight loss claims, not the vitamin supplementation part. There is a difference between the absorption of cheap vs higher quality supplements (and even things like aspirin), however there's no scientific proof anywhere that I can find about whether or not this particular product is of high quality or cheap. One A Day has a darn good reputation overall, so either they're masterful marketers or they make good products ;) or maybe both...  So I'd venture to say it's a good supplement but of course as with all diet pill claims, I doubt anyone's ever studied the effects of the weight loss specific ingredients. That being said, I've been using this vit for awhile and like everyone else, I'd rec not taking it on an empty stomach - it makes me sick. This isn't something unique to this vit though, all vitamins do that to me...
sdroyce - They make me feel ill too... I heard it can be from all the iron in them if you take them on a empty stomach
do these pills make u loose weight?
I actually never really paid any attention to the ads.  I was lookin for a multi to add to my day and since One A Day has been a trusted brand in my household for years, I thouht hey..I'll give it a try. 

I cannot actually say it makes me lose weight or anything because I have changed ALOT of bad habits. But I do notice I have about a good hour of extra energy after I take them. 

Yes, they are nasty.  I get it down as fast as I can..usually during lunch works good for me. 

So am I worried if it does not help me lose weight or boost my metabolism ? No..I'm more worried with makin sure I have the nutrients I need and do not always get from food.
i used to take those, until i realized i was paying $4 more for less calcium, magnesium and a shot of caffeine.  taking a multivitamine is a good idea  however for me i just take a store brand womens or centrum type.

my dr. told me to watch my fingernails.  when you get a suppliment your body likes your nails will grow in thicker and you will see an upward ridge form.
pills rarely make me ill, so i don't have the ooky tummy problem everyone seems to complain about...

i take em

i like em.

people get enough calcium if you eat leafy greens and milk products and don't overindulge in protein.

i had been taking a stamina formulation that made me far too edgy before, and other 'regular' multivitamins don't have the extra benefit of green tea and added iron (i am borderline anemic, so i need it personally - same with their higher amount of vitamin k).

no product works for everyone, but i really like this one. the FTC complains about the ibuprofen (ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) in advil not being enough to call advil an anti-inflammatory... so go figure, of course they complain that green tea extract in weight-smart as misleading advertising.

they are watching out for an american consumer of sub-average intelligence with no access to information - keep that in mind.

there are billions of vitamin configurations out there... you can always take a regular, bare-bones multi (if you feel the need) and a green tea caplet seperately.

it depends on your needs.

interesting about the nails! i have always had baby soft nails that tore off every day until i started with these weight-smart ones and a salmon oil caplet. hmmmm. i like!
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I have taken the weight smart one a day since it came out.  #1 I work for Bayer and get the pills for almost free.  And #2 it seems to work for me.  I do agree that it makes me ill unless I take them with food as other people have said. 

I found this web page becuase I was doing research to see if the pill does help you lose weight.  I have been slacking eating right and working out the past 2 weeks but kept taking the vitamine and it seems like it is helping but I wasn't sure? 

I have taken one a day energy and one a day weight smart. It seems as though I am allergic to something in these pills because they have caused me to have rashes/ very dry skin on my neck and face.

i have been taking these and i have found that they control my hunger longer and give me a boost of energy, really like them

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