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One week of vacation = 20 pounds gained?!

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I did everything everyone tells you not to do...

Went away and from Saturday-Saturday and ate everything in sight, in no amount of moderation.

The funny thing is that I hardly enjoyed it because I felt sick, bloated, and nauseous the whole time.  I could never go back to permanently eating like this.

After swearing to not look at the scale for 2 weeks, I came back and BOOM 20 pounds!  I thought 10, tops.  I am praying that a good chunk of this is water weight/bloating, but the reality is I DID eat like a monster.

Can someone please remind me that this is NOT the end of the world? lol :(

And do you guys think I'll be able to lose most of this fairly quickly because *some* of it might be water weight?

I can't fathom the idea of spending the next 2-3 months undoing what only took me a week to gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm an IDIOT!!!!!!!


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1. A lot of this is water weight. I bet you will be down 5-10 lbs by next wk.

2. This is *far* from the end of the world.

3. There are worse things than spending 2-3 months undoing this (though I doubt it will take that long).

5 years ago, I weighed 125 lbs. Then, the holidays came. I gained about 10. I felt awful, so I gained a little more. Suddenly I was 145. I felt even worse. I was disgusting. I was huge. (I had a BMI of 24.) I was revolting. I was also at a precipice ... And I chose to keep gaining. How could I lose those 20 lbs again? In Feb 2010, I weighed about 200 lbs. At that point, I decided it had gone on long enough, and I started watching what I ate again. And I have been relatively good at doing that since. Currently, I am 145 again, hoping to see 125 (or 130) one day. But the past year or so hasn't been all down -- there have been weeks where I lost control, and found myself up 5 ... or 6 ... or 7 lbs. And each time, I have had to again make the choice I made 5 years ago.

Don't beat yourself up. Realize how doable it is to lose 20 lbs (you've done it already) and how much nicer it will be to lose 20 than to regain even more, and to one day be faced with losing 60 or 70. Know that nobody else will notice if you've regained a little. And know that it is almost definitely partly (or even mostly) water weight.

This is how I motivate myself after a bad weekend or week. I totally get where you are, and I promise you will be totally fine!

I know how that goes...just took a vacation a couple weeks ago myself and gained a bit.  But it's not likely that you actually gained 20 pounds of fat.  It's got to be mostly water weight.  It would take you having eaten about 10000 calories over maintenance every day while you were gone to gain that much.  I know you feel like you pigged out, but did you really eat THAT much? 

Just get back into the swing of things and you'll see a bunch of that come of in no time.  After my vacation I burned more than I had in weeks and ended up getting below my pre-vacation weight after the next week.  I think my body was shocked by the amount I consumed and upped it's metabolism.  It actually got me over my little plateau. :) 

Much of it is clearly water weight. However, it does suggest that maybe your diet and exercise routine is not healthy. That kind of water gain often happens after someone comes off of a restrictive diet. Another thing an overly restrictive diet will do is cause you to binge. Is it possible you were under-eating, or not eating enough carbs, before you went on vacation?


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weight that was put on fast will come off fast.

It happened to me last year... I gained almost 20lbs in 6-7 days... as it turns out, it was mostly water weight.. 1 week after returning home & eating normally (maintenance amount of calories) I was 2-3lbs away from my pre-holiday weight

The only idiotic thing about it that you didn'T enjoy it.

It took me four month to lose 2.5 kilos this year and over Easter I gained it all back in 10 days. I was at my paretns and, sorry, but my Dad has a wine cellar and both my parents cook great - I knwe I was going to gain. I didn't exect to gain that much, a bit of it was water weight (about a kilo) but oddly enough I managed to shed the remaining 1.5 really quickly once I was back on track.

This is not the end of the world, a fair bit of this will be water weight and you've lost the rest before, you can do it again. You'll certainly be super motivated now.

But next time you go overboard, do it in a way that you actually enjoy!!!

I'm sure most of it is water weight... it is not the end of the world ^_^

But, you didn't even enjoy eating all the food? I guess it'll be a good reminder that eating everything in sight is not a good idea and makes you feel sick and horrible. I'm sure once you go back to your normal routine it'll come off quickly.

Thank you everyone for the thoughtful responses!!!  You all made me feel a lot better.  When I weighed in this morning, the scale said I "lost 6 pounds" so I'm sure a good amount of this is water weight.

As for the not enjoying thing...of course the food tasted good, but I really just felt too sick to enjoy the eating and drinking!  I found myself CRAVING hunger and I couldn't wait to come back to being super strict.

Vacation aside, I usually find myself about once a month wanting to stuff my face with the worst food possible (usually if I'm drinking or something).  Every other day in the month I am fine and don't even feel too deprived, even though I deprive myself of a lot of treats (having "one bite" is not an option for me. period).  I always end up not feeling well the next day, and realize that I don't actually enjoy eating crap.  Then I'm good for another month until I forget how terrible I felt and would kill for lots and lots of cheese...and the cycle repeats.  It's weird but I think these strange binges keep me in check.  I don't know if I would recommend this to anyone, but it works for me, at least for now, until I conquer this my issues with food.

My final thought for today...I've found that the mental battle is so much harder than physically losing the weight.  Anyone else find this to be true?

OMG I couldn't agree more!  It's all in the mind! And thank you so much for sharing! I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and EVERYTHING in me wants to do what you did, but the last time I did it (on my honeymoon) I felt the EXACT same way you did.  I just felt sick.  This helps remind me to at least have healthy breakfast and lunches, get 40 minutes of exercise in each day, and then have a fun dinner (not crazy but I'm going to Italy so I'm going to get the pesto or pizza if it looks amazing =) ).  Anyway, it helped me last year after I felt so bad about what I had done to instead change my focus, forgive myself for it, and spend time intentionally thinking through the fun times and the memories that were made on the trip.  It's amazing how much proactive power a mindset on thankfulness will produce. 

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hi. as someone else mentioned in order to gain 20 lbs in a week u would have to eat about 10,000 cals over maintenance everyday u were there.

lets put this into perspictive:

10,000 calories =

1 pound of bacon, 1000

1 dozen donuts, 3600

5 large cheeseburgers, 2000

1 large cheese pizza, 2800

2 liters coca-cola, 960 =     10360


so unless ur ate about that much everyday, on top of ur other cdalories, u did not gain 20 lbs on vacation. however, my advice is this u probably ate weigh too much sodium causing ur body to retain fluid. try to cut out sodium form ur diet as much as possible for the next o 3 or 4 days drink tons of water, if u do already, drink even more.

Ahhh... i can tell the vacation season is back! Laughing

Just like last year we will lots of travelers who are upset about their weight gain. And yet again i can just ask one question: have you been in an AIRPLANE?

There is a reason why flight attendants wear high support pantyhose! There is a reason why people tell you to drink lots of water and maybe take an aspirin for thinning your blood before a long distance flight. And there is also a reason why your legs feel heavy and swollen after a long flight in 20k feet height.

Flying makes you retain water like crazy and it will take a week until you are back down.

Don't worry, go back to being a good girl and eat well... and your gain will disappear!

All the best!


This may sound like a dumb question, but....why....?

Why did you go nuts and eat out of control? Were you depraving yourself before? Not eating enough? Starved?

If not, why? I'm not sure I get how someone would (without blinking) throw everything out of the window that they've learnt about food & nutrition and portion sizes?

To have a day or so where you eat yummy stuff and don't care about calories - I get. But to stuff yourself to the brim for 7 days? Is beyond comprehension.

I'm not criticizing - just really puzzled.

Original Post by whichwayup:

This may sound like a dumb question, but....why....?

Why did you go nuts and eat out of control? Were you depraving yourself before? Not eating enough? Starved?

If not, why? I'm not sure I get how someone would (without blinking) throw everything out of the window that they've learnt about food & nutrition and portion sizes?

To have a day or so where you eat yummy stuff and don't care about calories - I get. But to stuff yourself to the brim for 7 days? Is beyond comprehension.

I'm not criticizing - just really puzzled.

 A legitimate question.  I don't think I even have a real answer.  The thoughts running through my head are: I missed the food, I didn't have access to a kitchen so I couldn't have cooked, I had no way to count calories if we were going out for most meals, I knew me and my boyfriend would be drinking, I needed a break from the obsession of counting calories and planning my days around food...

I was never starved, but I did deprive myself because I have not yet broken out of the "all-or-nothing" mentality.  It's just easier for me to not tempt myself...and I really don't miss bad food all that much.  If you read one of my replies above, I talked about how about once a month I get a craving to eat bad stuff and then I'm fine for about another month.  I generally never feel deprived.

As for the stuffing to the brim part...this really shed some light on how absolutely nuts I am lol.  Food feels like some sort of compulsion for me and I really need to correct my relationship with food if I'm going to lose the weight I have left (I was 15 from goal before vacation..and luckily I've already lost HALF of the "vacation weight" I put on).  I know I'll never be able to maintain my weight loss unless I fix my head first.  All or nothing, black/white...EVERYTHING in my life is extremes, not even just food.  I spent 21 years of my life stuffing my face...then I turned 22 and decided I'd had enough.

I don't know.  I feel puzzled too.  And stupid. Embarassed  I don't know how to beat this.  I lost my insurance in 2009 and lost all doctors/prescriptions so it looks like I'm on my own lol

I'm really glad you understood my question for what it was! :-)

Though I'm almost at my goal weight, it's still a learning curve for me and when I go onto maintenance soon, I want to know what I can do to avoid a similar experience. Hence asking. I've never "dieted" before so don't really have experience with this.

I was afraid that you were going to say you really don't know. But it sounds like there's one clear reason - "all or nothing".

I've just had a quick look at your profile - 91lbs lost?! Flip!! Wow, well well done that's just incredible.

Though if through that entire journey it was the "all or nothing" method, I can fully understand why things would fall out of control when you no longer have that structure around you.

And is very likely to happen again I guess (if nothing changes).

(just trying to help) but do you feel it's "unsafe" for you to incorporate some treats or those things you couldn't control yourself with? So that it doesn't feel like such a deprivation?

Btw - I've had eating disorders for half my life (18 years) so this is the first time I tackle healthy living and maintaining weight in a healthy way. I think as my approach was first and foremost health focussed and not weight focussed, it indirectly took the pressure off. I assumed that if I fixed my health, the weight would follow - and it has.

Anyway - just to say congrats and coming as far as you have (and for already losing half your holiday weight!) - and all the best with teaching yourself how to enjoy things in moderation along the way :-)


Don't beat yourself up!  Just get back on track and you will be okay!

Personally I  try and have one day a week where I allow myself extra calories (the amount that would be calorie mantaince).  When I am going to do something that I know isn't condusive to my diet I move that one day to be the same and then try and just 'sample'.  The sampling still ends up with more calories than I need, but I feel like I am particpating and having fun and by saying I am just sampling, I can end up with much smaller portion sizes.

Really I just wanted to write congradulations on your efforts :)  After reading down it sounds like you are going to be there in no time.


We all have those times.

Except, I did it at home for the past week. I still got a lot of exercise in, but felt extremely guilty about it, and I ballooned five pounds.

I'm hoping it's mostly water.

But hey, I've got all summer to burn it off, and I'm not going anywhere for vacation.. so no high calorie binges this summer on the Boardwalk for me. :D

I have the opposite going on ..I can't stop losing weight when on vacation.I have been on vacation 3 times since I have lost weight and one time was a family reunion where there is alot of food.... I just sample a little her and there, but it was at my sister in laws house where there is a pool and I swam alot and there is a tennis court and i played tennis, I swore I had gained alot of weight but I had lost and it was summer and like 100* out,then the other vacation I went to a tropical island and the restaurant at the place the food is awesome , thought i gained weight there to drank alot too....came home and had lost again... I think Now my metabolism has changed so much That i don't have to try any more... I am going away to that family reunion again next month...Hopefully I don't lose any but stay the same... I reached my goal and for over a year have been maintaining...I weighed myself this week and lost 2 pounds again... I eat and eat tooo  how can I stop losing????


I know what you mean, I came back from Easter weekend and I had gain 7lbs. 5lbs of it fell off fairly quickly because it was water weight. To tell you the truth, I didn't even think about what I ate

The key preventing this is moderation. "All or nothing" usually leads to failure. In order to not feel deprived I make room in my diet for the things I really love. This may sound like heresy, but I eat only full fat dairy products. I just make the room in my 1500-1700 cal diet to consume them. I make room in my diet for ice cream; on a regular basis (3-4x per week). *le gasp* and not the crappy stuff either. I take a 14oz tub of Haggen Daz Dark Chocolate, cut it in quarters with a knife, eat one and pop the other portions in the freezer. The quarter is less then a normal serving and it keeps me from getting "cartonitits" where I intend to eat only a quarter from the carton but I end up eating the whole thing in one sitting.

It is all about learning the tools of moderation. Like Salindor, I also allow myself days where I eat up to maintenance (usually once or twice a week). Over the last few months, I've stopped counting on those days. To keep myself in check, once a month I will make note of everything I eat on one of those days and I'm usually within +-200 cals of maintenance. And these days don't hurt me because I'm still losing weight. The reason I allow myself these days is so I learn to keep myself in check even if I'm not holding myself accountable with Calorie Count.

The biggest battle I've won is learning when I'm really hungry, and when I just want to eat from  boredom. My trick, everytime I figure out I'm bored, not hungry, I start working on a craft I have set up (sewing, crocheting, etc) I'll tell you what, I have one small afghan and I have 1/3rd of one large enough for my full sized bed. Now I get crochet cravings when I'm bored instead of food cravings. However, I still have to think to myself "Am I bored or am I truly hungry" when I reach for the fridge.

Best of luck and congrats on the progress thus far!!

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Please don't call yourself an idiot. Please have more love and respect for yourself. That would be the first place for you to start. It is what it is, what's done is done, you can't give up on being healthy. Don't look ahead at the next 2-3 months as torture, just do what you did before vacation. I think your body is protesting the bad behavior and is full of fluid and toxins from eating and drinking crappy stuff. I really don't think it will take as long as you think to re-lose the weight. You said you felt really sick after eating that stuff. You just proved to yourself that healthy foods and exercise are the ONLY way to go. I wish you well and support your efforts to regain your healthy ways.   ( To Pianowoman08)

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