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one leg fatter than the other

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Hi, my lower left leg on the front inner side has a bulgy fatty look. It's all fat no muscle. It's an inch bigger than the other leg and looks weird. It's not sore and doc has ruled out a blood clot. When I was huge it was even bigger and although it is reducing, an inch difference seems and looks a lot. I'm hoping that by the time I drop the 40 pounds I still need to it will look more like my other leg.

My lower legs are the bane of my life. They're fat and shapeless atm (one measures 16'' and the other one is 17''. Do any of you larger ladies have this problem or am I a freak?!

I'm really hoping they'll reduce by at least a couple of inches and end up the same size. 

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I'd strongly suggest some strength training, and doing so in a symmetrical way.  Bulgarian split squats are good, since you can do equal reps on each leg.  Standard squats are also good, but if you have a weak leg, your other leg will compensate, so I suggest the split squats.  That'll also help with the "shapeless" look :)

Remember, though, only photoshopped people are perfectly symmetrical.  And that we notice our "flaws" FAR more than anyone else does.

Thanks Vbeattie I'll try that. I do aero pilates, but so far it hasn't evened them up. Maybe as the weight comes off they'll get more even ~ I hope so anyway!

I wouldn't mind half an inch difference, but I feel an inch is really noticeable especially if I wear jeans. I must be the only person with such a big difference judging by the lack of replies EEEEK!!! I am a freak!!

If you want to tone your legs and even them out there are two things you can do.

1) Take up suzuki... 2 weeks of that and youre legs will be strong and toned 


2) buy some kettle bells. They are great for squats and will make all that nothing into muscle.! 


17'' or 16'' thighs are REALLY SKINNY

Thanks for the replies! I'll try the exercises. I'd never heard of suzuki, but I caught the essence of it on Youtube and it looks hard!

LOL carmen, I wish it were my thighs!!! It's my lower leg around the calf area!

Original Post by carmenxox:


17'' or 16'' thighs are REALLY SKINNY

I don't think she's referring to her thighs. She said "lower legs," which I take to mean her calves.

But to Jacq I say this: I am also experiencing asymmetry in my legs, and it's also my left leg that is bigger than my right. The difference is 1" at my thighs, 1/2" above my knees, 1/2" at my calves, and 1/4" at my ankles. I even have a pronounced saddlebag on my left side and hardly any on my right. When I first noticed this I was quite concerned, but as I continued to lose weight and gain muscular definition by way of exercise (mostly bicycling) I grew used to this characteristic of my body. I've asked a few friends if they could see anything unusual about my physique, and not one of them noticed the asymmetry of my legs until I called it to their attention.

When I first noticed the unequal size of my legs, I too thought that the difference was due entirely to excess fat on my left side. But as I lost more weight, and more of my underlying bone and muscle was revealed, it became obvious that the difference is also skeletal and muscular. And then I had an "aha" moment. I wondered whether the lower back pain I experience might be due to a difference in leg length. If the left leg was thicker, might it also be longer? Indeed it is, but only by a few millimeters. The difference doesn't warrant special shoes or orthotics. A stiff insole placed in my right shoe is enough to raise up my foot enough to keep my pelvis level. The lower back pain is gone and it seems to me that the muscles of my right leg are now growing bigger as they are being used differently when I walk.

There is still more fat on my left side, and probably always will be. But it doesn't concern me at all anymore now that I have relief from my back pain and I know that I am using my body optimally.

As I said, my friends couldn't see any difference until I pointed it out to them. They love me as I am, and I'm sure your friends do too! Unless the situation is causing you physical pain as it did me, my advice is to just forget about it and focus on the aspects of your transformation that please you and give you satisfaction. I'm sure you are beautiful as you are!!

Thanks for the reply TricottTreat! It reassures me to know that I'm not the only one with differences. I'll continue with the exercises and hope that as I continue losing weight the difference in sizes will reduce, and if not I'll learn to live with it! xx


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