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One breast getting smaller than the other... anyone else have this?

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I put on a bra that I haven't been able to wear in a while and my right breast fit in it just fine but my left breast was bulging out all around. I've noticed that I have to "adjust things" when I wear a low cut top to keep my shirt looking right. Just now I went back to look at the photos I took last week for a "before" view and noticed for the first time that the left breast does look a little larger and hanging a little lower.

I'm guessing the bigger one will loose weight too, maybe just at a different rate? Has anyone else gone through this? Did it even out eventually?
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I know that most woman have one breast that is naturally larger than the other.

Surely things will work out eventually. Keep on truckin though!
Everybody has 1 larger than the other...That goes for most parts of your definitely have extra boobage on one side...hehehehe
for me, they're not much different except for when I was losing more dramatically.  they've returned to a more similar size... just wait it out:)
Being a boy, I don't have breasts and can't comment on that.

I can, however, comment on my bellyfat. As I have lost weight, I have noticed that my belly isn't always losing fat evenly. Sometimes one side is a little bit bigger than the other, and it always is the same side that is a little further out.

When I was bigger it wasn't noticeable, but now that my tummy is flatter and I have been doing situps, it is noticable.
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Perhaps one receives more attention than the other and is all the more healthier for
Thanks for all the feedback, even from the guys! (I'm thinking lack of attention is the problem, lol). I just had this brief, unreasonable fear that I'd wind up with one the same size it is right now and the rest of me slender. Still, that would be an OK problem to have (the slender part), a good surgeon could fix the rest, LOL.
start doing push-ups off the wall.

it will lift them and make them look more even.

victoria secrects 'body by victoria" has foam cups that also will hide that so you are not always having to adjust.

opt for full coverage.
I second the body by victoria's bras or the angel's secret embrace. My breasts are fairly different in size and it really varies depending on my weight. I don't notice it as much when I am heavier, but it does become more apparent when I am smaller. Those victorias secret bras have formed cups and really hide the difference in size well. Also, you could get a bra with removable padding, and only remove the padding from the larger side! I know it sounds funny, but has worked like a charm for me when I am dressing up.
yea i currently weigh 127, when i was around 117 and a little under, my boobs were smaller and less difference. now that i put on weight, u can defo tell a diff!

and i would give u the same tip as energy girl with the removable padding from bras.

otherwise use bras with formed cups, then nobody will be able to tell whats boob and whats not, unless u have a really big difference.

and in response to the one guy who answered, my right side that has the bigger boob, also has more stomach fat! boooooooo! how the hell does one get rid of that?! lol its enough to have bellyfat, but uneven belly fat?! give me a break man! :D

I just realised the same thing, I've lost a bit of weight and it seems the left boob lost a lot more than the right, there was always a small difference but now it's quite obvious, It seems I now have one C cup breast and one B cup breast. I hope that if I loose a bit more they'll even out but I'm pretty scared the left one is going to keep shrinking. :(

Just noticed that this was posted a looong time ago.... so in the off chance that you'll see this message have things evened out for you?


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