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omg! my underwear fit!

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Ok, I'm new, only been lurking for a couple of weeks, and this may be a case of TMI, but I had bought some cute underwear that i could wear . . . but that would scoot down over the course of a few hours and it made them unwearable! I've lost 10lbs in little over a month and now they fit! I've worn two different styles in the past two days and no scoot issues!!! The jeans I quit wearing a year ago fit! That little roll at the top of my hips that developed recently is GONE! I'm buying pants in size 18 again!!! My tummy generally doesn't stick out further than my chest anymore!!! *happy happy dance of happy*

I'm so happy that i'm even going to dig out my gazelle (the only exercise i even like doing) and see about doing that fifteen minutes daily. Crank up the techno . . it shouldn't be too bad :) The incentive is already here!
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I can totally relate. I had recently retired all my "cuter" underwear b/c they simply weren't comfy for me anymore. It was depressing to think that I had reached "that point". Now that I have lost 10+ pounds, I am totally wearing the "cute" undies again!
Good Job! Keep up the good work!
WOW - Congrats! :)

I know the feeling - I just hit my 15lb loss mark on Thursday and pulled out my cute panties that I got from Lane Bryant - you know the $12.50/pair ones!!!  They fit better with no rolling or scooting prollems.

My tight 20's (they're mislabled, I really think they're 18's) fit right now and I've even gotten back into my 18's (jeans, shorts etc...)

I've also noticed that the cottage cheese on the backs of my thighs, my hips and my bum, is almost gone!  My hubby keeps complimenting me... (that's getting into TMI)

Definetly get on that gazelle - start with 15 min then work up to 30 min then up to 45 and before you know it, you'll be doing an hour without thinking about it.

I just scored a stepper from a rummage sale this weekend for $3.00 - granted it's just the base with the steps, no handles or anything and it's definetly something you have to work up to. I can only stay on it for 45 seconds at a time, then I hop off and walk in place, keeping the same pace as before, next to it for 30 seconds then back on for 45 and I do this for about 20-30 mins and log it as 15 min total. (it's hard to stay up on this thing.. but I'm glad I have it)
TOTALLY relate.  I've lost 18 lbs and can wear Victoria's Secret panties again.  The hottest styles still don't come in XL size, but some do, and it's something to keep working toward.  It feels GREAT.  Jeans size is down too -- they slip on straight out of the dryer as opposed to holding my breath to zip them then doing a 1/2 hour of deep knee bends to stretch them into a pain-free fit.
Scalebeater...I thought I was the only one that did that with jeans.  I didn't do a half hour of knee bends though, I sprayed them lightly with water and then did it for a few minutes.  It did the same trick in much less time.

Cocoanuts-I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe of cute panties because my grandma briefs were sagging.  :)  TMI alert-hubby really likes my new ones.  :)
Im 18 and weigh 231 and Ive never been able to wear pretty underwear.  I dont want this to sound offensive or anything but I'm sick of dressing like an old lady!!!  I cant wait to start wearing the pretty, cute underwear and clothes.
Isn't it a great feeling to have your boobs stick out more than your tummy?!  I just recently reached that point myself.  Good for you!  You rock!
Tee hee!  You totally caught my attention w/ the underwear fit funny!  Mine actually cover my heiny now...ah yeah.  Neato.
I totally knwo what yoru goign though...I actually gained wieght after my last loss. I have been tryign to get back to them..but i did have to go buy some more...meh...but I am down like 30 pounds since starting here. I am proud of you !
Whoooooooeeeee! Good for you! Nothing says "good work" like dragging out the skinny panties!
Hee! Thanks all! and Grats to those who are fitting back into their "skinny" stuff again, too!

Spikey - i always called them granny clothes, granny panties! I tell you, it's come a long way since I was in high school, but there are still lots of plus size sections that are full of clothes only my grandma would wear! Keep your determination, girl, you will be wearing cute little nothings!
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