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Omg what to eat on exercise days??!

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So I finished my report for the day, had more food items on the list than ever and still only made it to 1100 calories... and that on a workout day!! I am really trying to eat more during workout days and I could have sworn that today I'd be really cutting it close, but nope... net calories where -1300!!! WTH??!

I'm trying to cut down/out carbs, so I'm indulging in veggies. But they simply don't add up to enough calories..... can anybody suggest something that I can eat on workout days to help me here? I lost 4 lbs the first 3-4 days and now the scale simply won't budge.

I never thought I'd say this, but how can get more (healthy) calories in?!

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Nuts, natural nut butters, avocados, grass fed red meat, oily fish, olive oil, WHOLE eggs...

Veggies are carbs too. Forget the skip carbs ! Avoid the refined stuff like sugar but eat balanced. Read pages 3 & 4 of the post "Are carbs bad for you ??" if you want to get technical. I like reading that stuff but if you don't just remember low carb diet can cause you to put on weight in a hurry on a day you don't stick to it. There are also arguments that it is bad for your health.

Don't fear fats either make sure you eat at least at the level of your BMR. I second laspos from above post. No major need to eat extra on exercise days at this level unless your deficit is going above level needed to loose 1% of body weight a week.

By low carb I mean the South Beach approach. I am still in Phase One, so no carbs and sugar except for certain veggies. 

And I actually snack on almonds and peanutbutter (of course within limits) during the day and whole eggs for breakfast everyday. :/


If you read the post I mentioned above or google it you will find studies telling you these low carb diets, south beach, aitken, dunken etc are good for you or bad for you. No study anywhere will tell you a balanced diet is bad. Some how when you decide to lose weight you tend to look for this method that will make it easier. At the end of te day the best one for you for the long term and sustainable is to develop a healthy limited eating style because at the end of the day if you eat a healthy balanced diet and burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight. 

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