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Olive oil and lemon juice detox

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Has anyone heard about juice of 1 lemon mixed with equal amounts of olive oil?  It's suposed to help cleanse your system, do it for a month and then take a week off.  Olive oil is loaded with fat calories I don't see how that would help lose weight?
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I have never heard of that before.  But olive oil and canola are the better oils for you and you are supposed to have a certain amount of these types of fats in your diet to be healthy.
Detoxes don't help you lose weight long term. You'll lose temporarily, and then when you get off, it comes back again.

Really, the most natural and, in my opinion, best "cleansing" you can do is eat lots of fiber. This cleanses your system thoroughly!
lemon and olive oil?...that sounds like something that'd make u sick and make u wanna poo all day...

i think fiber and water is the right way to cleanse your system...
Doesn't sound like a good mixture to me.  There are a lot of cleansing/detox products on the market too.

I have did a detox.  The idea was to rid my body of toxic things. Which it did.  Then I put them all back in.  :(
Add some herbs and it'd make a decent salad dressing - detox, er...I agree, sounds like it'd give you the runs from the huge amount of fat - least it would me!
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It tastes like heck, but is IS a great kidney stone dissolver, & thus a detox in that way, I have used it to rid my self from insulin induced kidney crystals, 2 oz olive oil + 2 oz  of fresh lemon juice then large amounts of water  , you pass them painlessly , PAINLESSLY !!! , plus  if you are having issues of inflamation blocking weigth loss , due to kidney issues , it will help jump start you.


oh yeah not for months just til you get a good flush , 1 to 5 days


Original Post by gmadden:

Add some herbs and it'd make a decent salad dressing

He he, that is what I was thinking. Another good dressing is extra virgin olive oil with some balsamic vinegar.


Yes, I have done this for gallstones. I drank 1/3 c olive oil mixed with 1/3 c fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then you lay on your right side for 30 minutes. You don't eat until it works, about 3 hours later. I pooped what looked like round, mashed peas. I felt great afterward. Must say though, it tastes awful!!

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