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Weight Loss
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How I, a 20 year old woman, has lost 90 pounds :)

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Hello! My name is Sarah and ive lost 90 pounds since March 2010. Before I started losing weight I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. My doctor put me on metformin and birth control. She then sent me to a nutritionist who told me in order to lose weight I should eat between 1,300-400 calories a day. I was then 18, 254 pounds, and 5'8. After she told me how many calories I should be eating, it clicked. Though, I never thought i'd actually be able to lose the weight. I didnt realize that this was going to last until I lost around 30 pounds. The metformin and birth control BOTH play a huge roll in my bodies ability to let go of the weight. Granted, if I didn't diet I wouldnt lose weight. - No, I didnt exercise until around 70 pounds lost. All of this was by staying within my calorie limit. No, I didnt buy special food. Virtually all calorie counts can be found online, or on labels.

So, as of today, September 12, 2011- I have lost 90 pounds, my goal is to lose 100 and reach 153 pounds :)

Now, I salsa and bachata dance and it is THE best fun! I love it!! Im so happy i've lost the changes everything. My body has returned more or less to its previous state, because I havnt had kids haha. Stretch marks are virtually gone. I went from 22 to 11 pant size. I think anyone can lose weight!!!

YOU can do it!! Just stay within your limit. The first week I dieted SUCKED. I felt aweful. I tried to sleep most of it off. Headaches...always hungry....but it didnt last, so chill lol.  Get into a routine. After a while, you will have memorized the calories in your everyday foods and its not as hard! And after a year and half like me, you can guess-ti-mate very well.

Dont like water? Get 0 calorie drink mix, walmart. Cheap and awesome.

I lost normally a pound a week. Its slowed down now some. Take an example, June 2010 I lost 8 pounds that month!! July...Nothing. August..4 pounds!! So it all evens out ( to a pound a week haha.)

Enjoy the journey!! Take before and after pics through out the time.

Dios te bendiga :)

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Congratulations! That is a huge amount of weight to lose and you did it in a healthy way! Good luck on maintaining or continuing to lose. 

You are very inspiring. Keep up the good work.  Yes it's nice for others to hear that it's so difficult from someone whose been through it.

Stay healthy


Thank you for your story. I also have PCOS and Insulin Resistance, so I know how hard this is... AMAZING that you've been able to lose 90 pounds. Pats on the back to you!

Thanks for sharing!!!! That is extremely inspiring...I need to loose about 90lbs myself.

thank you everyone! Yes, PCOS can make it more difficult to lose. But we cant use that as an excuse :) With the right meds and attitude, you can do it! Dont let the fact that you need to lose __ pounds scare you. I took it 5 pounds at a time. And then 1 pound at a time.

Can I ask which BC your doctor put you on? I have been on Yaz and the minipill and neither worked for me. One made me really sick, the other made me turn into a not so nice person.

I am on Ocella, which is the generic form, I believe. The combination of Ocella and Metformin have done great for me. No side effects. Normal cycle. Normal weight/weight loss. I take 2 Metformin pills in the morning, and two at night.

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