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Weight Loss
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19 year old 100+ pound weight loss journey!

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Hey folks!


EDIT: 1/4/11: Well folks, I'm more or less done losing weight, now I'm just trying to fine tune! Look to the last page to see my latest posts :)


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My original reason for this thread was to get some advice regarding my very massive weight loss in a short period of time. The issue has been resolved, and I'm turning this thread into a place where I keep you guys updated on my progress :) Thanks for the kind words so far.

Height: 6'4 1/2

Starting weight (3/13/2010) : 288

Lowest Weight (4/18/2011) : 174

Current Weight (4/18/2011) : 174

Goal: Gain lean mass while continuing to lower my body fat another 2-3% (currently at about 10%).

Total lost: 114 pounds!

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Hey!  20 pounds in 8 days is a bit extreme.  Especially since you haven't been exercising.  But I would say for a guy of your age and height that you should be eating more than 1300 a day.  The foods you're eating are on the right track, it sounds like you're eating a balanced variety.  But I would just suggest trying to up those calories.  Have you used the intake meter on here?  If not try that.  I hope this has helped some, if not I'm sorry.  Feel free to PM me.

Eun Chan

An 18 year old sedentary, small male should eat at least 1800 calories. You need to eat more, and use the teen calculators listed in the "Weight Loss Read This First" thread at the top of the forum.

I agree with the above posters that you should be getting more cals. I'm 130lb female (active) and I'm eating 1800 cals a day. Try upping the higher cal foods, like nuts, natural peanut butter, whole grains.

Also - a large part of your 20 lb drop by have been water. If you were dehydrated before (which you wouldn't know by the way you feel) and you upped it to almost 3L a day, it would amaze you how much water weight you body will let go of.

It is alot of weight to lose, but I dont think you need to panic. My boyfriend just started really eating properly and drinking lots of water and he has dropped 18lbs and 2 weeks by eating about 2000 cals a day. He started at 210, and is quite active, but really your not way out in left field with this.

An additional comment about water weight:
The nutritionist we are seeing was telling us about a man he worked with who started out in the 350lb range. He said he came back for his 1st weigh in one week later 35lbs lighter from lost water weight. The more you have to lose, the more water you are carrying.

I am  in the same boat as you. I was 270 and 6'3''. I dropped 13 lbs the first week, then it slowed down to 2-4 lbs a week, which is normal. I don't feel sick or weak, and I eat 1300-1500 calories a day. If its working, don't stop

Weighed myself again today for curiosities sake (about 24 hours after yesterday's weigh-in) and I was 265.


The weight just keeps pouring off O_O Today I made a dedicated effort to make sure my calorie intake was a bit higher than the last few days.


I had some eggs, yogurt, and fresh fruit for breakfast.


Some Peanut Butter and Matzah for Lunch


And a Soup, Salad, and Bakery combo at a local restaurant for dinner. Chicken Tortilla Soup, Cesar Salad, and Toast, (this meal left me feeling STUFFED btw. It wasn't a huge amount of food, in fact, it was a pretty humble dinner, but it was still by far the most food I've eaten in a single sitting over the last 9 days).


Today should have put me around 1850 calories.

24 hours later, another weigh-in....down to 263, and thats about an hour after eating dinner.


I'm not sure how i should feel about my weight loss. While I'm thrilled that I've lost 25 pounds, its only been 10 days, and I'm continuing to lose 2-3 pounds a day which I know isn't normal. I even ate a cheeseburger today to get some calories in me! (not many, it was a small one, about 600 calories, and 20 grams of fat).


Perhaps this should be said. Before I started this diet, I had absolutely HORRENDOUS eating habits. I went through a really tough couple of months, and food was my main weakness. I wasn't working out at all, and I was eating large portions of very unhealthy food. In fact, I'm surprised I only hit 287 at my peak, since I was most definitely eating badly enough to get me well into the 300's. Is it possible that because I was eating so badly for such an extended period of time my metabolism is like...supercharged (temporarily of course) because it was forced to find a way to burn all those extra calories?


I'm kind of just at a loss for words about all this.

I don't think your weight loss should be a concern as long as you're making sure to eat enough calories. You should try eating some more healthy fats like some posters have suggested (ie, nuts, peanut butter, etc.)-- don't eat cheeseburgers just to get the calories up, that's really unhealthy. Firstly, you're a guy and you're young. You will be losing a lot quicker than the average person. Secondly, a lot of your initial weight loss most likely is water, and it will level out. I work at a weight loss facility, and we always see people losing 5+ pounds in their first week, simply from drinking more water and beginning a healthy diet. After that, it always levels out.

If you're really concerned about the rapid weight loss, try to get more protein in your diet. That will make sure you protect your lean muscle mass, so that you're losing fat and not your muscle. Other than that you're doing everything right, so just relax and enjoy the ride. The only reason people say avoid rapid weight loss is because it generally is not done in a healthy manner (not your case), and you also have to be concerned about losing muscle plus fat (up that protein!). 

Like other posters have said, though, you should probably up your caloric intake some, but do it in a healthy manner. Getting more calories does not need to mean go to McDonalds! Eat avocados! Eat almonds! Eat peanut butter! Even cheese is good (in moderation). You can begin having other negative side effects when you eat unhealthy fats like greasy fries and burgers, and it's just simply not necessary. 

Keep it up! You're obviously doing awesome! 

Thanks a ton for the advice :)


I went to the store today and got a whole bunch of healthy snack foods that I can eat in between my meals to make sure I hit my calorie quota. Unsalted Almonds, Oatmeal, Peanut-butter, whole-wheat toast etc.


Down to 262. Thanks so much for reassuring me. I feel much better. :) I like keeping this thread up to date with my weight loss. I'll make it a habit to post my results every week or so, just so I can visually track my progress.



Been doing great guys, still eating really healthy, keeping my calories a bit closer to 2000 a day.


I've also been working out everyday. I'm a big guy, and I have TINY ankles, so I don't run, but I've been doing 8 miles on my bike every day (takes about 30 minutes), as well as some light weight training for the past four days, and I feel TERRIFIC. Haven't lost anymore weight though which is unusual, considering I'm working out pretty hard now as well as eating healthy.


For the first time I'm starting to physically see that I look thinner, which is really great to see. My face looks quite a bit thinner, as well as my thighs and stomach. :D


Anyways, just a quick update!

Still doing pretty well. Haven't really lost any weight, but I've still been working out just about every day and I feel like I"m already close to being down a pant size. No more weight loss but definitely fat loss.

I think I may be out of my plateau! (albeit, it was only like a two week plateau, but still...). I'm down to 260, and am hoping to finally be in the 250's this week!


I upped my dailly cardio regime a bit. Before I was doing 7-8 miles a day on the bike, which took a little over 30 minutes. I'm now doing 40-45 minutes a day and doing 11-12 miles. Its really exciting seeing my physical abilities progress. Three weeks ago I was doing 5 miles in 20 minutes and felt like I was DYING. Now I'm doing 12 miles in about 45 minutes and, while its very difficult, I could probably manage to do more!


I've decided I'm going to bike the LA marathon in October. Good motivation, and I've really started to enjoy biking. I'd like to see myself being able to do 20 miles without too much difficulty by June, which definitely seems like a reasonable goal, considering how much I've already improved.


Anyways, just a quick update. :)

Weighed myself this morning and saw 259 on the scale which was very exciting :) I'm only one pound away from losing 30 pounds total! I've got a long way to go, but its really exciting so far seeing results.

Down to 256. Finally have settled into the 1-2 pounds a week of weight loss. I've shifted my workout focus from mostly cardio, to mostly weight training. Definitely starting to see a difference in my muscles!

Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!


Down to 249! Really excited to be down below 250. =)


I'm finding that my weight loss comes in large bursts, rather than gradual slides. For example, I'll stay the same weight, plus or minus a pound or two, for about 10-14 days, and then all of a sudden, over the course of 24-48 hours, I'll jump down 5 pounds or so.

Kind of unusual, but whatever, its working :) One more pound until I've lost 40 pounds!

Down to 241 :) Can't remember the last time I've been in the 230's. Looking forward to it!

yay! Congratulations!

Still at 241-ish. Decided to take it easy for about 2 weeks to regain a bit of my sanity, but getting right back into it.


Starting to get pretty buff from all of the weight lifting. Its a little wierd though, since I still have a lot of fat to lose, so I'm like "chubby-buff" :P

The 230's will be really special for me, since I can't remember the last time I've been in the 230's. Looking forward to it.

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yaaay for you! so happy for ye! keep it up! :P



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