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Weight Loss
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22 year old trying to lose the last 10 pounds, any advice?

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I am a total carboholic and to be honest I have a tough time saying no to ice cream too! I was doing really well with my diet, lost 10 pounds, but I have just moved to a new city and I am afraid I am going to pack on the pounds again! Any advice?

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You can do it!  Any time you're tempted with carbs or ice-cream ask yourself if it's really worth it!  You KNOW those foods aren't kind to you..

I'm in the same boat right now.. I LOVE my carbs..  I just lost 12 lbs, and I'm trying to lose 15 more.. I've been cutting out carbs and sugar for 2.5 weeks now, and its really helped.

So ask yourself, "Do I really want to set myself back for this?"

You're doing an awesome job.  Keep it up.  Be your own best friend.

How about skinny cow or other sugar free ice cream?  That will get rid of the empty carbs anyhow.  I'm hooked on Dannon fat free Greek yogurt. 

You can also whip up smoothies with fruit and ice, if you have a good blender.

I find if you keep the calories down, you can eat anything you want.  I've lost 42 pounds over the last three months doing just that.

Calorie and Carb cycling. I've never had better results losing the last 10 then when I combined these two.

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