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28 years old, 5'4, 155 lbs

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I am back on the mission to lose weight. It's not going to be easy, and i refuse to starve myself. Im going for 1500 calories and currently doing 3-4 hrs of workouts a week.

Anyone want to join up with me and try to lose 20 lbs. I've never been skinny but i was happy at 135 and i really want to get there again. I would love the support!

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Well the scale today read 152.6. I am in the 152s so i am getting there, slowly but surely. It is frustrating that in two months i have only lost 5 lbs, but I just don't feel good cutting my calories lower than the .5 lb weightloss a week. I focus on 3 hours of exercise a week still.

@ Teewo i think the pastries would stick to my thighs just looking at them, lol. You have to enjoy some though because our life shouldn't be about not eating things we enjoy. Perhaps that is an issue of mine. I refuse to give up anything i like. I eat it in moderation. This is probabaly why i was able to maintain for as long as i did because i never starved myself of my desires. My problem was that a year ago i stopped working out, got a new job, work at a desk 9 hrs a day, and forgot about calories.

I turned 29 last week so I want to go into my 30s with a fresh outlook next year. I feel the biggest burden with this concept is that the people around me differ in their opinions. I am going to start working on motivating my hubs as well. He isn't overweight, but he needs to feel good about himself and he admits he wants to workout. We have busy schedules but sometimes we have to put health first!

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Hello! I'm 5'4 and 150 pounds I really just want to lose 8-10 pounds so I can look as healthy as I feel! I was trying to figure out what calories to aim for and I have gotten a huge span of numbers! Any suggestions?!?! -Kim

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing ok- Teewo, congrats on getting to your size 8! Well done, now don't get lax as that is what happened to me last year... got to 139lbs and thought 'woohoo' then I relaxed and now here I am again, at 150lbs :(

I went way overboard on my holidays. Too much beer, sausage, french bread and cheese, but I had a fantastic time. Just about to book next years big jaunt, 2 weeks in September to Mexico, just near Cancun. I CANNOT WAIT! but I have a year to get myself super slender for decent photos.

I hope all of you are doing alright, hello new peopl and I'll be back regularly as of next week. (I've been a bit slack with keeping an eye on me cc-wise) Next week, I'm back with a vengence!! (I have still been going to the gym since I got back, just not keeping track of it all.)

See you all next week!!! Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing!

So this week I've started well. I have put some material up in my boss's office windows so I can now workout in there (he lives abroad) and not in the freezing cold warehouse.

I did a very small workout in there yesterday- 25 minutes of dumbbell squats, push ups, chest press and star abs. Today I'm doing a glutes routine- hip extensions, lunges, step ups, glute bridges and more squats.

I'm doing a stoopid first aid course weds, thurs, fri so won't be here in the office and may not make it to the gym either. Might have to do some kind of home workout instead if I get the chance.

food has been odd- mackerel and red pepper for lunch yesterday, tuna and red pepper for breakfast today.... not sure what I'll have for lunch :S

Hoping my weigh in on FRriday will show some downwards movement...

I got bored at work yesterday and have built myself a few spreadsheets. I have one for tracking all my calories eaten/ burned/ defecits, one for my weights workouts, one for the non weights glutes workouts and one for all my measurements etc... I have been really geeky and formatted the cells too so they turn green if the numbers are good and red if they are bad!

Hopefully I will start to log some changes soon. Hope you are all having a good week :) 

Thanks for all the encouragement, guys!  :)  It really helps because I'm going through a really rough time right now and the positivity has been really nice.

Welcome back, Lucy!  Glad to hear you had a great trip!  Good for you for picking right back up with the workouts. :)

I just came back from Paris a few days ago.  Indulged in plenty of wine, cheese, and pastries, but didn't go as crazy as I'd projected because I was hanging out with locals the whole time and wouldn't you know it, French girls don't stuff their faces. :P  (However, they do chainsmoke like there's no tomorrow and that took a lot of getting used to! :S)  So when I weighed myself after I got back, the damage wasn't actually so bad!

Am starting to find the strength to curb my stress eating now, because it's been 2.5 months since the **** hit the fan in my life, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that the issues are not going away any time soon, so I need to buckle down and try to live as well as I can.  Am thankful I didn't ease up on the exercising the whole time or else I'm sure all that stress eating would've caught up with me!  Am working on being disciplined again and heading back in the right direction.

Good luck guys!  Will post again later this week after I've weighed myself on Friday - hopefully I'll have good news!

Guys, I hit a huge milestone today!!!  I worked my butt off and I've finally hit the 140s - which also means that I'm FINALLY within the healthy BMI range!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I know BMI isn't entirely accurate but it was one of my goals to be within the healthy range.)

I'm elated, ecstatic, euphoric!!!  Am also within 0.8lbs. of losing 50 pounds, omg.  I hope I hit that next week.  Am more inspired than ever to keep working hard.  I think I may take myself shopping after work and buy a sexy little dress to celebrate! :D

Hope you've all been doing well too!!! :) 

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@Shauna- sounds like we could be twins. I'm 28, 5'5 and last time I check (2wks ago) I was 158lbs... I've always been athletic and usually weight at 135-140, that has always been healthy weight for me. I'm trying to go back to that as well. Right now, I'm doing Insanity...been at if for the past 3 weeks. I can definitely see the change. My stomach has shrunk and started to look more defined. My legs, arms and shoulders are much stronger. Problem is I was told that I don't eat enough because I've always limited myself to 1200 cals thinking that it would help losing weight faster... False! I my body did not want to burn any fat from eating too little. So now I'm trying to eat 1500 cals. I'm afraid to weight myself, so I think I'll do it after I'm done with insanity.

Let me know how things go with you. Good luck!
Wtfrail Why is Jillian bad two days in a row? I'm currently doing two Jillian DVDs a day 6 days a week
Wtfrail Why shouldn't she do two Jillian days in a row? I do two Jillian DVDs a day 6 days a week

Hey Guys,

Love this forum. I can relate to lots of you's here. I'm 28, 5'4 and weight 160lbs. I started my journey sept 3, 2012 at 177 :s. I have been eating in the 1200-1400 cal a day (recommended by my dietician). Sometimes I wonder if I should up my cal but for now I'm not feeling hungry and if I am, well I'll just eat more that day. I would like to loose another 30-35 and be in my 120'-130. My exercises routine is :

Monday : circuit training 1h15 (cardio, pilates, weight lifting) with personnal trainer

Tuesday : Hot yoga 1h15 (just started last week)

Wed : circuit training

Thursday : circuit training

Friday : rest day

Sat and Sun : I try to it the gym on my own with cardio and a bit of lifting but not too much since I'm doing lots in circuit training.

I have been pretty good with my diet and exercise plan....until last week. I don't know if its the weather or my body is fighting against all the flu's that are going around...but I don't feel good and I'm loosing motivation. I have not missed a class of circuit train but I haven't been going to the gym on weekends and I have pretty much binge drink all weekend which I feel aweful for doing. I'm really hoping I'll get my things together this week. Wishing all of you's sucess in reaching your goals. It sure aint easy but it's wioll be all worth it in the end :) Good luck

Well my week started well last week but ended terribly :/

I had a course for 3 days so ended up not doing much exercise and ate pretty poorly too, then on the weekend I got really drunk. Not a great week.

This week will hopefully be better. I've just done my weights workout today (I will do Mon, Weds, Fri) and on Tues and Thurs I have a short glutes routine (lunges, glute bridges, extensions,bodyweight squats and step ups) I should also make the gym Mon-Thurs this week.

Here's to a good week!!

And well done Teewo for getting into the healthy bmi range!! I really can't wait to get back down to the 140s... congrats!!

You can totally loose weight without starving yourself its just about what you are eating. You already have a wko out schedule now all you need to do is eat clean and the right things are the right time of day and 20pds will be no big deal!

Original Post by lucykemp21:

And well done Teewo for getting into the healthy bmi range!! I really can't wait to get back down to the 140s... congrats!!

Thanks, Lucy! :D  Not sure how this week's weigh-in's going to go though, because I've been kind of stress-eating again and last night I had a very sinful Italian meal... :S Will try to keep it together! :P

5'4, 23 and started a few days ago at 155. My realistic goal is also 25 lbs =)


I think it's a perfect number for our height! Good luck!



Hey Shauna, how are you doing lately? How has working out been going for you? Not heard from you for a little while Smile

Well today is a bummer- wanted to weigh myself. So I come into work and get naked in the warehouse for my weigh in and the scales won't go up over 39kg. Great. So I will weigh myself next Friday instead, hopefully we'll have some new scales by then.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Original Post by lucykemp21:

Hey Shauna, how are you doing lately? How has working out been going for you? Not heard from you for a little while Smile

Yeah, Shauna - I hope you're doing ok!

So last week's weigh-in wasn't so good and this week, I'm anticipating a terrible one.  Just had a death in the family and I've been stress-eating like crazy, not to mention the grieving meals we do... Plus I had a huge, honkin' bowl of Thai curry on Monday rice with a lot of rice, and spring rolls, and lots of fried stuff... :( Will need to pick myself back up after this week.  I'm so, so close to my 2012 goal of losing 50 pounds!!!

Hope you guys have been doing better than I have!

Sorry, i haven't been posting. I went through some rough patches. My dog passed away and i was pretty out of it and my family has been sick off an on with the flu.

Teewo that is amazing you are in you 140's. Congrats!

I am changing around my cals again because a loss wasn't occurring but i weighed in on Saturday at 150.8. I was so happy because my plateaus really stop my motivation. I continued to watch calories but i wasn't as excited to do so, although who really is. Hopefully my body will stop fighting me now.

I really need to work in some more strength workouts, but i find them so hard because they bore me.

I am excited for tonight's trick or treating with the kids. Hopefully the working out will burn some of the candy i eat! :)

Oh Shauna, sorry to hear about your dog passing away- I know and understand just how bad that can make you feel. Keep strong :)
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