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Weight Loss
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18 year old girl--never been skinny--any adivce?

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Hi.  Im 18 years old, Im 5 foot 4,  I weigh 231 lbs, and I wear a size 18-20 jeans.  I have been this size since about the 7th grade (7 years or so).  I have tried every diet in the book  (atkins, south beach,  i even had my mom buy me a month of nutrisystem for christmas) but I just cant seem to lose the weight.  I have decided to start counting calories, it seems to be a simple and reliable way to lose weight.  If anyone has any tips or comments I would love to hear, especially from people who spent their childhoods obese because even though obesity is such a widespread problem,  statistics say only 15% of people in my age group are obese and sometimes it can get lonely.  Thanks so much!!!

Also, this may seem like a weird question but,  i want to know, if you lose 1 to 2 lbs per week will there be a lot of loose skin and will it ever go away?  thanks.

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I gained up to 165 during the summer randomly lost 10 pounds not eating better, but since Feb I've lose 4-5 pounds per month and as long as you don't lose it too quickly I don't think you have excess skin...I don't. I'm 19 and 140-142 (5'6) and I've never been obese but as a middle schooler I was always kind of chubby...spent high school around 145 and 5'5 and I always felt chubbier than everyone else and it can really suck :(

This is seriously the best way to lose weight though, you can eat foods that taste good AND are healthy and occasionally you can have a treat and you will still lose weight. Remember to exercise also, though if it's too hard you can still lose weight from just eating lower than your maintenance level at first. Eat 500 less than maintenance per day to lose 1 pound a week. If you want to throw exercise in you will gain muscle and lose more per week :) You could also eat 250 less and exercise 250 less and you will lose 1 lb a week or more.
You've come to the right place.  Welcome!  Have you seen the Calorie-count Diet on the Home Page?

The first thing you need to do is go to the Tools menu and determine your individual caloric needs.  I think sometimes that cookie cutter weight loss plans like Nutrasystem don't allow for individual differences. 

Once you figure that out, just begin logging your food, before you even begin to cut back.  It will give you a picture of exactly what it is you eat and enable you to identify the problem areas.

I've heard that people have loose skin after losing large amounts of weight, but I don't know if it's because they do it very fast or if they were morbidly obese to begin with.

Good Luck to you, and I hope we'll see you often!
I have a question:  When I signed up it said I should eat around 1885 calories a day.  Then when I went to "allowance" under the "tools" section and calculated how many calories I should eat, it said 1450 calories.  Why are these two numbers different and what should I do?
Hey there Spikey! I'm 18 and I'm 5'7" 270 pounds. I wear about a 22 size jeans.

I think you and I have a LOT in common. I remember being 200lbs in the 6th grade! I've always been overweight.

I tried Atkins too, and gained every pound that I lost.. plus some. Stuff like that just doesn't work. I've only been doing CC for two weeks, and I've already lost 10 pounds. I know the weight loss will slow down the more I lose, but I'm just glad I am seeing results!

Because we're so young, our skin is much more likely to tighten over time. We're the perfect age to be doing this. :)

About your calorie question.. I was confused about that when I started too. The 1885 that is originally set for your calorie counter is to MAINTAIN your weight. The 1450 calories you calculated next is how many you should consume to LOSE weight.

So, what I did was changed my Eat Meter to how many I should eat to lose weight. To change your Eat Meter to 1450 calories, go to Account>Edit your personal goals and options (left hand side of the page under PROGRESS). At the bottom of the page there's the "Target Daily Calories" box, which you can type 1450 in. Save the changes and your Eat Meter will be set for that to be your maximum intake for the day.

Remember, the minimum amount of calories we should eat a day are 1200. So as long as you eat between 1200-1450, you'll be great! If you exercise, you can eat even more. :)

Anyway, I hope this helps. I'll add you to my friends and you can message me any time you want :) If you have any questions I'll surely answer them if I can. Good luck!

Thanks for responding.  Its nice to know that other people my age can relate. 
anyone else have any stories about losing a massive amount of weight?  tips?  exeperiences?  whats life like after losing weight?  etc....
Well I have lost over 50 lbs since November. At that time I weighed 210. I am now 157 and dropping. I would like at get to 145.

If I had any advice to give it would be to excercise. This way you are not losing as much muscle along with fat. I started out on a stationary bike and walking. Then to switch it up I went to the elliptical and starting trying to run. Everything is a process, but the first step is making yourself try. Set aside a half hour and walk or do something physical.

Also drinking water is amazing. Plus it helps you feel more full. ;)
Hey there -- I just turned 19 and thought I'd say that I can relate to you. Although I've never been classified as obese, I have come close both in childhood and at the age of 17 -- at 17 I only needed to gain about 10 more pounds before I was considered obese.

I successfully lost weight around the age of 15-16 by following a calorie-counting diet and sound nutritional advice. When I got up to my highest weight at 17, I was desperate to lose all of the weight as soon as possible and tried all kinds of terrible unhealthy diets. I should have realised from experience that calorie-counting is the sure way to go, but for some reason I didn't. I'm so very glad to find now that I'm in need of losing weight again, the tools are helpful, the people are supportive, and the information is sound advice. Congratulations on making a step in the right direction, and trust me, calorie-counting outweighs all of those other fad-diet plans by far.

Also, 1-2 lbs per week is a SAFE amount of weight loss. Any faster than that may result in health problems and loose skin, etc. So just take it slow and easy, and you'll be at your goal weight before you know it! :]
Thanks so much for responding.  You guys are so nice!!!!   :)
Hey spikey, if you're looking for some motivation.. check out x17star17x's profile: ofile.php?userid=301766

She's lost over 100 pounds :) She keeps a journal too so you can read up on how's she's living with her new body. It's really inspirational.

Honestly, I just joined to reply to this.

I know this was posted so long ago... but I hope you're still around.

I was literally at the end of my rope. I'm 21 years old, and at age 20 I was 250lbs. I've been struggling with depression since elementary school, and I had made up my mind that if I continued at that weight any longer, I'd kill myself. I know it seems loftly to throw suicidal thoughts around, but I was done. Hopeless. Terrified that I'd be alone for the rest of my life because I couldn't conform to a certian look. I had never felt more like a failure.

I lost 121 lbs from January 1st, 2008 - September 1st 2008. Yes, only 8 months. I lost about 15lbs a month and went from a size 18 jean to a size 6 (five if I squeeze!). I've been overweight my ENTIRE life... when I say entire, I mean, I was 11.3lbs at birth. I didn't do it the most, "EARNEST WAY" but seriously, nothing can be worse for your body than being 150lbs overweight. I closed my eyes to side effects and began my diet.

My Diet Plan:

I took Hydroxycut (a diet pill and work-out supplement) the whole time. I did NOT follow what their dosages were though... because it would be too expensive for me. Instead of taking 6 throughout the day, I took 2 every morning, and that was more than enough.

Nextly, I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Snow, rain, ice, I walked to the gym in it all. My best friend and I worked out 2 hours daily, one on cardio (eliptical or treadmill) and one on weights. You can't deny yourself excersise... or you'll never loose the weight! Sweating means your doing it right. If you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough.

I also quit doing the following:
Munching between meals
Eating after dinner
Skipping meals

I know, I know. Never eating sweets? But a sexy guys lips taste SO much better than chocolate ever will. TRUST ME.

You have to make dinner your last meal. Period. If you're starving (trust me, I've woke up in the middle of the night because I was so hungry!) have a banana ready. Sometimes, when I was desperately craving sweets, I'd eat TWO skittles. Savour every sensation.

When you do eat dinner, EATTTTT! Have a HUGGGGE meal! Reward yourself for working out and not snacking. I ate around 1,000 calories daily, but I never really counted. That was always too much work for me. Banana for breakfast, small lunch (hydroxycut will curb your appatite so you wont really be hungry til around dinner) and a HUGE whopping dinner. It was perfect for me.

Also, keep a weight loss photo diary! It's SO effective! I took pictures of myself naked in the mirror. Front, Back, Right and Left Side, Legs, Stomach, and Face. Every month on the same day (Jan 1st, Feb 1st, Mar 1st, so on) I took the same pictures of myself. I couldn't BELIEVE the change.

You can DO IT girl. I believe in you!

The loose skin does go away, if that's any inspiration. For awhile you'll have some horrible silver stretch marks, but keep using moisturizer and keep exercising to help the circulation. It may take forever (took me a year) but we have youth on our side. =]

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