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How often should I (do you) weight myself??

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Hi! I had done this before about 5 years ago and I had lost 20lbs easily! Now, 3 kids and a wedding later, I have some extra weight to lose. Ideally 50 but I'll be happy with 25. Last time, I weight myself everyday. This time around, I find myself obsess with jumping on the scale. I do it all the time, every time I go to the bathroom. Should I hide my scale and only use it once a week? I have found in the pass that if I didn't go down from the day before I get discouraged easily (even tho I go down on a weekly basis). What are you all doing? I feel that weighing myself helps keep me focus, as long as I loose everyday. I would love to get everyone's input as to what works and doesn't work for them. Thanks!!!
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I reccomend once, weekly.  Our bodies fluctuate daily for many reasons including food intake, water intake, retaining water, periods, ....I could go on!  So it will hardly be consistant everyday. 
Keep track once, weekly.  Hide the scale if you need to :

How do you do it? Im always so anxious to see how I'm doing..
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See I weigh myself everyday however I am know that I put on 4-5 lbs on my period and that my weight can fluctuate day to day by about 3 lbs. but I find weighing myself everyday helps me focus because if I lose weight it's motivation and if I fluctuate up its motivation! So If you find it helps you and you don't obsess over fluctuations I think it's ok to Do it everyday. Just try and weigh yourself once first thing in the morning. Good luck!

I weigh myself every day but my "official" weigh ins are on Monday and Wednesday. (no real reason for those days, just settled into them)  I can't help but track my progress daily and I have come to terms with the daily weight fluctuations.  You just gotta see the long term pattern if your going to weigh daily and be OK with the little ups and downs knowing in the long term, its going down.

Jk, love your idea! Thanks!!
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I weigh once a month on the morning of my monthly cheat day. I like to see big changes!

I weigh myself every day, it helps motivate me to make the right choices so I can see more weight loss the next day. I also didn't stick to my diet as well when I only weighed once a week. Weighing daily as opposed to weekly eliminates the risk of weighing on a 'high' day. It lets you see how what you eat affects your weight, like when you eat alot of sodium. Under the analysis when I look at other nutrients and the sodium line it usually follows my weight, when it spikes up, my weight spikes up the next day. I looked at the past 2 weeks of my weight loss and saw that if I only weighed myself weekly, it would range between a gain of 0.4lbs to a loss of 2.4lbs. If I only weighed once a week and saw I only lost 0.2lbs I would feel terrible and not know that I lost 1.5lbs the very next day!

For example..

M 06/07: 147.0 - 06/14: 146.8 = -0.2
T 06/08: 147.7 - 06/15: 145.3 = -2.4
W 06/09: 146.8 - 06/16: 145.5 = -1.3
T 06/10: 146.8 - 06/17: 145.9 = -0.9
F 06/11: 146.2 - 06/18: 146.6 = +0.4
S 06/12: 146.2 - 06/19: 145.7 = -0.5
S 06/13: 146.4 - 06/20: 144.8 = -1.6

See how much weighing weekly can vary depending on what day you weigh yourself? That's why I weigh myself every day.

I weight myself once a week on Sundays. Although sometimes I cheat and weight myself more because I'm curious. :)

I weight myself every day, sometimes twice a day bc. I'm a little obsessive. However, I really don't usually have too much of a problem getting discouraged if it goes up a little bc. I'm figuring on losing weight slowly. I also get really thrilled when I see that I lost weight and I try to keep fluctuations in mind and keep an eye on the "trend." But you should do what works best for you.

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