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How often should I be weighing myself?

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I was reading two fitness books simultaneously that had completely opposite views on this issue (as well as pretty much every other fitness related issue) One said it wasn't healthy to weigh oneself often if at all, as it was damaging to the self esteem and that you should judge by how your clothes fit. The other book said I should weight myself everyday but that seems counter intuitive seeing as my weight doesn't change a great deal from one day to the next. How often do you all weight in?

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Everyday preferably under the same circumstances (i.e. upon waking up and having used the restroom).

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Everyday preferably under the same circumstances (i.e. upon waking up and having used the restroom).

Same, expect I do skip some days I know water weight will be shown :P

Same as the above except in the case of hollowness, I actually want to see the water weight gain.  I will know what I did wrong and what it does to my body. I will also know what not to do next time :)  

48lbs down since Jan 3rd.

You need to do what works for you.  If you get obsessed with every little up and down, every day is probably not a good thing.  On the other hand, weighing every day can help you become familiar with normal fluctuations so you don't freak out over them :)

I do the every day thing so I can follow the trend. CC plots it for us and IMO we should use it. Less about the number scale that day than I can look back and see the periods where I level off and start losing again. I can use the graph to look at those periods and see what was different in my logs. I can pinpoint possible faults, busy work week, less sleep etc.

I can see how consistent I've been. As I get closer to goal weight and eat I can see the difference in the trend. In the beginning it was longer periods of loss with small periods of somewhat level trends. Now it's longer periods of slight losses with a few days of steeper movement.

If you are hiding from this info you are denying yourself a chance to address possible problems. Personally I'd prefer to face it head on and use the knowledge to combat it with the hopes it keeps me grounded in maintenance.


Thanks everyone! It makes sense to weigh everyday at the same time and familiarize myself with my ups and downs. I have a bad habit of over using the salt. Maybe if I can really see the effects of so much sodium in my day to day weigh in, I won't be so quick to reach for the salt shaker!

I think whatever works best for you - you know your body the best.

I weigh in once a week. I don't own a scale in my house and never plan to. I know if I did, i'd become obsessed with weighing myself and if I gained or didn't lose any weight, it would just put me in a downward spiral.

I definitely think this depends on the individual. If you look at the number on the scale as some sort of data collection and it doesn't bother you so much if it doesn't move or goes in the wrong direction, then yes you can weigh yourself everyday. If however, it does bother you and has the possibility of being counter productive to your weight loss than I would consider only weighing about once a week because 1. the differences will obviously be a bit larger so it won't be putting you on such an emotional roller coaster with all the ups and downs of water retention and whatnot and 2. because you're only weighing yourself once a week, it makes you more likely to stay on target eating right and exercising correctly as you're most likely very much looking forward to seeing all of that work turn into a product of the number on that scale at the end of the week.

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