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Weight Loss
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I did it yesterday for the first time and do not like the numbers that I saw. I wrote them down to keep track of how I'm doing (chest, breast, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs). I know it takes time to see progress, so I was just wondering how long should it be before I run the tape measure around me again? Thanks!

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I do it weekly but I know some people only do it monthly.

I only do it on weeks where I don't really lose any weight... I've done it once since the initial and had lost 1 inch on my waist and .5 inches on my hips, but I haven't measured myself since.

I'm doing it monthly. I figured I'd get the most exciting results that way, lol. I'm kind of a dork though, and I think weekly would be fine too.

I do it every day or every two days..but this is not a very good idea I think because I have not really lost any inches off my waist for a time I did not measure myself for a whole month or so .. and when I measured I had lost like 3 inches of my waist..

so give it time..give your body time to see changes

I measure every day cause I am pissed off about how I am not losing any weight and because I am a body-freak Tongue out

I think it's more fun to just put on clothes you haven't been able to wear for a while and go damnnnnnnnn.

Monthly is best.  If you're right at the beginning of your weightloss journey, you might see a little progress weekly, but measurements take a while to change by more than the inherent error of measuring.  (In other words, your waist measurement will likely change by half an inch or so just by measuring in slightly different places or on a bloated day vs. a not-bloated day.  So, to see a real change, you'd have to lose more than half an inch.) 

I do bi-weekly/monthly  I tend to forget, so it sometimes every 3 weeks (you know how life gets in the way)

Don't forget your arms.  Measure the upper arm You'll be surprised how there changes. 

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