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Offer to get paid to lose weight???

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I was on the road this weekend (and very pleased that I stayed just under my calorie limit even though I had to eat out twice -- only ate half my entree's, but anyhoo...) As I was driving down the road I heard an ad on the radio offering to pay people $1000 to try a diet for 90 days as part of a 'study'

I had never heard an offer like that before (and I was a little bored from all the driving) so I called the 800 number and held on the line a while and then spoke with a pleasant girl who explained the deal to me.

It was called the 1 day diet, meaning that you diet for 1 day then eat as you usually do the next day, and then diet the next day, and so on. On the diet day, you were supposed to eat only the high density fiber wafers that they were testing, plus whatever fresh fruit you wanted to eat. You could eat up to 10 of the wafers per day. The fiber was supposed to trick your body into feeling full, but yet you'd be getting a very low calorie day if all you ate was 5 or 6 pieces of fruit. Then eating normally on the alternate days was supposed to keep your body from going into 'starvation mode' and keep your metabolism revving. The net effect would be that you cut your weekly calories enough to have good weight loss, but without giving up foods you normally eat, and without feeling hungry, etc. etc.

I realized I couldn't do it at that point, being pre-diabetic. My blood sugar wouldn't do well on the diet days.

But I kept listening to find out what the catch was - why were they paying people $1000... It turned out, that you had to buy the product and would then get reimbursed for the cost of the product plus the $1000 in exchange for sticking with the program for 90 days, providing them with before and after pictures, and making a video testimonial that they would show during an infomercial.

It sounded plausible, but the cost of the product was $450 and I thought it seemed like a pretty risky proposition - - how would you know that they wouldn't just disappear in the night after they got your $450?

Has anybody ever heard of this 1 day diet? Ever done anything like it? Get good results? Anybody think it's safe? Anybody ever get paid to lose weight and then appear in an informercial?

I read recently that the diet industry has revenue of something like $6 billion per year -- and for what we pay, we have sure gotten sorry results with Americans getting fatter/unhealthier every year.
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I dont believe any of that. I think you would send in your money and that be the end of it. they probably dont think anyone would finish it.
Never heard about it- doesn't sound too good to me though. I wouldn't try it. Something about it gives me an "eh" feeling
Since I work in clinical trials, it would be highly unlikely that this is a true clinical trial. In a "real" trial participants are given the test matter for free and asked to do their best to stick to the rules, no strings attached. In Canada participants will not get paid to take part, but in the US I know that participant's are regularily paid to take part in trials. You also have to meet a bunch of eligibility criteria to make sure it's safe for you to participate - i.e. they should have asked you about diabetes or any other underlying health conditions that would make it impossible for you to do the "starvation" part of the diet. I would view this as a new clever way to try and get people to spend money on diet aids!
There's another option - I don't think it would work for everyone, but last year my brother joined a 'weight loss pool' at work - everyone who wanted in, put $50 in the pot. The person who lost the most weight in 6 months got the pot. My brother lost 75 lbs in 6 months and won about $600. This year, with no other motivation, he wants to lose another 25-40 lbs. He originally started at over 300, and is doing great.
For me I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig for any "health product" I didn't know anything about. You can save your $450 and eat very high fiber low cal foods one day (see the negative foods list for some ideas) and then maybe eat something like a treat the next day, but I really wouldn't recommend that either because it just seems like something that would be difficult to stick with.

I say eat plenty of good fiber every day, and vary your calories a little bit. I eat 1100-1200 for a few days, then go back up to 1300-1500 a few days then back down. In addition I eat several small meals a day and this seems to keep my metabolism burning and I have plenty of energy :) It's something I can do for life and on my higher calorie days I can fit in treats too and not feel guilty :)
Sounds like a ploy to get people's money However, I have participated in many research studies that I have been paid for. I made over $1500 doing studies while in college. None were for dieting though. I have dome Aromatherapy research and pain research and lots of psych research.
You're right, it was not a clinical trial - the lady I spoke with did emphasize that to me. It was a 'study' paid for by the product's manufacturers with the intent to get people to give testimonials for an infomercial.
She said the product has previously only been available in doctor's offices. But I wonder, doctors in what country? My doctor has sure never mentioned it.
And I thought of that too - why didn't she ask if I had any medical conditions, was under a doctor's care, etc? Sounded very iffy to me.

Still, the concept is one that can be adapted to a healthy diet, I think. As someone posted - have a low-cal day with lots of fiber and follow with a medium cal day, like 1200 then 1500.

Personally, the main way I am losing weight right now is by cutting the sugar and processed carbs and sticking with high-fiber, whole grains, veggies, fruits, plus lean protein and I'm happy with how I feel and with the results I'm getting. I eat 30 to 40 grams of fiber every day.

My weight loss had really slowed down since January, but now I can feel the change in my waist and torso. I'm getting smaller, my clothes are getting looser and looser. My body has been adjusting and I bet I'll see the number on the scale dip again the next time I get on there. Meant to do it this morning but forgot.
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I took my check to the bank and it didn't bounce.  I am still down 10 of the 24 total pounds that I lost.  Up because of had thanksgiving over the weekend.  I am in the 120's and it doesn't take much to put on a few pounds at this weight.  I could hide a few cookies better at 160+ pounds.  I wish they had a community because of all the products I have tried to just get the weight off it is the best I have found so far.  Keeping it off is hard no matter what.  Old habits are hard to break and no matter what you are never free from them. 
Sorry, sounds like garbage to me.
sounds like a scam to me.  At best they are looking for cheap advertising by using you to demonstrate the product.
what a rube I was to give it the benefit of the doubt!

and how sweet, that back in february, I had just noticed the 'slow down' in my weight loss that continues even still....
Two years ago I purchased some diet pills for $50.  I was part of a trial they were doing.  I had to take daily weight and measurments and write them down in a booklet they provided.  I was to get my $50 back upon completion of the 30-day program.  I also had to send before and after pictures.  I did get my money back, and the company contacted me to be in their advertising.  I would have been paid $1000 if they had used my pictures and testimonial, but they didn't.  That's okay.  I was happy with the weight loss.  I kept if off, too, until I got pregnant.  Although the weight loss  could be because I quit drinking sodas and walking 5 miles daily. :)  Now I'm doing this the healthy way.  Before I found CC I tried to find the pills again, but the company was no longer in business.  I read lots of complaints on the net from people who said they never got their $50 back or lost weight and that the company declared bankruptcy.  I didn't mind doing it because it was only $50, but $450 seems like a lot, so I think I'd be skeptical of sending anyone that much money. 

Also, I don't think I'd enjoy eating only fiber and veggies.  I think I'd get cravings and end up blowing the diet.   
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It was really funny.  When I signed up you had to do a before picture, didn't say how you should be dressed and now they have changed it to a swim suit.  You did have to weigh in at the doctors office.  On my diet days I ate the food tabs during the day and at dinner time so I didn't feel left out I ate butternut squash and/or fruit.  I ate so much butternut squash.  Fresh from the garden.  On non diet days I ate healthy because I wouldn't beable to handle a sugar blast every other day.  I did eat icecream on some non diet days.

I had $135.00 invested not 450.  I wish they would of had a community on their website.  I did find someone else on sparks that was also no the one day and then my almost sister in law did it.  all 3 of us got our checks.  They did send you a list of things you had to complete. 

Who ever said they are using you as advertising is right but it was still really fun.  You really had to think about things like if I stopped at subway with my husband on a diet day I could get a salad of spinage veggies no dressing and no other toppings.  I learned how much juice is in tomatoes and pickles.  I learned how to taste food not just toppings like dressing.

If I could go back to eatting like that again it would be great.  For of you that say but you can't eat like that all the time, I feel the same way about running.  Who in there right mind would leave a nice cozy TV and pound their joints on the pavement.  I know those that see the real benefits of the activity so same is true to those that skip the toppings on the dinner plate.  I am strongly thinking of doing both.  I say strongly thinking and it hurts just thinking and that's why I'm looking for some chat buddies.

I love to eat hate to work out but want the reward is this possible?  I'm thinking not so my ways must change. 
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I called in to "get paid to lose weight".  Then I wondered if I was being taken.  Can anyone tell me where this company is located.  Any other experiences with this type add?  My investment, which is called a "deposit"  is supposed to be refunded in full.  it amounts to $235 and some change.

lynnbaum...did you get a full refund of your deposit and $1000?  That was what the offer was today.
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I called in to "get paid to lose weight".  Then I wondered if I was being taken.  Can you tell me anything about this company?  My investment, which was called a "deposit",  is supposed to be refunded in full upon completion of 90 days.  It amounts to $235 and some change. 

I am really serious about losing the weight...very determined!  It would be great to get paid $1000 to fullfill my own desire.

Please let me know if you have more details.  I was told I would get the package in seven to ten days.
Don't buy it. My husband and I were bright enough to order their products. Instructions are to consume only that wafer every other day as mentioned. However, you are required to visit your doctor, nurse etc and have they take an intial reading on your weight. Participants are expected to do this every so often and the license medical provider must sign their intials confirmating that your weight loss is accurate.

It's too much of a hassle. I didn't have time to visit my doctor every week, and he certainly didn't have time to see me every week just to have me weigh in for a guinea pig program.

If you don't follow thru on the program, you don't get your money back! Don't bother. Waste of time. Besides, anything that requires participants to pay up front isn't really as promising as one might think.
statistically most people abandon their *diet* within 1 - 1 1/2 weeks...

so the company would be way ahead if they sold 90 days worth of product...
I have heard of this exact study and have kind of been tracking them... it's been going on for quite a while... longer than I would think this type of study would need to be... it's been at least a year since I first heard of it. They also keep changing that 800# every so often... so me that means they're "on the run" so to speak so that once they get your money they move on to others. I would steer clear.

This one says it's paying $1,500:


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