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Obese, eating 1,400 calories a day

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Hey everyone, 

I'm brand spankin' new here.  I've been using a different website to count my calories but found this forum tonight.  I've been eating the recommended 1,400 calories my doctor told me to eat.  I'm 5'6'' and about 225.  I have not weighed myself since my doctor did almost 2 years ago.  I'm too afraid to, and I haven't increased in pant size or shirt size since he's weighed me so I know I'm no more than 5 pounds more.  But I was wondering how much weight I can expect to lose in the first month of my diet if I'm only eating 1,400 calories a day?  I've increase my physical activity somewhat.  At work I'm always walking, standing, lifting, or pushing something so I don't work out on days I have work because it's hard with school.  But when I don't work I do 40-45 min of cardio.  I know for obese people, which I am, they tend to lose weight very quickly at first and then kind of hit a plateau for a little.  But I just need to see a good result within the first month to keep me motivated.  So I was just wondering if since I'm a 21 year old female, 5'6'' about 225 lbs. and eating 1,400 calories a day, trying to have a protein for every meal with a fruit or veggie, greatly reduced fat, sodium, and carb intake, and greatly upped my water intake, if I'll see a good noticeable result within the first month?

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It is best that you way yourself. You mention that obese people lose weight faster. Which is true, when i first started... The first month was amazing! But, you also need to realize that when you're obese, it takes more weight loss, to lose inches. When you're just over weight, ten pounds means one size. When you're obese it can be twenty pounds, thirsty pounds, even forty at times. 


I really think you could up your cals a little bit.  I started out at 227 in Jan of '10 and was eating 1500-1600 and lost 80 lbs by Thanksgiving.  I usually work out 4 times a week and am pretty active with my 4 kids.  You don't want to start too low or it could slow/stall your weight loss plus why eat less when you can eat more and still lose.  I know a lot of people think eat less, lose more, but that can backfire if your body decides it is not getting enough and tries to hold onto it's extra fat stores "for a rainy day".  Also, if you cut too drastic, it is hard to stick to and you are more likely to "fall off the wagon".  I really hope you see good results your first month :)

Sometimes you see a decent weight loss on the scales but not necessarily in your own image - that's happened to me before - 20lb down and I didn't look or feel any slimmer.  Sadly that time I gave up and it went back on again, but someone did say to me that as I must have been losing weight from somewhere, it might have been from around the internal organs (as we can apparently carry a lot of fat there without realising it).

So if you do start weighing yourself and the scales are moving but you still don't feel slimmer, try and keep going because I'm sure it will happen.  That's what I'm going to do this time.

I started calorie counting nearly 2 weeks ago and I've lost 4lb which doesn't sound fantastic I know, but it's better down than up and I've set my goals to be fairly small - the first goal is to lose 10lb by mid-April so I've only got 6 to go.  If I make goals that are too unrealistic, I'll never reach them and might give up again.

As for how much you could lose in the first month, I would say realistically about 10-12 lb  and less from then on because often you lose more in the first week - I've lost 7 lb in the first week before, but after that 2 lb per week is considered the best way.


Good luck with it.

Hi there,

I'm 5'7" so I'm only one inch taller than you. I'm also 22 so were prety close. When I started in June 2010, I was 247. It  took me 6 months to lose those first 30 pounds and I stalled at 217 for practically a month. Since Jan of this year I'm down to 205 and can FINALLY start to see a difference in my body. (and so can everyone else for that matter).

In all, I would say don't think that you'll see a huge difference. I agree that if you drastically cut to 1400 calories (which is what I try to stay around) you might go into a little starvation mode, expecially if you were eating way more than that before. I'm a big believer in altering your days (like eating around 1200 one day and then upping to 1600 when you have a big workout). I think it tricks your bady a little.

Thanks. I came home for spring break saturday and people can already tell I've lost weight in my face. I'm sure it's only water weight but I'll take it. My double chin is gone!

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