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oatmeal or whole wheat bread?

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hi evryone,

i am currently trying to diet by eating very healthy, avoiding fat and exercising several times a week. i am very motivated and want to loose at least 10 pounds! trust me it is necessary...

i read that oatmeal is a very good breakfast.

do you know what is better for breakfast when you are dieting an want to loose weight between eating oatmeal (regular oatmeal, no flavor, nothing adde) or eating whole wheat bread (without anything on the top of it)?

if you can help it would be great because i am lost!




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Well, it is in my experience that oatmeal is lower in sodium than whole wheat bread.  I'm very sensitive to sodium- so that's the better choice for me...I can't eat it plain though- yuck!  I've found that the "Rollin Oats" brand carries flavored oat meal that I really love.  Good Luck :0)

Don't avoid fat.  Unsaturated fats such as olive oil contain nutrients and essential fatty acids which are important for healthy body  & brain function.  So do make sure you include some in your day. 

It doesn't matter whether you eat wholemeal bread or oatmeal.  It's the total quantity you eat that matters more.   If you consume less energy than you burn up in total you will lose weight.  If you are doing a lot of exercise you should eat an appropriate amount e.g. 1500 cals minimum.
For months I ate a slice of double fibre wheat toast for breakfast with a thin layer of almond butter.

Recently I switched to eating oatmeal! It's an experiment to see if eating oats consistently every day will bring my cholesterol level down a bit.

I really love the rolled oats: 1/2 cup oats in 1 cup water, microwaved for 4 minutes at 60%. Let stand for about 2 minutes, add nonfat milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and 10 grams of raisins - Yum!

coley_moley has a good point about the sodium, too.

great! thank you all for your replies

I think i will go with oatmeal for a while and see if there are results

oatmeal! if i start my day with bread carbs, i tend to want to snack all day. oatmeal is warm, its a meal, and it keeps me fuller longer than bread.

i eat oatmeal for breakfast daily 

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