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Oatmeal is for breakfast. What do you ADD to make it tolerable?

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I used to eat those Oatmeal mixes like Raisins and Spice, but was told they are not good for dieting.  I went out and bought the box of plain oatmeal and I know that tomorrow I won't be able to eat it plain.  Thinking I could add a spoonful of brown sugar.  Also thought some fruit would be ok, but not very sweet. 

What does everyone do to spice up their oatmeal without it becoming too fattening?

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I eat the flavored stuff, but I still add fruit to make it a more filling meal. I'll slice a green apple and strawberries in with a packet or two of cinnamon flavored oatmeal. mmm...

This is a good thread about oatmeal add-ins

AHHHH i LOVE oatmeal i eat the plain rolled oats kind or steel cut - and make sure to cook it in a pot oldschool style. i LOVE it by itself or i add vanilla soymilk and freshly cut strawberries if i feel fancy. if i want protein i'll make 1.5 servings and beat an egg to add into the pot. some like it with salt. i like mine with PB or nutella (just 1 tbsp +fruit/soymilk) if i really wake up with a sweet tooth. chopped walnuts, DRIED cranberries/fruit, cinnamon, even honey bunches of oats on top...sugar-free (and no fake sugar either) lowfat icecream...

sorry to get carried away. the possibilities are ENDLESS and i've tried all of the above minus the salt. get creative and get cookin'! the stuff is great for you.

Oatmeal always taste AMAZING when you cook it with a banana in it.  Also always make sure to cook it with milk (vanilla soy milk is the best) instead of just water.  I love to sprinkle granola or something crunchy like walnuts or cereal on top because I don't like the texture of it alone (too soft).  Also tastes AMAZING with a little bit of pb mixed in and you can add honey or maple syrup (can be sugar free) for sweetening.  Dried Fruit like raisins, dried apricots, prunes always tast amazing along with fresh berries (blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, strawberries).  I have two different options in my recipes if you want to check it out.

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http://www.quakeroatmeal.com/qo_ourProducts/i nstantQuakerOatmeal/familyFavorites/product.c fm?productid=13

Tell me what about this product is not good for dieting?

The sugars-- 16 g of it.

There are a lot of things you can do with oatmeal! I absolutely love it. I never even do the traditional raisin and brown sugar combo. I cook it with soy milk and mix in a banana and cinnamon. Cinnamon is key. You can add flavor without any calories at all. Or put in some vanilla extract. Or you can make it with instant hot chocolate mix. That adds maybe 100 calories, but it's so worth it. It makes oatmeal like dessert. However, this has about the same amount of sugar as the instant flavored kind. For less calories, I also use really good quality unsweetened cocoa baking powder. It's very un-sweet, but lots of flavor. It comes out very chocolate-y, and I can still add a bit of sugar/honey/agave nectar to sweeten it up a bit. You can even throw in some chocolate chips! Or try making it with coffee! No calories really for the coffee, and you can add a splash of milk or soymilk to sweeten it. I also throw in some frozen berries (the juice melts and runs into the oatmeal, so delicious). I just had that now actually. I used to not buy raspberries, blueberries, etc. because they are so expensive, but I've found out that you don't need much of it just for the flavor. You can just use maybe a 1/4 cup, and suddenly your oatmeal is naturally sweet and very flavorful. Last one: I like to stir in apple butter (20 calories/tbsp, 4 g sugar) and cinnamon. Or stir in some sugar free jam (I get 100% fruit sweetened kind, 10 calories/tbsp, NO artificial sweetners).

Oatmeal is wonderful-- cheap, healthy, and delicious!

I'm addicted to Oatmeal...I eat it for breakfast and lunch. I add a heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder, vanilla essence, and 5 equal tablets (sugar sub.)

It's fantastic> :)

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One word.


Put cinnamon on your oatmeal. Put cinnamon on your potatoes. Put cinnamon on your cinnamon.


It makes everything taste amazing.

There is no reason on earth to try and eat plain oatmeal - you might as well have a bowl of wallpaper paste in front of you. Make it with milk NOT water... and add either raisins or dried fruit of your choice, or else fresh fruit. It's great made with fresh blueberries in the bowl... cinnamon is wonderful too.

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I love Oatmeal! I eat it every morning! What i do is a use plain old fashioned oats and cook them regularly than add 3 tbsp of canned pumpkin to make it thicker and add fiber than cinnamon 1 packet of splenda, and 1 tbsp of sf maple syrup. Than i cut up an apple and it cubes and throw some apples in the oatmeal it is delicious!

16 grams of sugar is not going to hinder a person who is trying to lose weight.  If someone is trying to be more health conscious then I can see the purpose behind replacing instant oatmeal with regular oatmeal, but if regular oatmeal is intolerable and the person is trying merely to cut calories to lose weight then there is absolutely nothing wrong with 16 grams of sugar in instant oatmeal. 

I would suggest eating protein with it, however.
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Raw cinnamon honey.

raisins and walnuts

I add skim milk, a TON of raisins, and way too much natural peanut butter. <3 my favorite.

peanut butter, cinnamon, blueberries, soymilk - not all at once though :)

I am going to add PB2 (powdered, defatted peanut butter) to my oatmeal next time.  I tried it for the first time yesterday and IT IS SO GOOD, much better than those yucky reduced fat or reduced calorie peanut butter imposters. only 50 something calories for 2 tbsp

a little molasses or real maple syrup is good too, but watch out they have sugar

all of these are excellent ideas...if I don't have time to cook my oatmeal properly though, I bought the GoLean Extra Creamy Very Vanilla (what a name) hot cereal by kashi. It is very delicious.

my favorite?

old fashioned oats with just a pinch of nutmeg, dash of cinnamon, raisins, and brown sugar.

I definite make my oatmeal with milk, be it whole or skim, taste so much better than made with water. I also like to add some sweetness to it, either brown sugar or some sugar substitute, but not too sweet. And if one serving of it doesn't fill you up, you can always add my favorite, a banana! Just slice it or break them into little bite size chunks. It will definitely fill you up and will taste better too, not to even mention nutrition.
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One word.


Put cinnamon on your oatmeal. Put cinnamon on your potatoes. Put cinnamon on your cinnamon.


It makes everything taste amazing.

LOL, I wholeheartedly I second this. Cinnamon will make ANYTHING taste better. The amount of cinnamon I go through is absolutely insane haha.

I love oatmeal and my favorite additions are almonds and berries.  Berries sweeten it, almonds add crunch, fat, and protein, helping it "stick" longer. 

For me, the almonds are critical.  I eat breakfast at 6:30, and if I add the almonds, then one piece of fruit mid-morning is enough to get me to lunch.  If I don't add the almonds, then I'm HUNGRY by mid-morning, and a piece of fruit isn't enough, and I end up making poor decisions instead.

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