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Nutritious lunch ideas that don't need refrigeration?

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Hi everyone!

For work this month, I have to work out of the office a few days a week. I work for a university, and am working on a project in their student union.

Anyway, I've decided to start packing my lunch to eat there, since my only "healthy" options to buy food are Subway or the super-expensive faculty cafeteria (for which my options are pretty limited to sliced melon or bite sized veggies).

I'm looking for some lunch ideas that I can make the night before, that don't need to be refrigerated or heated. I've thought about PB&J, but I know that'll get old!

Ideas would be appreciated!

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You could always purchase a cooler or a lunch bag with the metal/silver lining that keeps your food cold/warm.  If you make your lunch the night before and refrigerate it, it should last until lunch time.  You could always add ice to the bag also to keep the coolness.

i go to school everyday and we have a closed campus. today i brought and apple (80 cal) and a 200 cal turkey and cheese sandwich. was good for me!
Will post after lunch. Just birng salad in a continer and bred too. THigns like sundried toamtoes (no oil) are great and add variety. Or laguhing cow cheese and mushrooms. And a fruit salad. just kept cold, doesnt have to be frozen (wrap in a towel thats been in te freezer then in a platic bag) brb
I found an insulated lunch bag that is like a purse at Walmart/black (I did not want to bring a giant cooler to work). I love it! I put a couple of ice packs in there, 2 bottled waters, and my lunch. Nonrefrigerated idea: can of tuna, maybe bring some crackers, fruit.
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I bring a wrap with low-fat turkey and some veggies for lunch and then put some cut-up veggies on the side for days that I eat on campus.  It doesn't get too warm before lunch to be a problem and it was a nice change from PB&J :)
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