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Hello Everyone!

Im just looking for some opinions from people who have tried nutrisystem or know someone who has. Im thinking of trying it out and have read so many reviews online, I just want to hear it from real people (not spokes people!)

Did it work for you?

How much did you lose/month?

What was the food like?

Did you gain it all back after stopping?



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One of my closest friends did Nutrisystem.  It was too expensive for me to try. You receive the frozen foods on the plan then you have to purchase the fresh foods that go along with them. The menu is all planned out for you.

She lost 45 pounds in 6 months, that's about 7.5 pounds a month.

She liked the food and...

Yes, she gained all the weight back after stopping.

They have a good support system in place now.  Actually, I've never heard anything bad about their program except that when it's over, people go back to their old way of eating and regain the weight. Honestly, I've never heard from anyone who left the program and kept the weight off, but I'm sure they're out there.

I've never used Nutrisystem, but have known 2 people who have (one was my mom, so I have more intimate knowledge about her situation). I've been told the food wasn't too bad, though you'd probably feel (at first, anyway) that the portions are tiny. My mom said that the counselor she had there was great, the best part of doing Nutrisystem (for her). She lost a decent amount of weight (sorry, I don't remember how much or how long it took), but gained it all back, and then some.

My friend who did Nutrisystem liked the food, liked her counselor and pretty much had the same experience as my mom - lost and then gained it all back plus some.

Now, here's where I interject my personal opinion about Nutrisystem and other pre-packaged diet plans ...

Unless a program teaches you about proper nutrition, how to eat balanced and healthy, how to maintain healthy weight loss with a lifetime of healthy eating and activity, it will NOT be successful. Programs like Nutrisystem would be fine, in a world where for the rest of your life, THAT is all you ate and you saw their counselors and paid them money for the rest of your life as well. Real life tends to intervene eventually and the only way to deal with real life, for the rest of your life, is to do as I stated above - be healthy, eat well, stay active.

I view Nutrisystem (and Jenny Craig, etc.), fad diets, weight-loss teas, Xenedrine, Hydroxycut, and all the other "supplements" (i.e. legal speed), as all the same - a "quick-fix" that might work in the short-term, but will never be successful in the long term. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the ONLY solution is actually changing your lifestyle and living habits.

Good luck!

I tried it last year. Yes it does work, but it is hard to stick with it. At every meal you have to add either fruits or vegetables. I eat a salad for lunch and dinner everyday. If you think you can handle that then I say go for it. I lost about 8 lbs in the first month but the next month I only lost 2. The papers that come with your dinners says that if you just eat their meals and not add the fruits and vegetables you will gain weight. After paying that much for their dinners and then having to buy all the fruits and vegetables you need, it ran into alot of money. I hope this helped.

My friend bought the Nutrisystem system right after the holidays.  I had thought about trying it too so I asked his opinion and this is what he said:  for a single guy like him that doesn't know how to cook, it's great.  Just add water and microwave and you've got yourself a meal.  You do need to buy fresh veggies and stuff to compliment the system so you really do end up spending a lot of money.  He then said he probably wouldn't recommend it for someone like me because I can cook very well and would be seriously disappointed if I bought the just-add-water system.  So right away that answered my question.  I would be pleased with the convenience but disappointed with the end product. 

Good luck with whatever you decide!  Smile

Original Post by caloriequeen86:

Hello Everyone!

Im just looking for some opinions from people who have tried nutrisystem or know someone who has. Im thinking of trying it out and have read so many reviews online, I just want to hear it from real people (not spokes people!)

Did it work for you?

How much did you lose/month?

What was the food like?

Did you gain it all back after stopping?



I was on it for 4 months.

I lost about 25lbs

The food started tasting the same after about a month and you actually spent more on the extra food (fruits and veggies)

I gained ALL of it back.... and then some.

The only thing about Nutrisystem is that it teaches you portion control. I am glad I did it because it sent a light on in my head that helped me grasp my problem.

Plus, it is hard to stick to. I did it when I was 21 and I had too much of a social life and hectic schedule to stay on the meal plans. My age group, all we do to socialize is to eat and drink. Didn't work very well for me.

Now, I just watch my calories and I have lost 46lbs since August.


My roommate did it. I thought it was a joke. The food was pretty small portions, they tell you can have a certain number sides of vegetables and fats with each meal like salad and dressing. She would snack here and there and graze because it just never seemed to fill her up. She didnt like not having flexibility to make something else for dinner if she wanted. I think its a waste of money.

She did it for a month, maybe lost 6 lbs, which did not stay off long.

Just apply smaller portions to your own foods, or get recipe ideas from this site. Track calories and more importantly calorie deficit each day... and you will see changes.

OK...yes I did nutri system back in the early 80's.  Lost about 90 pounds in about 7 months, but I did gain it all back, plus some.  Everyone is right about changing your behaviors and learning how to cook healthy and eating smaller portions.  I also was on Jenny Craig, in fact, am a lifetime member of Jenny Craig.  Both of these programs had good food.  Jenny Craig's food was better.  they are both expensive about 65-70 dollars a week for food and then another 30 to 40 dollars a week on fruits, veggies and dairy.  Gained all the weight back then and more also.

I have been on weight watchers for 5 years and have lost 127 lbs so far and have went from a size 28 to a 12/14 and my behaviors have totally changed.  I have started calorie counting now instead of weight watchers point system because I had stopped losing pretty much over the past year and a half and just wanted to try something different.  Although I did join a gym about a year and a half ago and have gone down from a size 20 to a size 12/14, although I only lost about 17 pounds during that time.  But the inches really came off.  Since joining calorie counter I have lost 6.5 pounds from Feb. 1st till March 12th.  So not too bad, I guess.

The thing is slow and steady is better because it gives you time to reflect on one's life choices and change your behaviors.  I myself am 56 years old, menopausal and have had bad eating habits my whole life.  So when you consider it took me over 50 years to develop bad habits, they aren't going to change permanently overnight.  I was a fast food junkie and now I have been working at Arby's PT while I take care of my elderly, disabled father and have lost over 100 lbs since I have been working there.  So I can definitely say I am no longer tempted by fast food.Smile

Also I believe the key to any diet program is journalling everything you eat and do.  I even log my alcohol  (when I drink, which isn't often) and when I'm bad I write that down too.  I also have a calendar on my wall and when I have a good day and stick to my calorie levels I get a sticker for that day.  That way, by just a glance at the monthly calendar I can tell if I've had more good days or bad days.  I like to measure my success by the month instead of weekly because my weight will fluctuate a lot because of water weight. (Part of menopause, Yell)

So whatever you decide ...Good luck....

I tried it back in the early 1990s when it was quite new.  It was expensive, the food was just awful, and the advice from the counselor was just a slick sales pitch. Also, it had to be supplemented with fresh salad and fruit, so I ended up spending a fortune on food.  Eating out was impossible and I always felt socially deprived.  These things may have improved, I don't know.

I lost 18 pounds in about 3 months then plateaued for another month.  I had constant nagging from the "counselor who implied that I must be cheating, which I wasn't.  Then just couldn't stomach another of those packaged meals and the constant hunger, Christmas came along, and so I stopped.  Within 3 more months I'd gained it all back, even though I was trying to diet by starving myself. 

This happened with every diet I tried until I found CC.  Now I just follow this Simple Diet Plan and I'm losing consistantly, though slowly (weight chart in my profile)

I wish I had kept all the money I spent on diets like Nutri System and Weight Watchers over the years!

I think these posts tell you what you need to know.  98% of people who lose weight on any program that isn't teaching you how to change to a healthy life style gain it all back.  That's not a good track record for Nutrisystem.  Waste of money in my opinion.

I did nutrisystem summer of 2007. I want to start by saying that yes, I did lose weight, but not any more than I have done by using CC and starting to exercise more (I am now the weight that I was when I started college, and yes, I gained back all the weight I lost with RS and more when I went off).  Now that I have said there, here are the faults that I had with it.

1. You have to add in fruits, dairy, and veggies.  So, that gimmick about it being cheaper than most people even spend on groceries is a bunch of bull.  You spend a fortune on these meals and then still have your standard grocery bill.

2. I disagree with previous posters about the food-- the only thing that I liked was the pizza.  I thought that everything else, especially the breakfast options, were gross.

3. The portions are tiny, so it is basically teaching you portion control.  I have achieved the same weight loss-- actually more-- eating the fresh or cooked fruits and veggies it recommends in its plan, plus reduced fat dairy and lean cuisine meals instead of the nutrisystem ones.  They are cheaper and yummier.

4.  I have digestive problems (chronic IBS, to be exact) and this sent it into a tizzy!  There were days that I actually had to call in sick to work because I would unexpectedly have to sprint into the bathroom a couple of times per hour.

5. You feel so deprived on this plan that when you go off of it, you will probably binge. Yes, there are chocolate and cookies and whatnot, but they are TERRIBLE.  When I went off of it I started drinking again (not heavily, but socially) and enjoying desserts.  It doesn't TEACH you how to watch your diet practically and limit things while not feeling deprived.  Now that I am doing CC, I know how to plan ahead in my day if I know that I am going out with friends and will probably have a drink or going out with my husband and will have dessert.

In conclusion, use your money on a gym membership or some new workout clothes rather than this.  Like I said before, when i'm not in the mood to cook, I just use a lean cuisine with some extra veggies and a salad. Cheaper and yummier. Good luck!

So a couple of things to consider:

You're on CC so you're learning about portion control ANYWAY, as it is, which is what NS is all about.

NS is VERY expensive, and you still have to supplement your diet with fruits, veggies, dairy, etc.

If it's convenience you're looking for, part of the time, have you considered trying out something like the Lean Cuisine meals? (Or Kashi, or Smart Ones, or Healthy Choice... Find something you like!) I'll bet you could find some foods in there that you really enjoy and it would be a LOT cheaper... And in the long run I'll bet the over-all selection(s) and diversity from all those different brands, etc. would keep you a lot more interested then straight NS stuff "all" the time.

Some people will warn you off the pre-packaged stuff because of salt, etc. If you are drinking plenty of water it helps off-set this. When I'm not cooking for my family it's a pain in the arse to cook something just for me, so it's much easier to have a Lean Cuisine meal and a side-salad on certain nights, and I really don't think there's anything wrong with it. When I first started CC the pre-packaged meals really helped me get an idea of portion control, too. (Until I got decked out with my kitchen scale and all that good stuff.)

Good luck whatever you decide to do, but really THINK about this before you take the plunge. There are better options for better prices out there!


Save your money. All Nutrisystem is..all any plan is, is portion-controlled food with calories being counted for you by someone else.

Find out what your target calorie range is in order to lose weight, then make your own meal plans to stay within that target each day.

That's honestly all you need to do.


Why pay someone else to exercise portion control for you? You'll only fall right off the wagon when you finish the program and go on your own again.

Do it yourself and you learn how to manage your weight forever.



I did Nutrisystem for 6months. I stuck to it. The food was good.   I did not lose enough for the cost. I only lost 1/2 a pound a week.  You can do the same thing on calorie counting. I am doing about the same here.  Plus it is less expensive.

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I tried NS last month.  I did Jenny Craig some years back, so I knew what I was getting in to.  I just really wanted a kick start post Xmas.  And I thought it was low risk because of their money-back guarantee.

I ate the food for one week, and it was shocking.  I'm an avid label reader, and there were additives in the food that I had never even heard of.  Every meal is full of sugar.  I very quickly realized that I could eat much healthier on my own, and eat a lot more because of the high calorie to weight ratio of NS food.

NS has been giving me the run around ever since.  They didn't want to let me return the food, and I had to call a couple times just to get the authorization code.  Now that it's been returned, they've only refunded 75% of the price.  Despite their full money back guarantee for new customers, they claim they will only refund what I returned.  I'm now having to dispute the charge on my credit card.

Hello All, And thanks for all the replies!!

The reason I want to try nutrisystem is because I have tried everything else! I cant seem to stick to a diet on my own, and im not the best cook in the world so my options are limited as to the healthy foods I can make!

I have also tried a personal trainer, who worked me to the bone for 4 months but still not even one pound lost! (or inches!!)  

So this is kinda a last resort type option, Im hoping its something to do with my eating and not a bigger problem (I have been tested for thyroid disorders etc)

So that you for all the responses...hopefully I have some luck with this!!

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Good luck with it.

I felt the same as you, and all it took was one week of eating their horrific food to get me motivated to do it properly on my own.  So in a way, NS worked :)

Go to your local Big Lots to the food aisle b/c mine actually had a TON of Nutrisystem meals there for $3.00 each.  I could not believe how SMALL the portion size was. 

I realize Big Lots will not have the same items everywhere, but it is worth checking into and maybe buying a meal or two to see if you even like it.

I did Nutrisystem about 2 years ago.  The food is hit and miss as far as tasting good.  Of course personal taste is certainly a factor.  I did it for 4 months and lost about 25 lbs.  The one thing is that it didn't really focus on changing your habits.  Just eat what they give you and that's that.  Yes, I gained all the weight back and then some on top of that when I stopped.  For me it just got too expensive.  It was about $300 a month for me + fresh food.  That was just for me.  Then I had to feed the rest of my family too.


Original Post by caloriequeen86:

The reason I want to try nutrisystem is because I have tried everything else! I cant seem to stick to a diet on my own

I tried it and I felt so deprived and thought the food was so bad that I had a hard time sticking to it through the first month. If you can't control your eating behaviors now, I doubt very seriously that you will be able to control your eating on NS. Just having pre-packaged food doesn't mean you won't eat other (non-NS) things.

In addition, NS is just an expensive, nasty-tasting method of the fast and easy way that rarely works long-term. My suggestion to you is to start slow. Pick exercise or calorie counting at first. Stick to one for about a month and then add the other. Don't get too drastic, just start small and build your way to a healthy lifestyle slowly and while making permanent changes. Don't diet, eat healthy. Don't exercise, stay active. If you do this, you are much more likely to lose weight at a healthy pace and keep it off.

Good luck :) 

Thanks for all the advice!

Im not using NS for a long term fix, I want to do it for a month or two to just start my weight loss (since summer is fast approaching!) and then switching to eating healthy on my own, I figure NS will teach me about proper portion size (while getting my body used to it) and what types of food I should be eating at every meal. This way when I stop I wont go back to my old habits (hopefully) and i'll add in the gym a couple times a week and hopefully be able to maintain the weight loss instead of gaining it all back!

Thanks so much for all the replies!

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