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I have lost 12lbs but have stopped losing the last month or so...I have serveral friends who are on nutrisystem and it is working well. Has anyone done this or heard anything good or bad???



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I heard that it works if you stick to it.

I also heard that the food is mediocre, but most of it is ok.


I did it briefly and it was very expensive. $400 plus a month. Now that might not be bad if you are single but I have a family and it was doing a real number on our grocery bill. The weight came back on quickly.

I've worked with people who have done it and, let me tell you most of the food is awful. Seriously, its so processed and fake looking. Some of it wasy okay, but do you really want to eat powdered eggs? The portion sizes were ridiculously small too (which is part of the reason why you lose weight.) For example a pop-tart-like breakfast item, one tart (which was the whole serving) was the size of a playing card. I don't know about you but that would definitely not keep me full for very long.

I have not personally tried it, but I know several people who have. They all regained the weight once they stopped the plan. It seems to me that if you are just have food delivered you don't every actually learn how to portion food for yourself. You don't learn how to prepare things in a healthy manner, and learning those things seem to be critical in long lasting success.

Nutrisystem is actually a big part of what made me switch to how I'm eating now and how I lost so much weight. But the details are: I ordered a month's supply of food and was so horrified by the idea of eating powdered eggs, fake chocolate bits and all of that I said what the heck am I doing to myself, gave the food away on Craigslist and started eating all whole foods. I decided my body and health were worth spending time preparing real food. My weekly produce delivery makes me so much happier than the sight of those horrible boxes of no-refrigeration-needed lasagna and instant fajitas! Please don't take offense if you tried it and it worked for you, or you liked the food!
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My mother offered me to try some of the food stuff when she decided to go on it. It's so.. blargh. It didn't feel like I was eating real food. I ended up going to Harvey's and ordering a couple chicken burgers to settle my cravings.

With the lack of real food along with how expensive it is (especially when you have to supplement it with other food) my mother ended up quitting Nutrisystem after the first month.

If you're thinking about this, I'd say save your money. You can basically do the same thing yourself for less cash.

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I did it back in 1989/1990. The food sucked big time! I got to the point where whenever it was time to eat a meal, my gag reflex would kick in. That's how bad the food was.

Of course, that was almost 20 years ago. Hopefully they've improved.

I did NS for about 2 1/2 months.  I stopped because the food was so processed.  It doesn't look good and after a while it all starts to taste the same.  At the end I think I was just losing because I couldn't even get the meal down.  I did lose about 15lbs but I just don't think it was worth the money.

It was also hard because I still had to prepare meals for the rest of my family.  It's just a better idea to start eating healthy and counting calories.

I still have a lot of meals if you want me to send you one to try.Wink  I've been trying to eat them here and there so they don't go to waste, but I just don't like them.

I have done the program exclusively and still have about 3 months worth of food (don't ask) that I use with my calorie counting that I am doing now.  The pro's are that it's delivered to your door and you have many choices.  The con's are the taste/texture (I use some seasonings and it's not too bad), the cost (because you add in fresh fruits and veggies and dairy), and the SODIUM.  Most things I eat get a C or D on the site's grading scale.  They use veggie protein and tofu, which is okay with me but does take getting used to.  When I started it I was never hungry and had to force myself to eat at the end of the day.  If you've got the money try it for a month.  I know that I did drop weight on it so.....I did gain it back but that was because I had no portion control at that time AND a very high stress job where we all tended to eat.  If you do it keep us updated!

I tried it for about 2 months and stll have about a months worth of food.  There were maybe 3 items on the menu that were palatable for me.  But all the food tasted the same....nasty.  If your looking for the pre packaged controlled food, try jenni craig.  Her food was good (not a processed) and you learn portion control because the wean you off the pre packaged food not just dump you like ns.

My Aunt did nutrisystem, and lost 20 pounds on it. She said it worked, but the food wasn't great. I bet you could make low calorie meals that were healthier, tasted better, and you could consume about the same amt of calories.

Well recently I've been thinking I want to try it.. that's mostly because I know it does work.

Her entire life my Grandma struggled with losing weight, and this is the one thing that actually helped her to lose weight. I havent tried it yet myself, but her compaints were the price and that the food was kind of gross.. but it does work well.

I am on my second week as of Wednesday and ive lost over 10 lbs so far. the servings are small, but I never imagined in my LIFE that a bar for lunch.. would actually satisfy me of course I had the piece of fruit and a yogurt and I was good to go. ive always seen those meal replacement bars and thought yea right, well maybe for them, that would be the case but NS foods really do curb MY appetite. unfortunately I don't stick to it 100% part of my reasoning is I wont be on this forever I wouldn't be able to afford it. I take Alli with it and work out. it works for me and with the loss and I know its NOT water loss.. (been watching what ive been eating by eating off smaller plates and eating normal food..since I stopped using this site faithfully in June and been able to not gain more than a pound back.) that's motivation for me.

I did Nutri system last year - lost about 30 lbs - yeah!!!  As of today, gained back all the weight I lost plus 5 more lbs....:(  Food was ok to me, stayed on it for about 4 months, it was very expensive.  As soon as I stopped eating their prepackaged food the lbs. started coming back on.  I wouldn't do it again.

Hi, I'm doing it.  Would appreciate a Nutri system support group here.

I had stepped up my exercise about four weeks before it arrived; and I do it in conjunction with Calorie-Count.com.  From an average of 2600--2700 calories / day, I am down to about 2100 calories / day using Nutrisystem the Men's plan. Plus I add a lavish dessert and lost!

This morning I had the powdered eggs.  It comes in a dried-soup container.  I added water, then 1/3 cup eggs substitute from Trader Joe's, and stirred well, then made an omellete in the pan (using a tsp of olive oil and a half pat of butter), with a half oz of cheddar.  It was delicious!  I steamed stir fry veggies in the micro, and that was my breakfast!  With coffee, 2 low sodium Ezekiel (dry) toasts, and a whey smoothie (the snack allotment).

Even with exercise, with all my out-of-control eating, healthy or not, I kept gaining.  I want to stay on Nutrisystem.  I didn't have the self-control to cut back on food.

The Advanced plan, they phase out partially-hydrogenated fats, and made it lower sodium, so the day shouldn't exceed 1800 mg.  Mine doesn't exceed 1600 mg, but what I eat extra contributes, so I've been at about 2200 mg, -  that is too high!

Louise :)

I did it in 2001.  I was desperate.  My son was 9 months old at the time and I had people asking me when I was due because Ilooked pregnant.  The food wasn't great but I did add seasonings to it and would just order the same fwe things I could tolerate and ate it with a good hearty salad and veggies or 1/2 baked potato with salsa.  In 2.5 months I lost 24 lbs and at that time it was around $260 for a months supply but it was hard to even afford that so I quit but it taught me how to eat smaller portions, better low glycemic foods and to eat and fill up on veggies and salad before digging into your entree. 


After that I lost 20 more pounds but then  I became pregnant in 2004 and had my daughter in 2005 and lost all of the weight plus some for a total loss of 56 pounds (not including what I put on during the pregnancy).  So for me it taught me to eat better and portion control.  That was what I took with me.  Yea the food wasn't great but I really wanted to lose weight and be healthier for my kids so I did whatever it took.  But essentially, I didn't have to spend a dime if I just took the advice of everyone who has dieted succesfully and knows that all it takes is smaller portions, lower calorie foods, etc.    But NS is what started it all off for me.

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Seriously, save your money. It's a scam in that you're paying a ton of money for them to give you horrible, bad-for-you food so that you do exactly what you can do on your own with healthy food for less $: eat fewer calories. It's crazy to me to pay them money for that. Just count calories and eat whole foods! Then your health improves, you get to eat REAL, GOOD food, and most of all KEEP the weight OFF!

Those things have never appealed to me because of the cost, the lack of variety and the thought that I could never do it forever.  I'm trying right now to figure out something I can always do -- otherwise the weight (that I hope to lose this way) will come right back.

However if you want to try this and use pre-portioned foods, why not buy several Lean Cuisines or Healthy Choice meals and do it on your own?

just remember that it's a business.  nutrisystem doesn't care about your health; they want your money.  if that means that you lose on their product, then gain it back when you go off, then have to give them some more of your money to lose it again - well, that's the best possible scenario for them, right?

Original Post by pgeorgian:

just remember that it's a business.  nutrisystem doesn't care about your health; they want your money.

Hi, Maybe that's true, but they have a winning formula for success, or else they won't stay in business.  There's a reason Consumer Reports rated Nutrisystem one of the top four in weight loss methods. 

javagen3 , if you try Nutrisystem meals, you see why them over frozen Lean Cuisine's and Healthy Choice.  There is simply no comparison, Nutrisystem are formulated to be filling with fiber and protein, so they are much more filling than frozen meals on the shelf, or else NOONE would last on the program.  I've tried Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice.  They're okay as a snack, but they don't stay with you, stick to the ribs sort.

You may find some Nutrisystem meals at Big Lots.  The Nourish meals have been phased out, still it would give you an idea how filling they really are!

Louise Smile

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