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Weight Loss
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When does the number on the scale go down?

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im annoyed by the fact that the number on the scale hasnt gone down, but has gone up. i started at 167 lbs 2 weeks ago and i weigh 170 today. i know muscle weighs more than fat, and i know its more dense than fat, and that having said muscle mass in my body burns more calories.

i feel a bit thinner. i can see a difference in the mirror and in pictures (although im not sure if thats a difference in 2 weeks or a difference since new years eve - i started drumming around then but i didnt start exercising and eating well until 2 weeks ago). but i want the number on the scale to start going down already!

does anybody know when it will go down or how much weight gain would be normal in my situation? i dont do any weight training. just brisk walks and drumming (which does build muscle in my legs).

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It's normal for it to take a few weeks or even a month before the scale starts going down.  Especially when you've just added exercise and your muscles retain water due to inflammation from the unaccustomed effort, or you're getting slightly dehydrated and your body is reacting by hanging onto water (so more water-weight gain).  If you're seeing changes and being accurate with your calorie count you're probably losing weight, it's just masked by water retention.

Drink plenty of fluids to counter-act this and flush the retained water out faster, one guideline is to drink an oz of water per 2lbs of body weight (for 170lbs that'd be 85oz) per day.  And watch your sodium intake, that can account for pounds of water-weight.

Sometimes menstruation plays a part in water retention too. I notice right before my period I my gain 1-5 lbs in water weight, no joke.

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