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Night-time Munchies

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Hi Guys, 

I need help with something.

I get horrible night time munchies. I'll have eaten healthfully and adequately all day. I even feel full after dinner. Then I get back to my dorm room at night, and I can think about it food. All I want to do is eat. 

Usually, I can distract myself by watching TV or doing work for little while, but then I return to thinking about food. I concoct half-thought out schemes to go with someone to get food from a nearby convinience store, before I stop. Or I start to walk down to the basement before I stop myself. 

And sometimes I don't stop myself. 

It's so frustrating. I eat back any calorie deficit I've created plus a bit more. I can tell my weight isn't going anywhere. I feel like losing weight is a pointless, slow endeavor that will never work for me.

What do I do? How do I prevent this? Please help!

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Is there anything stressing you out? If there is, find out what. You may be a emotional eater. Have you been emptional lately?

Legal option - Nyquil - will zonk you out...thereby preventing any potential night wandering. A few nights of this should break you of the habit.

Illegal option(s) - well, you are in college...I'm sure you have access to all sorts of wonderful potions and pills Smile

Not sure about the use of drugs but Damien is on to something.....

Taking my behind to sleep is the only way I know how to defeat night time munches. 


I have the same problem and have a few tricks. I try to build in a nighttime snack to my calorie allotment for the day, and I try to resist for as long as possible before eating it. For example, tonight, I have built in an after dinner snack of 3 oz. mango with 2 tbsp peanut butter. I try to keep myself busy after dinner by cleaning up, going for a walk, etc. A few hours after dinner and about an hour before bed, I finally give in and eat the snack. If I am still craving something after that, I brush my teeth to signal to myself that it is time to start winding down and stop thinking about food. Hope this helps!

I've had the same problem and I think I'm finally starting to get it under control. I know exaaactly how you feel. That feeling that you've been doing great all day then all of a sudden at night, you just can't stop thinking about food! It's one of the worst feelings ever. I realized that one of the problems I was having was I was depriving myself too much from the foods I love so now I just have them in small amounts, staying under my calorie limit. Sometimes, I must admit, I don't want the small amount so I usually pair it with something healthy to make me feel like I'm eating more. Also, what I've found is GREAT is green tea! I can't stress how much it has helped me. I've only been drinking it for a week but I've seen it helps me so much with my sugar cravings. When I get the urge to just binge on all those unhealthy foods, I drink a cup of green tea. By the time i'm done with it, the cravings are gone. I don't know if it's all in my head or not but I've found research saying that green tea really does help with sugar cravings.

Hope this helps:) Btw, don't worry. I would feel terrible after caving into my cravings but I got back on track and am starting to lose weight again and you can too

I have the same problem...I really have to focus in the evening to keep from mindless snacking...

I have tried getting out and walking....but I find:

-Chewing gum works (don't want to put food in with the gum....yuck)

-Sipping water -plain or carbonated with lemon or lime juice

-Slicing an apple into thin pieces, shake on some cinnamon and much on it

-Celery sticks with a low cal dip (yogurt, or sour cream or nut butter)

But to have success at this I have to plan ahead and have these thing ready to go or the snack monster gets me...

A yoga guru told me to have a protine snack like cottage cheese or greek yogurt as it will stay with you longer in the pm...(I am not sure about this but I will try it out)

NO DRUGS, legal or illegal.

Most of us with weight issues already use food like a drug; it simply changes one "substance" for another, and that is completely self defeating. Not to mention the opposite of healthy, which I presume is the reason you are doing this.

I presume your zombie crawl to the store is for fat/salt or fat/ sugar laden foods? Those are my weaknesses.

If you have refridgeration, a microwave, and a kettle in your dorm there are some things you can use as replacements, as others have suggested. My favourites include:

. Chai tea with vanilla soy milk makes a warming, tasty dessert like thing without adding a lot of calories. 

. Baked yam sprinkled with cinnamon with a couple of spoons of no fat whipped topping (such as Cool Whip) gives you creamy sweet

. Gum, gum and more gum. Big wads of it in my mouth if necessary

. Carrots, cucumbers and pepper strips give you crunch without the calories. When I'm desperate I'll even sprinkle onion or garlic salt on them, despite the sodium. Chilli powder or cayenne work when you need spice

. Cold, crispy kosher dill pickles 

. Low fat microwave popcorn is another option, though has more calories.

While you feed your cravings with healthy substitutes, you will need to do some work on why this is a vulnerable time. Are you bored? Lonely? Homesick? Exhausted? Whatever the feeling state that you are in, look for non food related ways of addressing the need. Make a phone call. Join a weight loss chatroom. Knit an afghan. Go on a dorm crawl and see who else is around.

Finally, eventually you simply have to ride out your cravings. They do pass, or they come in waves with peaks and valleys, and then finally end. After enough time has passed without you caving in to food cravings, they will probably stop.

This time around I am finding that my lap top, a head set, and YouTube are a real help.  I find a meditiation on You Tube focussed on relaxation or affirmation, lie down, close my eyes, and let the sound carry me away. I can't tell you how much difference it is making to be using something like this to soothe myself instead of food. If you don't have a laptop, you can get this kind of stuff for iPod or MP3 players.

Good luck!




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