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Weight Loss
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Night Eating is keeping me from my weight loss goal.  I wake up at 12pm or 2pm most mornings.  I eat breakfast, eat dinner around 7 or 8pm.  I usually TRY to go to bed at 12am every night.  I sleep for about 2 - 5 hrs and then wake up and eat like a FULL MEAL (around 700 calories) around the hours of 2am-5am and it  is very annoying.  I say to myself each day: "tonight  i won't do it!" but once night rolls around I always do it.  I find it hard to get back to sleep without a meal in my stomach.  Sometimes Hard to lay down to even get to sleep without eating something like a sandwitch.  Something light doesn't usually cut it for me.  

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not talkin about just a snack....I mean a full on hearty meal most of the times.

What can I do to prevent this from happening? 

By the way...I know that I am not getting enough calories during the day some times but this is purposely to loose weight.  

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oh my god, yes, i have the same problem. I have been trying to figure out what to do about it to. some ideas ive been working on..

- I also wasn't eating enough during the day. I upped my calories and the amount of night food I was eating at night went down

-excercise, or stuff during the day that really wipes me out. It means I get up less

-the types of food I eat during the day. Was not eating enough good fats, if any. avacados, almonds are my favorite.

If youre going to sleep hungry yer probably not eating enough during the day, to state the obvious. Like I said, I do the same thing, also in an effort to loose weight, but if you think about it, the stuff that gets eaten at night has more calories then the healthy food choices you could make during the day. If you consumed more during the day to prevent nighttime hunger/eating in the long run you would probably end up consuming less calories, and burning more of the calories you consume (as opposed to just sleeping on them). Which would lead to weight loss, but more importantly, feeling better about yourself and less guilty gross etc when you wake up in the morning and know you have to eat breakfast. I'm speaking from my own experience, I don't know if this all rings true for you. Might though.

Hope this helps a little. If you come upwith any suggestions let me know, I really hate the whole night eating thing..

karriegee thanks for responding so soon haha.

Yeah, I might not be getting enough fats etc, but who knows what the appropriate anything is anymore.  I try not to think that every person needs a certain number of one thing because I then become obsessive over it, or feel guilty i dont have a certain number of things.  So I just eat what my body wants when it wants.  I have fit in the night time calories so even if i do wake up at 4am hungry it will fit in to my daily intake...but then again, thats sort of contradicting myself right there with "what NUMBERS one should consume".  But anywho, I had

Egg sandwitch for bfast

Rice, tofu, broccoli, and mushrooms for lunch

and this very late night/earlymorning (whatever you wanna call it) dinner was 3 rice cakes with goat cheese and tomatoes on them and a bowl of popcorn with hotsauce on it. and an apple


I am trying to loose a bit of weight so I would really like to not eat at this hour.  Maybe I'll smoke a cigarette instead next time.  

I agree with you that we have to do what it takes to prevent that guilty feeling.

I'm awake now and feel like I have to use the energy/cals i just ate and walk around and be doing stuff but its 3am and freezing outside and nobody's up.  

I find that even if i do eat a lot during the day it still happens at night, so i just don't force myself anymore and save the cals for this time of night since i'll be eating it


I know this sounds sort of crazy, but I regularly eat a ton in the middle of the night. And during the day I just drink lots of sugar free juice and water. Albeit my sleeping schedule is nocturnal, in the end it doesn't matter when you eat, just how much you eat in a 24 hour period. My days begin around 9pm and end around 1pm often. Sometimes I eat 700 calories befire 3am! And sometimes I don't have those cravings.

Do you cook whole meals, or just eat a lot? give yourself some nice low fat alternatives. With me I know I eat because I don't like the feeling of an empty tummy. Or find a nice food that is low fat but you find particularly filling. I know I like to make homeade vegetable soup and use red pepper, onion, garlic, and a little salt as flavoring. With vegetables like lettuce and broccoli, zuccini there are is a lot of tasty bulk and water you're downing in a delicious manner. Then I toast some ezekiel (sp?) bread that I have in the freezer (amazing toasted but gross otherwise) which is 80 calories a piece and full of nutritional value and use the broth as flavoring instead of butter. If I'm really hungry I might have 1 or 2 more pieces of bread.. but I usually don't need it. The toast and soup fills up this bottomless pit for usually only about 200 calories. In addition I feel nutritionally fulfilled.

Hope this helps! =)

why not take something like tylenol PM or benedryl before bed? maybe it will help you sleep "deeper" so you don't wake up? i also agree with everybody else thay maybe you should eat more during the day.?

try eating something with a good amount of protein before bedtime. Protein helps you to feel full longer, because it takes longer for your body to digest.

Same EXACT thing happens to me - it has stopped lately, tho, knock on wood :)

I find that if I have anxiety I wake p a lot more and feel starving! I also do the fll-on meal, and hten end p not hngry for bfast, tho I need lnch very early - basically messes p the whole day, and then I'm thrown into a pattern for weeks non end - ick! So now I try to eat a few hrs before bed, bt not as soon as I was doing - I find going to sleep on a fll stomach - ie, RIGHT before bed, makes it worse- I can't sleep at all, and then as soon as it is digested my body wants more. Also, if I binge, Iwake in the middle of the night starving - one DR. told me it was kidney related - my kidneys aren't fnctioning or something weird.

So, try to eat yor last meal arond 8 or9, if bed time is 12am, eat some proteina nd good fats try no carbs at that hr. See ifthis helps? Also, maybe reading or some relaxation techniwes so yo are really tired so yo don't wake. GL!

Just to let you know - your stomach actually has a "clock".  It'll prepare itself to receive food and create stomach acids for digesting (that's why it growls) based on the schedule you've trained it for.  If you have been night-eating on a regular basis your stomach has trained itself to expect food at that time and hence, it wakes you up. 

I don't think this is a huge problem to fix.  You can "wean" yourself off the night-eating by slowly decreasing the amount you eat over a period of time.  Eventually you only let yourself have a small glass of water, and soon enough you won't have to get up at all.  

You'll get a better night's sleep if you sleep right through AND when you're well-rested you tend to "munch" less through the day - both good things. I hope this helps.  Good luck.

I totally have the same problem.  Lately I have been having a cup of tea with a dash of milk while I watch my evening tv.  I usually pair it with two to four Lorna Doone shortbread cookies (only 35 calories/each!).  It's helped a lot with nighttime hunger and the tea gets you calm and relaxed for a good sleep.

Thanks for replying everyone.

Last night i woke up at my usual 5am but this time instead of having a BIG meal i had soymilk, strawberries and sugar with raisins.  I'm gonna try and cut the food down slowly instead of drop cold turkey. I really hope this works (fingers crosseD)

Same with me last night..! I woke up as usual, but only about three hours after i went to sleep, and all i had was a banana and a protein bar! benadryl helps me sleep, at least it did last night. i also waited two hours before going to sleep after eating my last meal.


i am going through the exaaact same thing, and it sucks. im also a college student and what sucks more is being on break at my parent's house where they recently moved from somewhere i lived my entire life to some hick town outside philadelphia where i dont know ANYONE. so what's left to do but to eat and keep myself busy doing so? yeah...anyway, i apologize for imposing my own problems here. but i just wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone. as far as finding a solution to stopping this binging...i guess the only thing that sometimes works is to drink soo much liquids that you feel bloated enough not to eat anymore.

Hey emrldfantasy, it seems like we have the same stats.  Although our body types are different, I wonder if the late night binging and binging in general is just from dieting.  I was originally 118 as well and VERY uncomforatble in my skin, and now i'm this weight, but still uncomfortblae because since my mastercleanse fast a lot of my muscle turned to fat.  But I'm working on gaining muscle again. Let me know how your eating goes and what works for you!

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Original Post by flashdance9:

By the way...I know that I am not getting enough calories during the day some times but this is purposely to loose weight.  


 What is the point of restricting your calories so much during the day to lose weight if it is just going to cause you to binge in the middle of the night anyways? That's not going to get you anywhere.

How many calories do you typically eat in a day?

did i write that? Well the purpose is to loose weight. It's not like I plan to eat it at the middle of the night or want to conciously .

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I know that it is not your intention, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are not eating enough throughout the day. Since you didn't say how many calories I can't say for sure, but why don't you try eating a little more throughout the day and see if that helps?

I just read this article in the NY times (online) written by Jane Brody.  She struggled with night eating like me, and she overcame it by forcing herself (hungry or not) to eat 3 meals w/ snacks a day. and she stopped nighteating and lost weight.  The reasonw hy i was so reluctant to eat like that before is because i STILL night ate even though i ate during the day. but i'll try again

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Original Post by flashdance9:

The reasonw hy i was so reluctant to eat like that before is because i STILL night ate even though i ate during the day. but i'll try again

 Does this comment imply that you are not eating AT ALL during the day?

I really really hope this isn't the case.

Oh I'm definetly eating during the day. I dont count my calories anymore because i feel like that is obsesssing but i usually eat 3 whole meals per day with snacks

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