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night eating

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I did good all day than got this hunger right before bed :( very sad girl now .
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I force my self to bed when I get that feeling, or have fruit or protein if I can't over come it. 

I had gold fish which was bad then some grilled chicken ugh :((

Still that it isn't terrible, we all have our days :) Still have a deficit? 100 or 200 less than you would have liked, it happens to the best of us ;) Don't lose sleep over it tomorrow is a new day :D

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This always happens to me .... I guess we should go to bed earlier

This happens to me all the time. My best solution is soup!

I often make a pot of nice vegetable soup with a little salt, garlic and pepper. If I get hungry before bed, I have a cup. It's warm, tasty and comforting and has very few calories. Actually, sometimes a cup of warm water or tea will have the same effect. 

You can use low calorie soup packets from the store but they often have high sodium. 

Eating soup before bed has saved me from many binges! I'm going to go have some now...

Original Post by sami_knittle:

I had gold fish which was bad then some grilled chicken ugh :((

Uh goldfish are low cal and baked and grilled chicken is full of protein and good for you.  

I thought you downed a whole pizza or pack of Oreos or something- geesh.  Don't be so hard on yourself and make sure you're getting enough cals during the day so you're not hungry before bed.

Awwww. Don't be sad!


This happens to me also.  I try to tell myself that that hungry feeling means I'm losing weight.  Plus, I recently discovered something that totally works for me when I get those before-bed hunger pangs: I make a big cup of hot tea (make sure it's caffeine-free).  I use herbal tea, like chamomile or Sleepy Time.  It really takes all of my hungry feeling away! I hope this works for you. Good luck :)  

drink tea, or brush your teeth it helps me a lot 

Doesn't it happen all the time? I guess we should stock on food that has low calories for those nights when we get hungry before bed.

happens to me often (although more often I actually wake up about an hour or two after going to bed. Think it's now a habit and tummy thinks it's supposed to be a regular meal :/ )

I find it helps to eat dinner later or to know that it may happen and so always leave a few calories aside for this snack. Then try and make sure it is the healthiest option available. You didn't do badly , grilled chicken is prob one of the best things you could have munched on!

eat something chewy, like brocoli.

Try grapes, or rice and refried beans mixed with some salsa it.   Measure out the portions and log it.  Those food will make you feel full in fairly small amounts.


Be sure to eat snacks throughout the day.  It suppresses the cravings.  Even eat 4-5 meals per day instead of 3.  Way better than 3.

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