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Weight Loss
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New member...

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Hello! I am a new member, trying to lose a little weight. Good luck to everyone! :)
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Me too!
welcome! good luck to you, make sure u update and let us know how's it going Tongue out
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I just joined today. For Christmas, I bought myself a gym membership, so I weighed yesterday at the gym for the first time in 4 years..  I am normal.  I gained 10 pounds a year!  Woopee!!  Not encouraging.

 I stopped at the market to buy some fish for dinner and I picked up a Women's Fitness magazine and found this sight.  I am already encouraged and learning a lot.  (except I won't be at my goal weight according to the sight, until November... I need to lose 38 pounds.)  I was hoping for spring or early summer.


welcome to the site everyone :D i'm sure that you will enjoy it here. there is something for everyone!

i'm on here alot, but my hubby only comes on now & then to log his new weight when he loses or to rarely look up the calories for a certain food.

good luck!!!

i've lost 49 pounds since 9/4
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