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Weight Loss
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New here

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Hi everyone. I just joined this site a few days ago and it is great!!

I'm trying to slim down for my wedding which is October 1st. I have been overweight most of my life in between periods of yo-yo dieting, and I am now trying to change my life-style. Losing the weight and going right back to old behaviours obviously doesn't work so I am now trying to take the weight off slowly without shocking my body, and I have also started exercising.

My fiance is a member of this site with me, and we are eating healthy together which makes things much easier. Its so hard to diet when people are eating fatty foods around you.

I wont be able to get to my goal weight by the wedding, but I should be getting closer by that point.
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Welcome and congratulations on getting married - looks like you two are off to a fabulous start changing your lifestyles together! :)
I just got married a year ago (on May 28) and I have always heard that everyone usually gains weight after they get married. Both my husband and I are very overweight and neither could afford to add any more. We said before we got married that we would both lose weight and be healthier instead. We have had a lot of stress this last year with both my husband and I looking for new jobs and him being out of work for several months. Instead of reaching our goals we have both gained weight. I have been careful and have only gained about 5 pounds, but I am sick of all my extra weight and that's why I'm here. I am even getting my husband off the couch to go on walks with me some days! It's so great that you are starting these healthy habits now instead of waiting. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. If nothing else that will be GREAT motivation.
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