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Neutralizing Caffeine and Sodium with Water

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How many cups of water do you have to drink to neutralize the water retaining effect per:

  • equivelant to one cup of coffee
  • 100mg over the 2,300 - 2,400 mg ideal for daily soduim intake...
If I drink one cup of coffee with two cups of water (over the expected daily average), will that negate the water retention effect of caffeine?

OR, if I consume 1,000 mg over the 2,350 average ideal of daily soduim intake, will drinking an extra two cups of water negate soduim's water retention effect?

Hope that makes sense!
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Hmmm... I'm not sure. That's a good question, though.
I have always heard that if you have 1 Diet coke, you need 2 cups of water to replace it.  Don't know if it is true or not, just something that has stayed in my head.

Awaiting more answers.
 Try eating lots of bananas or buy some potassium gluconate at your local health food store.
Yeah, I have been thinking alot about my sodium/caffeine levels (ALOT of it) and my hydration level (way too low, I am often thirsty) and how this affects my weight loss attempts...

Hopefully someone can help us out!
canadianchick, potassium minimizes the dehydrating effect of caffeine/soduim?? wow, interesting!
Yes it does.  I'll try and find some links for you.
I thought that caffeine was a diuretic?   I understand that a diuretic will dehydrate you, but how can it make you hold more water?

EDIT:  I found this link, found it interesting: ehydnbfi402.cfm
Thanx, I will read the article right now!

For some reason I thought that caffeine makes you retain more water but maybe I got that confused. I guess for me it doesn't matter though because coffee is usually my main beverage. If I am drinking a liquid it is coffee. I gotta change that!!
I know for sure that sodium will make you retain water, but if caffeine does make you retain water, we don't drink enough for it to make a real difference.
I've read that you need one cup water per cup of coffee, so that if you aim for 8 cups water a day, and you drink 1 cup coffee, then it's like you had 7 cups water so you have to add one.

I think w/ caffeine the water is to rehydrate.  With sodium it's to flush the bloat out.

How's that for an in-my-brain-but-no-research answer?
If you drink as much coffee as I use to (about 12 cups strong coffee a day), it will act  the opposite and you will start to hold water. Compound that with sodium and it's a double wammy! I know....Been there done that! LOL! Now I'm drinking lots of good water and green teas. No more bloating and I treat myself to a good cup of coffee only once a day. It has made a world of difference to me. It seems like if I drink more than three cups of coffee a day, I can't lose weight and that's drinking it black.

I guess it is sort of like the starvation mode in C-C. Your body holds onto every calorie if you go lower than 1200 cals a day. Same affect if you drink 12 cups of coffee, you put your body in dehydration mode and you start to hold onto every drop of water just to keep hydrated. I hope this makes sense? Remember everything in moderation. One or two cups a day is ok. Not one or two POTS! LOL!!! I don't even miss my coffee much anymore.
nice name coffeelover2000!!

12 cups a day?! that is insane! I wonder what caffeine is doing to my body. I do drink alot of it and get bloated often.

I just need to break the habit! The worst is the fog of caffeine withdrawal!
Ya! Big time headaches! Cut back SLOWLY!! I tryed to fool myself with decaff but that didn't work very good either! I'm with you! I NEVER thought I could and would give it up, but I did because I know I feel better and can finally lose the weight! Good luck! I added you to my friend list. We can quit together!
My source of caffeine is soda, not coffee.  I have been trying to cut back (before dieting I would go through a 2 liter of regular Pepsi *per day*).  If I was to have 1 8-oz glass of diet Coke or diet Pepsi now, I would have to drink 2 glasses of water to offset the caffeine - is that what I'm understanding?  And the sodium retains fluid too, so it's a double whammy - retention from the caffeine and the sodium...?

Yikes....  Another good reason to only drink diet soda (or even regular) very sparingly.  I wonder if that's why my scale has been very erratic lately - with the sporadic drinking of diet Coke?  If it's been messing me up more so and making me retain even more fluid?
I can't believe how fast I am getting dehydrated. Yesterday I drank four 17 ounce bottes of water. And this morning my pee is super yellow... Sorry for the TMI (too much information)! : )
Why consider giving up coffee?  It seems that the jury is still out on it's supposed harmful effects.  Some Dr's recommend drinking it in the morning as it has antioxident benefits and can help keep your metatabolism up which helps you burn calories better.  Dr. Mehmet Oz believes drinking coffee in the morning is one of the top ten things you can do to help you lose weight.  Better than diet sodas.  Like most things in life it's all about moderation.   Coffee is no different.
The caffeine, as a stimulant, can act as a mood enhancer and perk you up -- in moderation.  So in the mornings it seems like it would be a great way to start the day, especially if you arent a morning person, like me.

I use espresso and a cup of steamed milk so I am also adding the benefits of milk.

I dont see any reason to quit coffee so much as just cut back.  Try making a nice low fat latte in the mornings instead of a pot of coffee.  That might also keep one from over drinking because that whole pot wont be on hand.

I love love coffee but I definitely thing I need to drastically cut back on it!

I will never permanently quit it but I need to establish times when to drink it. Mostly because I often use coffee has my main means of a beverage. So I am constantly drinking coffee but not any water. I am often dehydrated.

I just need to watch my water levels and keep my coffee intake to a minimum. Like only a few times a week.

I also hate the feeling of being dependent on something and when I drink alot of coffee that is how I get. When I get hooked I can not do anything without a cup. I get headache's and all foggy, it is so annoying!
I've got a little experience with caffiene withdrawal. I used to drink a lot--then if I couldn't get coffee first thing in the morning, I would actually start to throw up.  A.M. doctor's appointments were the worst.  However, I know now that was dehydration.  A couple of glasses of water before going to bed will reduce that tremendously if you need to cut back in a hurry.

I now only drink one or two cups about 6 or 7 a.m. then decaf or tea the rest of the day, but not a lot.  I love the benefits of coffee, but really they mostly come after the first 2 cups.  After that, it's just something to do.

BTW, I've lost 16 lbs since Sept. 25 by watching my food triggers. That was mostly salty, crunchy stuff and second helpings I didn't really need. Real food is starting to taste really good and there's almost nothing "prepared" in my grocery cart any more.  The holiday parties are tough, though, aren't they?  Using those 2 words in the same sentence shows some spelling tricks in English, doesn't it?

This discussion was a good reminder to keep the glass of water near by.
Hi -  so I don't really 'need' coffee in the morning (that's the only time I drink it) but I drink it because it seems to be the only thing that allows me to 'go' to the bathroom... and I'm afraid if I don't drink it every morning with my breakfast before work I wont' be able to 'go' and then I will feel even more bloated throughout the day....      anyone have a similar problem or any insight??

Sorry for TMI... haha.
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