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Weight Loss
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Does net weight affect my weight loss?

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If i ate 200 calories worth of strawberries, would it be different in terms of weigh loss than eating 200 calories of a heavier food? or is it all about the calories? do u know what i mean? like does the weight of the food have an effect on your weight?

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It plays a role in your weight until it passes through your system (if you ate a pound of strawberries, you'd weigh a pound heavier, just as you'd weigh a pound more if you were carrying the strawberries in your hand), but it doesn't change your fat loss.

Maybe very very slightly and it would only last until the next day - it all has to pass through you (unless you don't eat very much fibre). It might affect your daily fluctuations, but those will also be affected by how much food you eat, carb/fibre/sodium/water intake, monthly fluctuations and exercise. It's not going to have an effect on your fat loss. 

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