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Weight Loss
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Needed: Weight loss buddy! 50+ & 50+ lbs. to lose

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Hi, I'm new here as of today. I'm 54 yrs old, 5'2" and need to lose 53 lbs. I'm in the dreaded menopause years, so there's another + (NOT). I am soooo depressed, i haven't been on a scale for quite a few months now and was guessing I was around 190, well, just went in and weighed myself...198. OMG! Yes, It is time to do something about this weight. I like to weigh myself everyday (when trying to lose weight) to keep a close eye on what & how I'm doing, so I can catch it quick if going in the wrong And I like to weigh first thing in the morning (seems to always look better than later in the day). I lost 70 lbs. about 15 yrs. ago and has almost all came back, and this has all happened in only the last couple of years. Well, life is short, and I need to either do something now or just forget it! Anybody out there, in a similiar situation, need a weight loss bud??? 

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Hi, there fit2fat. I too share the agony of menopause. Not a nice thing to go through after all we had the children, kept the house and worked outside the home, too!! Where's the payback in that? Oh, well, it is what it is. I don't quite have that much to lose, but if you are interested in buddying up to help us both get there....I am willing to keep in touch. I have put on over 40 lbs in the past few years. I know your struggle. And you are right, life is too short  I have a wii fit at home and I am able to stay on track every day with working out. It's not too hard knowing that the wii keeps track of the days I show(or don't). It keeps track of my BMI as well as weight changes. So there's no guess work. So that is the plan I'm on and how I'm working with this program to achieve my goals.

Hi, Leslie_dunlop. How much weight do you need to lose? The wii sounds like a good deal, I need to have my son show me how to use his kinect and start moving! lol  Good luck to you. I will have research the groups and see if I can find a newer one to join. All the groups I have looked at seem to be older groups. I'll have to research.


Hi fit2fat. I need to lose 40 pounds but have lost 9 of those so fart. The wii is a great way to stay motivated.  I wish you lots of success in your journey as well.

I am 51, and also going through menopause.  I have a little further to go then you ( I way 242) and like you am ready for a change. I just signed up for this program today ( have been using the page for 3 days now).

Menopause seems to really make losing weight hard. I have had a really hard time. I'm hoping counting the calories on here will help make me more aware of what I'm eating and how much. One of my problems is drinking water, I have a really hard time with that. I love my diet dr. pepper! During the day I don't seem to eat a lot, but by evening I'm starving, I know I need to work on that!! Do you feel like you have NO energy?? I need to start eating foods to lift my energy level. I'm so tired all the time some days it's a chore to do anything. I've been reading a lot of posts and trying to figure out what I can do. Good luck to both of you !!

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I am 51, and also going through menopause.  I have a little further to go then you ( I way 242) and like you am ready for a change. I just signed up for this program today ( have been using the page for 3 days now).

How much do you want to lose?

I think my biggest problem is getting motivated - I have been quite inactive for some time now, so I am having to start small and increase my exercise by a little every day - I suffer from moderate arthritis in my knees, and that makes it hard to exercise too.  I have done good on my calorie intake, but like you I find there are times during the day when I am starving.  fruits and salads are healthy, but they sure don't seem to stick with me very long. 

I find it hard to drink lots of water too. Lately, tho, I have been keeping a 28oz water bottle with me at all times. I fill it half way up with ice and the rest water and I drink out of it all the time now. Just having it close to me where ever I go, I find that I am quite thirsty and having that bottle with me leaves me no excuses to drink anything else.  I fill it up at least once, sometimes twice in a day.        ;   You may want to find out about the  latest news on diet drinks. I've been sent some emails from a friend and there is alot of news about the sugar substitutes we have been intaking. They are potentially harmful.  


I have lost 5 of the 40 pounds I need to lose. I have been on this program for a week and have lost weight. I find it hard to put enough nutrients that I require (potassium, especially) in my diet. I guess thats where the veggies come in, however, they are high in sugar. So I am having a battle with that. I have also bad knees but find that exercises like side leg lifts, rear leg kicks, things of that nature where you don't  stand up and put pressure on the knee work for me.

fat2fit  You might find that you are sluggish because as you say you don't eat much during the day. I find that if I start the day off with at least with a protein shake with some fruit and yogurt I feel lots better. I was eating an egg every morning with a peice of toast, but on the days I work, I'm just not willing to get up an hour earlier(we get up at 5am now) to cook anything. Porridge is a nice start to the day, too. I think you would feel different if you would kick start  your body by feeding it first thing in the morning. Sometimes, it takes a bit of getting used to to try to get that food down when you're not used to eating .And you would accomplish two goals at once if you sat down with your breakfast and a big glass of water!!!! Good luck with it. I know its hard. 


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