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Weight Loss
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Need support! Anyone Else?

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Hi my name is Jenn I am new to this site today, I am 5'3" tall and 110 pounds I am 35 years old and very active, I have had two children and need to tighten and tone a lot of problem areas...I would like to lose about ten more pounds, I am Looking for some support as I dont really have any in my life, I can use any and all advice!!! And any supporters would be great!!!!!

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Hey you have to do some carb counting. If you are eating too many carbs or drinking diet soda you may not see your results like you want. Change your exercise often.You body gets adjusted easily and you may not see changes until you change your exercises.

You are at a very healthy, low-end weight.  If you think you have problem areas then strength-training with as heavy weights as you can handle is your best bet. No decrease in calories, maybe an increase in protein (depending on what you are eating now), and the strength training can help reshape your body.

Thank You Tina? John?I am not really having a problem with dieting or eating right it is more that I am not sure how to get rid of certain problems.  I walk a lot and push my forty pound just four year old in his stroller but other than that I don't have much maybe if I change up my exercise do something other than walking and just plain being a mom to a very very active little boy lol, I don't drink soda at all it is horrible stuff that will rot your insides lol I drink bottled water mostly or propel Grape and half and half lite tea

And thank you too coach k I know my weight isn't bad, its just I am not quite happy yet lol I think weights would work great, I just don't have access to them at all.  I am active all day though and try to be as active as possible lol  And I am sure some more protein in my diet would help also I will give it a try!

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