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need to lose muscle and slim down help

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Okay so I'm 5"3 and weigh 115, of pure muscle. I want to slim down my bulky muscles because I have big legs for a girl due to my sport background, I play soccer volleyball and cheer leading currently. I'd like to drop about 8 - 10 pounds but no matter how mic I try I can't seem to reduce my calf/ thigh size. Any tips!?? Thanks
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So, no fat and pure muscle, wanting to lose muscle?  Full blown AIDS seems to be the best solution to a problem such as yours.

Step 1: contract a wasting disease. AIDS is a good choice, as is tuberculosis, cancer, or multiple sclerosis

1a.) confine yourself to a wheelchair to speed along the atrophy process

step 2: ?

step 3: profit! you are now the skinniest girl in town! man, everyone is going to be sooooo jealous of you rolling about in your motorized wheelchair, spindly legs and all.

ETA: dumb questions require dumb answers. Please tell me you understand the connection between muscles and activity? If you some how magically lost all your leg muscles, how do you expect to continue volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading? What exactly is the appeal of spindly atrophy legs? cause that's what you're asking for. You do also realize that muscle burns calories right? and without muscle, you just become fat. No, you don't have giant calves/thighs/whatever.....however you do have an exceptionally skewed perception of your body. Sounds like Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and you'd do well to get your head on straight before you attempt any sort of 'muscle loss'.

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A dear friend of mine decided to spend her days sitting in a chair and then put herself permenantly to bed whereupon her leg muscles atrophied and wasted away. This resulted in a stroke and she is no longer with us. This is the only way I know of being able to lose your calf muscles, something you really don't want to be doing. If you don't want sporty legs, don't play sport
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