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Weight Loss
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I need to lose 1kg in 1 week!

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I had been asked to lose 3 kgs to pass my Royal Navy medical by the time I had my initial interview.  The date for this was the 5th of May, and I'm 1kg away from the target, no problems.  Just got a call this morning though and they have shifted my interview to the 30th April!  Now I have to lose 1kg in 1 week.  Is this going to be possible?  I have to do my fitness test soon after my interview so I don't want to put my fitness at risk by crash dieting.


I'm currently 96kgs, 6ft tall.  I run/swim/play football everyday so I generally eat a lot and still have a 500cal deficit.


I usually weigh myself after a 3 mile run so I am generally quite dehydrated, so water loss isn't really an option.  I do generally weigh in in the evening though, and the weigh in for this Navy is in the morning.  Could this make enough of a difference?


P.S. I have lost 16kgs so far since using this site!

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While i in no way am going to endorse a crash or fad diet, or pills, etc...i can say that a friend of mine who is overweight, had gastric bipass in Dec.  She has been eating very "healthy", and losing weight, but had reached a plateau-  she did the flat belly diet and lost 7 lbs in 4 days.  Cutting out the caffeine and knocking down the sodium made the scale mover for her.  Just a thought- yes it may be water weight, and come right back on...hopefully it will be after your weigh in--good luck!

Also, about the weigh in time- weighing in the am, just after you void is the best time to weigh-  the remaining food in your stomach/intestine, and water accumulated for the day can vary a person's weight up to 5 lbs by evening!

Having myself just lost 1kg this week I'd say it's possible....  Some tips..

  • Operate a 700 cal deficit & be very accurate about your calorie intake (this shouldn't affect your fitness)
  • Eat a lot less meat and a lot more vegetables, beans and high-fibre wholegrains.  The extra fibre will help your body eliminate waste more efficiently
  • Avoid alcohol, sugar & processed starch completely
  • Reduce your salt intake to less than 2400mg sodium a day (this reduces fluid retention)
  • Drink plenty of water (dehydration only results in fluid retention) rather than other drinks.
  • (Mild cheat) Front-weight your meals so that you're getting a larger breakfast, modest lunch and a smaller supper.  That should reduce the chance that undigested food in your gut affects the scales the morning of the interview.
  • (Serious cheat) Your last meal the night before the interview should contain plenty of chilli peppers, with prunes and kiwifruit for dessert....

Dear munchingfoo,

Ask at your local pharmacy for a diuretic, which will help you shed water.  Women who feel spongey pre-menstruation use them all the time.  You could lose several pounds in water weight.  Don't take them for more than a few days.  Good luck with your medical. 

gi-jane..chili peppers, prunes and kiwifruit?? Sounds like a stomachache in the it help with morning bm?

LOL!  Gentle laxative effect only, I can assure you....

I don't know how much sodium you generally have in your diet, but it won't hurt to take it down VERY low for one week to encourage your body to shed water weight. If I have a day of only 1000mg sodium, I lose a pound instantly! Of course it comes right back again when I eat something salty... NO processed foods, NO added salt, and lots of water should do it.

A hair cut wouldn't hurt.

I usually weigh myself after a 3 mile run so I am generally quite dehydrated, so water loss isn't really an option.  I do generally weigh in in the evening though, and the weigh in for this Navy is in the morning.  Could this make enough of a difference?


My guess is that after that 3 mile run your muscles are stressed and retaining any water you have in your body.  And yes, a weigh in in the morning is ALWAYS much lighter for me than one in the evening.

Original Post by susiecue:

A hair cut wouldn't hurt.


I have a little Sodium Cheat Sheet. If that helps. I know that sometimes it is hard to know really how much sodium there is in certain foods, as it is not always clear on the package.

Sodium Free - Means that there is less then 5mg of sodium per serving.

Very low in sodium - Means that there is 35 mg or less of sodium per serving.

Low sodium - Means that there is less than 140 mg per serving.

Reduced sodium - Means that the sodium level was reduced by 25%.

Unsalted - Means that there is no salt added, or without added salt that is normally used.

Good luck!

Well, I was 94.5 kg after my run this morning and I allowed myself to drink 0.5 litres (approx 500g) of lucosade sport so I should be on target for my weigh in.  We'll see.  I have a sneaky suspicion that their scales aren't very accurate...

Fantastic.  Their scales said 93.5kgs.  Excellent.  Thanks for the support.


I also passed the interview :D

Congrats! We knew you could do it!

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