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I need to look good in two weeks! Help!

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I'm 5'3" and a size 16.  I have a big event to go to in a couple of weeks and I would give anything to look really good at it.  I've changed my diet a lot over the last few months and have lost a little weight and kept it off.  I just hoped I'd be farther along by now.  

I undereat and my metabolism is messed up.  I should eat 1,200 a day but it's more like 600 one day and 1,600 the next.  I do eat healthy food, my fat intake is around 23% and my nutrition score is always A or B.

I know everyone is going to tell me to eat more, but will that make me gain weight in two weeks before my weight begins to decrease?  I'm considering one of those detox diets, I know you just lose water weight, but would the weight I gain back be from water or would it really mess me up even more?  

Since even in a best-case scenario I can only lose 4 pounds, do you have any advice about how I can look the best I can in two weeks?  Drink lots of water?  Do pilates to improve my posture?  Cardio?  Weight training?  Any work-out dvds you've tried that got quick results?  I don't care about the numbers on the scale, I just want to look as good as I can for one day.  I'm sure a lot of people have been in this boat, so please help me out!


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Well, the pevailing philosophy at CC is to maintain a permanent change in lifestyle for overall health, not just shooting for a one time goal, number, or particular event - so I'm going to suggest that you first find ways of changing your eating and exercise habits overall in a healthy way that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  Strive for health, then weight loss and overall appearance improvement will follow.

I gotta ask:  What's so important in 2 weeks?  While some advocate them, I'm one of the people who will advise you against the "detox" diets out there.  Even the people who advocate them here on CC will tell you that they shouldn't be used for weight loss - it will all come back when used for that purpose.  Don't compromise your health for one day.

Yes - pilates, drinking lots of water, cardio, and weight training will all help you, but I don't know of any exercise regimen that will produce noticeable external results in just 2 weeks - although there may be some others here on CC with different experiences.  I can tell you that once you start exercising regularly, you will start to feel an overall energy increase physically, even before you see any weight loss on the scale, or reduction in inches - which will definitely show in how you carry yourself.

In the short term, if it's a party or a specific even you're getting ready for, you might want to try some body shaper products - I've heard Spanx is a really good line, and can make you look quite a few inches smaller. 

On edit:  You might also consider going to a good massage therapist and getting a good theraputic full body massage - this is a good way to promote good posture, and relaxing you before what might be a anxious or self conscious situation.

Good luck!

Spanx, got it!  And a massage, I can do that.  I'm hoping if I exercise maybe it will make me more energetic and that will give a good impression.  Thanks for the advice. I would  be thrilled if I could lose 4 pounds in two weeks.  I have never lost that much.  I have made permanent healthy changes and kept it up all winter, and I feel great compared to before.  However, the results just aren't so visible.  I took my measurements and they are exactly the same as a month ago,  no difference even though I eat healthy and have been getting more exercise.  I've made big changes but with minimal results.   I'm hoping I can do something like start exercising or a detox diet (if they work?) that would also  maybe set me up for better habits in the future. I don't want to do a fad diet that will backfire. 
When it comes to exercise, biceps improve the quickest. So if you can do more arm curls, you may feel good about wearing a sleeveless outfit. Drink plenty of water (drinking water helps you lose water weight).
Well, if you starve yourself, no, you won't see the results that you are expecting.  Especially if you zig-zag so extreme as to 600-1,600 calories.

Anyway, I agree with the body shaper idea.  Even at my thinnest I still loved using those because they do make your posture better (it kind of forces it) and makes me feel 'flatter'.  Other than that, I think exercise is the best way to make you look better.  The reason I say that is because exercise makes you FEEL better which in turn makes you LOOK better.  So, it doesnt matter if you are a size 16 or 6 or 0 - the way you carry yourself and the confidence you show to others is what will make you look good.  But if you starve your body of food, you will only look unhealthy.
Original Post by tahiera:

 I'm hoping I can do something like start exercising or a detox diet (if they work?) that would also  maybe set me up for better habits in the future. I don't want to do a fad diet that will backfire. 

Well, I gotta tell you, the "detox" diets I've read about sound like fads.  And there are a few people here on CC that will tell you, from experience, they can/will backfire - here's a thread for one particular type of detox diet:  http://caloriecount.about.com/forums/post/796 42.html

I recommend you go buy yourself a truly fabulous, knock-em-dead outfit, something that fits and flatters you perfectly for the weight you are at now.

As an added plus, all the time spent walking the mall in pursuit of the perfect outfit can be considered exercise. ;-)
Hi Tahiera!

Although losing weight looks great, there is a whole variety of other things you could do, to look good that particular evening.

Going to the hairdressers and getting a deep conditioning treatment and a professional blow dry on the day of some big event always makes me feel fab!

Also getting a manicure, particularly french tips, makes me feel very girly.

And remember! There is some great hold-in-the-lumpy-bits-underwear out there, which can quite easily make you look 7 to 10 pounds thinner.

There are also some over the counter herbal diuretics that will eliminate water retention and bloating very effectively, and quickly!

Hope you have a great time at your event :)

I agree with sillybilly, go get your hair & nails done, buy a new outfit or whatever makes you feel better about you!

A couple days/week before, you can try a detox, it will make you feel better about yourself if nothing else (dont flame me here people, it helps some of us)

The day of the event, exercise hard...it will give you a temporary muscle tightening & make you appear thinner for a while...usually a few hours.

And most important of all....Be yourself. Be proud of who you are & the changes you are making to your lifestyle. And have fun.


The following is a detox diet that I have done:

http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/diet/det ox/plan.htm

I lost a few lbs (only a few coz I didnt stick to it rigidly) and felt great internally.

People check out the link before getting mad!!!!
Original Post by entersandlady:

People check out the link before getting mad!!!!

 I think the link is a great place to start for those wanting to detox naturally. Thanks for sharing it!


I think the best way to look great (at any time) is when you don't look slef consious! Smile, have fun, meet new people. Beauty comes from the inside!!
Just stick to what you have been doing.
Have fun :)

Drink as much water as possible (well, not gallons at a time---that can kill you!), but drink several bottles of water a day.  I also recommend tea.  Avoid salt at all costs.  Salt will make you retain water.

 I prefer a diet in which you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, and supplement good proteins and some carbs.  Carbs make me feel puffy, so I try to avoid eating them in large portions.  Proteins make me feel full for hours and work your metabolism more.

I have read that eating less than 1000 calories a day actually works against you.  Right now, I am right in the 1000-1200 calorie a day, but will probably up that a bit once I regulate my weight loss.

You don't need to starve to lose weight.  Just stick to nature (the outer walls of the grocery store) and you should be good.

Also, to look healthy, I recommend eating highly nutricious foods, such as squash on a daily basis until your event.  Half an acorn squash is very tasty when you sprinkle some garlic powder on it.  Squash will make your complexion better too.

 And buy a nice outfit that flatters your shape.   You may not be able to be the size you want to be, but the right outfit can really make you look great.

Good luck!

I would suggest juice fasting, where you drink ONLY FRESH juices... veggie and fruit... the healthiest would be green smoothies, but whatever your prefrence is. You will derive more nutrition ounce for ounce than ANY cooked diet ANYWHERE!!

Raw foods have 100% nutrition and 100% of the enzymes entact, cooking destroys 85% of the nutrition and 100% of the enzymes!!

Since our bodies are essentially giant juicing machines : foods that we eat MUST be converted to liquid form before we can absorb or assimilate them: you save your body MUCH energy that would normally be used for digestion. Your body can now use this energy to heal any problems it perceives it has... like your metabolism issues....

I generally do a 46 day juice fast every year, and in a week can loose close to 10 lbs!!

It is not only water weight, as my clothing size drops by at least 2 sizes in 2 weeks time!!

Walmart sells an inexpensive juicer for around $50.00

Trinity, do you do a fast for 46 days or 4-6 days???????  How much of that weight to you gain back?

I'm going to give you a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD idea:

"The Juice Diet"... all you do is drink juice every time you get hungry.  Some juices can be high in calories and sugar, so make sure you stick with FRESH juices... like Simply Orange is what I do.  If you can hold this diet for 2 weeks, you rock!  My longest spell was a week, wherein I lost 14lbs.  I was also in highschool and very active.  I did this right before prom and looked great... BUT, I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT... although I just did... it's a very poor diet choice!! 

If you are absolutely desperate though, it's something that actually worked.

There are few things you can do within 2 weeks to lose drastic weight or even make a huge difference from the gym. At least, not in a healthy way. It's a long-term process, not a fortnightly fix.

I agree with the others - splash out on a bit of cash and get your hair done and get a new outfit! It'll work wonders and make you feel good :)

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Here's how it works, people can be the perfect size but if they don't dress to their body they can look overweight or just plain horrible.  My advice to you is, if it's that important to look good for that day, take some money out of the bank, go to one of those nice elegant shops, find yourself a sales-person that actually cares about dressing people (they exist, I used to be one of them) and have them help you find something for your body or just give you advice.  It probably won't come cheap unless you get lucky and find something on sale, but every body type, no matter their weight can be made to look like sex on a stick! The perks of this method are that you will actually get to be healthy in the meantime.  Hope this helps and hope you find something to wear.

the best way for me for quick, few pounds off is South Beach.

regarding the above post and spending a lot for clothes.........its true.

For a long time I've spent too much on clothes, but was so happy at how more expensive things looked so much better on me.  You need to find the store or brand you like best.  For me its Ralph Lauren and Talbots.
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