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Weight Loss
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need some help please!

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i'm new to this, but urgently need some advice
so i will try my best to explain

i've not been eating so well for the past few days (4-5) - i think it has to do with me being nervous and perhaps a bit stressed... i just have no appetite, only hunger pangs when too long in between meals - i havent counted calories, but judging by what i can it seems as if its been in the low hundreds

im really worried because i know that this is going to hurt me, yet now im worried that the minute i start eating normally again i will gain too much weight

i was trying to lose ten pounds before this hit...

my questions is: what can i do now to get back to normal without affecting things too much?

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what did you eat during these days?
im not sure exactly, because i starved myself for a loong time and was only eating between 200-300 each day. thats how i lost weight. but tehn i started wating normally and i gained weight. so dont do what i did. hahah. i would suggest slowly upping your calories. or just eat more and burn some off...
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trust me love....ive been there and done that!

Ok what you can do lots of fruit( not grapes) and lean protein for the next couple of days

thank you so much!! i really am scared... but fruits and protein sounds good

ive had mostly salmon (the kind in foil packets) and some cocoa via bars and milk

thank you for reassuring me 

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