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I need help! I keep gaining weight and i'm eating normally!

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So about a year ago i weight about 25 lbs less than i do now. In September 2007 I went on a restrictive diet and got down to 118 lbs by January 2008. I stayed around 118-120 until April 2008. Then, all of a sudden, when I started to eat normally i started to put on weight a little by little. I just went to the doctor's office and I am now 141 lbs! (I am 5'4"). This puts me at the top of the normal range for BMI! The nurse looked at my chart, and asked "why all this weight gain?" and I honestly don't know why. Here is what my diet consists of duing the week: Breakfast is Oatmeal, baby carrots, and an apple. Snack is a soy protein snack bar (2g fat and 80 calories). Lunch is a turkey sandwich on wheat, more baby carrots. Snack is a fat free yogurt. Dinner is grilled chicken with steamed veggies and lettuce and fat free dressing. and about 2-3 cups of coffee w/ sweet & low and fat free milk thoughout the day. Now, every once in a while i will indulge in a slice of cake (like for the holidays, or a birthday, etc) but its not like im eating it all the time! i would say i eat fairly normally. I don't know what to do to make this weight gain stop! Oh, and I also run for 40 minutes every morning on my treadmill at 6.3mph and do some light weights.

I'm so afraid that i am going to just keep gaining and i don't know what to do anymore!! I am so frustrated. I am still okay with my body now (i wear probably around an 8/10 now) but i definitely don't want to gain anymore.

I need any suggestions, especially those of you who have experienced this before. THANKS!!!

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It seems pretty hard to explain this one.  Can you post your overall calories for an average day, and your % macronutrient split?  (It's on the Analysis page)

Any life-altering events?  Pregnancies?  Stress? etc

Maybe your portions have crept up and your exercise has dulled.

I suggest you go back to tracking every calorie for a week, and really monitoring your exercise. See where you're going wrong (Are you suuure you're not indulging in the cookie a co-worker offered too often?), and then re-assess.

It sounds like you're doing everything right, but it could be delusional- don't take offense! It's just healthy, active people don't gain weight for no reason.

vron is right "...healthy, active people don't gain weight for no reason".  While doing as she suggested (tracking), I'd call the doctor to rule out any thyroid abnormalties.  It's a simple blood test.  I'm a thryoid patient myself, so I could be projecting...it's just that the weight gain was my second symptom (1st being fatigue) that something was wrong.  Better safe than sorry.

Check out your thyroid, don't make the same mistakes i did.....i waited too long, by the way how are your moods...up & down...mostly by mid morning, rather than afternoon....also another sign i was told, .....always tired.....and remember, it can take months for the correct dose, to be established, so do yourself a favor...ask the doctor...for the simple blood test... Good luck! Hun!

thank you all. i dont know, it might be a thyroid thing, but i will ask. I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist because i don't know what to do at this point. Others have told me i may have messed up my metabolism hardcore because of my overrestricting in the past... it kills me to have to spend so much for a nutritionist but at this point i need piece of mind. Thanks all for your input.

Original Post by jenny8484:

In September 2007 I went on a restrictive diet

Maybe you messed up your metabolism and now have to let it adjust. This is the price one pays for being too restrictive (if that's what you did), gaining back all and maybe more of the weight. If you suspect that is it, you may just have to wait it out, let it stabilize, and then lose in a healthy way.

It is really hard to know b/c the word "restrictive" is pretty vague, but a lot of people make the mistake of restricting too much, messing up their metabolism, and having to face this challenge. If that's not it, I'm sure your doc will help you out. Either way, I hope you find out what is the cause. Good luck.

Hi . I was wondering if you managed to fix your problem because the same thing is happening to me . I went from 154lb to 107.8 pounds in two years by cutting out carbs .  But since i've started eating them again i've been putting on a lot of weight for the passed year going back up 140.8 . I believe my diet is a healthy one and i still do a fair amount of exercice . I really dont understand it and dont know what to do . I hate what i'm becoming and i need to find a solution fast before it gets out of hand . any advice ?


Not sure if you figured out what was wrong but here's some info that might help.

There's a lot of new info out there about the negative effects of caffeine, especially coffee. The acid from the coffee bean is really harmful to your body and the caffeine harms your adrenal glands causing your brain to send out higher levels of cortisone, which will cause weight gain in your belly and all over.

Also sweet & low or anything with aspartame, (especially in chewing gum or diet soda), is really harmful for your entire body. Some side effects are anxiety, racing thoughts, restless legs,  lack of sleep and the list goes on. Try using Stevia instead or honey.

Try green tea. The caffeine from the tea leaf is way less harmful then the coffee bean. 

You'll see a huge change and will probably feel better.

Your body was most likely holding on to water.


I am having the same problem, the weight just keeps adding up. I am nursing my twins still, down to two feedings a day. in my 7th week of p90x and I added 3 miles of running on the days i am lifting. my running consists of warm up, jog on 5.8 1/2 mile, do a quarter mile on 10 and then the last 1/4 mile on 8.  Trying to shake it up. My doctor is sending me to an endocrinologist. We did a whole bunch of initial blood tests and they say I am perfectly healthy. regular thyroid tests show normal, but it still could be my thyroid. my doctor feels it is hormonal. lack of sleep, nursing, etc has messed up my metabolism. I am eating healthy tracking my calories on calorie counter. when i work I sometimes walk up to 4 miles in a night. If you get any insight let me know. I feel your pain it is so frustrating! I have always been a healthy weight, active, working out, etc. I just don't know what to do. I gained 4lbs since my doctors appointment a week ago.  I will let you know what happens with my doctors appointment. you may want to check into the same thing.


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