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Weight Loss
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Need a group to track with my to lose 10-15 pounds by March 20! who's with me?

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Hey guys!!!! I'm a senior in highschool, i weigh 143 lbs at the moment and i want to get that down to 130 by Spring Break. I figured i would start a group to keep myself motivated, and hopefully help others along the way. Throughout my life i have struggled with weight and last year i dropped 15 lbs, but it's just harder this go aroud. I figure that this should be my ultimate goal, and along the way learn new habits so next year in college i won't stack on the Freshman 15. Losing weight is always hard and i think checking in 1-2 times a week will be extremely beneficial for me. I will be completely honest throughout this whole process, and i will try my hardest to get there by Spring Break! Any one else with me? I don't care if you need to lose more weight or less, lets just get it together=)
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Im not completely sure how you bookmark it. And that's great!=)

Forgot to include background info: 5'11" 175 lbs 19 yr old male

My goal is to reach 160 pounds by my bday (May 30) if not sooner. Even though I'm at a good weight for my height I cant stand my belly fat.

I haven't gone to the gym in a couple of days but I plan to today. If only these last 15lbs would melt of like the other 35 did >.< Scale hasn't budged in a while hahaha
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Hey! I'd love to join this! I'm in college so my spring break starts the 9th. I'm 5'9 and 148lbs. Want to get to AT LEAST 140 by Spring Break so I can feel sexy in the VS bathing suit my fiance got me ;). I'm running anywhere from 2 to 4 miles every morning and eating about 1300 calories/day. I'm gonna go try hot yoga tomorrow :) heard from friends that it's AWESOME
Original Post by coloradocutie:

Plus, next time he sees me, he can eat his heart out. :-)

Hey, it worked for me - haha!  Next time I was with someone else (smarter and hotter - now DH).  Too bad for him!

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1st weigh in 132 :/. Would like to get to 120. 26 yrs old and 5'5"
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Im defenetly so IN!!! I need to loose 15 lbs if not more by March 17.

So im so ready i need all the help i can get!! LETS DO IT!!
Alright you guys! Tuesday is weigh in, dont forget=)

Hi all -

Haven't worked out yet today and really not feeling happy about it! I took what I thought was going to be a short car trip that ended up taking 4 hours. I have a meeting at 10pm and then will be going to bed. I'm pretty bummed about it!

I also just want to remind everyone that a safe rate of weight loss is 1% of your body weight per week. joadree, March 17 is only 4 weeks away. What are your stats? A more realistic goal might be 8 lbs!

bec - sorry to hear about the missed workout.  That can be a downer. 

2nd the realistic weight loss goals!  If you have a lot to lose it can come off faster, but at this point most of us are looking at 8-9lb max. 

6mi run planned for 10am!  Wish me luck.  I haven't run this far in...oh a lot of years : )  I ran 5+ a few weeks ago and I've kept up with my 3+mi runs a couple of times a week so it's looking good.

Friday, everyone - keep it together!

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I need to lose between 30 or 20 pounds. I gained 54 pounds after my first child . Im
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This sounds great! I hope that if I have a support group like this, I will also be able to support my mom in weight loss too! She is goin in a cruise march 25th and she wants a beach body!! I wouldn't mind losing some weight either by the way! :)

I am super excited to start and I will try to remember to weigh in every Tuesday! Do we record it here?
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Thanks beccaanic and i understand. Im at 200 lbs now :( i have excercise equipment at home and its just collecting dust so i want to push my self to the max. I want to eat heathly and excercise at least 6 days a week. I
I am DEFINITELY in....... N I can really use the support!!! It sucks because I NEVER had to work this hard to lose weight and I have always been active my whole life!!! But after baby number 3 it feels impossible! I am 29 and I weigh 160 lbs. Bahamas vacation is coming up and I would like to lose 15lbs!!!!! Count me in!

Today is my day off from exercising and I'm not sure how I feel about it! I don't think I'm losing weight, even though my food intake has been going well. Kind of upsetting.

You don't have to take a day off from exercising!  You just need to cross train.  Do something you don't usually do - something fun.

Completed my 6mi run - 1hr 2mins!


Yes we will weigh in here every tuesday! It'll be here before you know it so make good decisions=) i believe we all can do it, just have to get that mindset!
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ugh i havent worked out for the past two days!( except for dance class) but my eatings been ok not great though. but im a little nervous for this weekend because im going on a ski/snowboard trip so ill be eating out for basically every meal for the next three days =/ and ski lodge food is always terrible for you its basically all fried. so hopefully ill stay on track and atleast ill be excercising. hope everyone has a good presidents day weekend!

I need to do this!
But ugh I totally have been messing up on eating :(
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Is it too late to join? I wanna do this, sisters wedding on the 2nd April that I need go slim down too... What's the ideal goal for me?
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