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Weight Loss
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Do we have a natural weight?

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    It seems as though i could eat literally ENDLESSLY and i would stay at 138 lbs.

Now i've been restricting and i weigh 125-126. Do you think i could eat endlessly and go back to 138? Or do we just feel like were eating whatever we want and our body naturally keeps us that way by making us full if we go near the upper limit..     
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I'm bout the same way with 185.  I can get down into the 183 area and will fluctuate to 188...but I always end up at 185.  I can have deficits for 2-3 weeks in a row and not lose a's kind of weird.  I think I've accepted that I'll never weigh less than that.

Kinda sucks.
I believe so. I think mine is around 115 give or take. I can force myself lowere than that pretty easily but now I am wondering why should I? 108 sounds sooooo good though!

not for me...unless my upper limit is way high...:-P...right now...i'm at my peak...started C-C two weeks ago and have lost 1.2 pounds so far...but my peak's 212...and i was 140 before...right out of college...i've been eating endlessly for 5+ years and i think i have yet to reach my limit...
I think that's right to a certain extent. I think our bodies each have its own weight that it is most comfortable at, but I think we can definitely change it (for good or bad) with less daily movement or something... like if you eat all you want and dont gain weight...but suddenly lose your job and sit home all day...i do think you'd gain. i think its just that that is what your body is at your current level of activity.. does that make sense?
I can't seem to get off 165 - I'll drop a couple lbs only to find the next week I'm back to 165. 

When I was doing the Glycemic index diet it recommended shooting for a 10% of body weight loss then maintain that weight for 3 months in order to get the body adjusted to that rate of metabolism before shooting for the next 10% loss etc.  I think what we experience is this - our body trying to adjust to a metabolic rate and if we try to force it to soon we hit that wall aka's plataues

I don't even want to lose 10% just about 5% Oh well - I keep trying.
In high school it was about 150 or 160, but after I had my daughter it seems I had no set weight.  But I heard keeping a certain weight for 3 years would reset your set weight, so I'm hoping that when I get down to my goal weight, it will eventually become my set weight :)
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I lost 20-30lbs  three times.  I also bounce back to my starting weight for the last 10 years.  Never more, never less (unless I'm working hard at it)

I'm the same way. I've never been a total junk food eater, but always ate whatever I wanted and stayed 136-138. Now I'm trying to get down to 125 and it's going more slowly than I expected with the dieting and exercise. 
im curious after losing abt 13 pounds in a few months if i'd go back to my regular weight
for me my high school weight was 140-145 & most of my adult years have been at 180-185.  I think what keeps me around 180-185 is that I get scared when the scale creeps up (my highest ever being 220).  I've been down to 160 & maintained for a while, but then fast food intervened & back up it went.  I think it is subconscious on my part to not stray too much over the 180-185 mark - not necessarily a "natural weight" as much as a "pre-set mental wall".
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