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natural peanut butter vs. regular peanut butter

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so is natural peanut butter really that much better for you? i know it has more of the fatty acids and what not, but to me the labels look almost the same, and im trying to like the natural peanut butter, but the regular kind just tastes so much better..

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Partially hydrogenated oils turned me off of the regular kind for the rest of my life. That, and all the frickin' sugar.

well i think anything in moderation is ok...if you don't like natural peanut butter and have tried most the different brands and still havent found one you like then I would just stick with the regular.  Skippy natural is in my opinion the closest taste to stirring and same consistency.

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Personally, I buy Jif and concede the added hydrogenated oils...they provide what's essentially an insignificant amount of saturated fat, and help to keep the stuff from separating. All pb is under regulation to contain at least 90% peanuts, so buying the natural stuff really isn't worth it if you're not feeling the taste, and/or manual stirring labor...

If you have a food processor, you can make your own (though if, like me, you are not anal, you will have no idea what it's nutritional content is).

I buy about 1 lb of peanuts.  I get a roughly 50-50 mix of salted and unsalted cocktail peanuts (I just get them in the bulk/candy section of my grocery store). Then I go home, put them in my food processor, and turn it on.  I add about 1 Tbsp of honey (this is what makes it taste good), and I slowly stream in just enough oil that it comes together (this sounds tricky, but if you've had peanut butter before, you can figure it out).  I use peanut oil if we have it and canola or vegetable oil if we don't (something flavorless).

You have to store it in the fridge, but it still keeps for quite a while, and it should be 1/3 - 1/2 the cost of "natural" PB.

Using this technique, I suppose you could make any type of nut butter you wanted.

Ostensibly, you could forgo the oil, but this makes life hard on your food pro, and the PB is significantly less enjoyable when spread onto hot things like toast.


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I stick with the regular non reduced all natural pb, I barely get enough fat as is plus 2 tablespoons is quite enough to make a nice pb sandwich.


I never had full natural almond butter,  bet that is alot more than the smuckers all natural pb I get now at walmart.

I used to go to a market where you could grind your own almond butter. It was the best!! I could eat it on Ezekiel bread or just off a spoon (it's pretty filling so a spoon or 2 would do). It's pretty expensive though. After reading megsambit's post though, now I want to try making my own...

I try not to buy the regular peanut butter, even though Jif is my favorite, I would eat way too much of it. I think it's the portion control!

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