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Natural Appetite Suppressants??

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I have alot of trouble dieting because I have such a large appetite. I'm usually always hungry, and nothing really seems to fill me up. I was wondering if anyone knew any natural appetite suppressants (I know water) that helped you fill up, or at least cut out the hunger. Any suggestions will be tried!! :)
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(And can I also recommend eating 10-12 servings of veggies every day!? Trust me ... that will fill you up!)

Actually, fiber is very filling ... are you eating a high fiber cereal? High fiber bread? Getting at least 25g of fiber EVERY day?

=^..^= MOLLY

Hmm.. I've never heard of cinnamon as an appetite suppressant! How do you get it into your diet? Just like put it in oatmeal or something?

I love veggies! I try to fit as many as I can into my diet. I live with my parents, who do all the cooking, and don't do alot of veggies. If we do have them, its like canned corn or something. :/ I can't wait until I live on my own and am in control of the food buying (not that I'm complaining that I eat for free... lol)

I really don't think I get enough fiber. I actually bought some Fiber one bars recently, thinking this would fill me up for a while, but every time I eat one, I have some unfortunate side effects in the bathroom. :/ I'm not sure if my body isn't used to the fiber or what, but I work 12 hour shifts, so I can't eat them if I'm at work!

Thanks for the suggestions, Molly! Any others?

I've been (more or less) following the South Beach Diet, and it works for me because what fills me up every time is protein. Over the last four months I went from a BMI of 29 to 24.5. 

If I eat enough protein with my meals, I don't overeat and I am not ravenously hungry. It does not have to be a huge amount of protein, in fact the recommended serving size is 3-4 oz with lunch and dinner, and about 1 oz with snacks, 1-2 oz of protein with breakfast. 

 My staple snacks (on top of eating three meals a day) are wedges (triangles) of Laughing Cow reduced fat cheese, taken with a veg (say a couple of cherry tomatoes, or celery stick) and/or an oat cracker. 

I don't know if this works for anyone else, but coffee does the trick for me.
Drinking a cup of coffee also works for me, but it has to be RIGHT after the meal.  Control and measure your creamer and sugar (use splenda or stevia as sweetener if you can).

I have to eat every 2 hours to control my appitite.  After about 6 months, I don't really get hungry for 5 or 6 hours if I eat a large lunch (Chipotle burrito bowl consisting of rice, a little chicken, and guac), this was basicly unheard of and shocking to me.  I use to be able to eat that, but WITH the tortilla and still get hungry a few hours later.

coffee, definitely. the caffeine is a natural hunger suppressant. tea works too.

also, peppermint. 

Fiber, protein, and fat all help you feel full.   If you eat refined carbs alone, that will leave you hungry again really quickly.  Breakfast is important -- try having more fiber and protein at breakfast. That can help reduce food cravings the rest of the day. 

It seems counterintuitive, but fat can help you want to eat less. Fat helps trigger the feeling of "fullness". I find that when I try and eat low-fat, I wind up extra-hungry.  Transfats are bad (partially hydrogenated...).  Olive oil, nuts,  and fish oil are considered "good fats." Even eggs seem to have recovered their reputation. 



I heard that black licorice (the real stuff, not synthetic) work. Also vinegar and other acidic foods like lemon juice can suppress appetite.

The cinnamon thing doesn't work for me :) it's supposed to stabilize your blood sugar and leave you feeling satisfied.
I have one simple rule and it helped me grately to lose almost 50 lbs in the course of aprox. 9 months now, and it is: Eat when you're hungry!

Well, it worked for me, and I guess it would work for so many people as well, if they would listen a little more to their body needs. Sure you will stay hungry even if you eat two or three bigmacs and eating more then will lead you to gain weight on the double...

But coupled with an healthy lifestyle you won't be hungry if you have a 500-800 calorie deficit at the end of the day, of course only if you eat the right foods(low in fats, high in fibres, right amount of protein, carbs and fats[values that worked wonders with me where: 30-35% protein, 35-40% carbs, 20-30% fats]). You can visit my profile if you want more hints ;)

I'm definitely gonna have to try the coffee, peppermint, and grapefruit tricks. I don't know about the licorice one because I really don't like licorice, but the acidic foods may be an option. :) And I'm going to increase my protein and fiber with meals to see if that helps.

And Vendetta, I read your profile, which definitely motivates me and makes me realize that with determination, I can lose this weight!

Thanks for all the suggestions!! :)

It is the holidays and candy canes are around those help me with hunger and my cravings/

In the middle of the afternoon when I know I could eat with no end I make myself eat a serving of baby carrots (9-10) AND any kind of fruit (lately fresh pineapple has been my obsession, YUM).  By the time I'm done eating all of that I don't want to eat anymore.  I've been chewing for so long that I'm DONE.  Then I've taken in less than 100 cals and I'm good to go until supper and rarely do I eat a bedtime snack when I do this in the afternoon.  That's what works for me.  Caffeine does work like other posters have said, but since I can't have caffeine this is what I do.

I am a big believer in fiber and lots of water. It can take a while for your body to adjust to getting enough fiber (not many people eat as much as they should), but the "side effects" should subside once your body adjusts.

I try to preface each of my meals with something high in fiber. For example, I'll eat a garden salad prior to eating my meat and potatoes. I force myself to eat slowly (still a challenge for me) and I have a drink of water between every bite. It seems whatever the main course is then fills me up faster and stays with me longer. 

heres a list of natural hunger supressers

1. cinnamon

2. caffiene

3. Hoodia

4. ma huang

5. Yohimbine

6. Casein Protein

Ma Huang is ephedra, which increases the risk of heart problems in some people: atient-ephedra

Hoodia causes email spam ;-)

Well..mine are more actions plus! ;)

1- dont totally not eat "sin" food - I have a square of chocolate everyday if I crave it. Not "cheating" leads to binges and quiting.

2- eat you maintain level calories for a few days

3- take a fiber pill and a vitamin

4- have protien with every intake - (milk is good for this as its easy not too high calorie, has calcium and a little bit of fat)

5 - foods that make your body wants to eat: refined carbs (white bread/sugars), table salt (use sea salt in a grinder instead), fake sugars (give some people cravings.)

6- SNACK! yes..SNACK and meals! eat every 2-4 hours. Now this just means take in some calories. SO you could do 8oz of milk or juice if there wasnt time for anything else. (cal count should be 50-200) The even blood sugar stops the hunger/cravings.

7- water - drink 1/2 your wt in ounces per day

If you are not on any medication:
-republic of teas makes a tea called "get lost" - not too strong and you dont feel strange but you just dont feel so snacky. And it gives you something tasty to drink. (they have a website if you want to look it up)

-yogi fasting tea - its for fasting...but it works for dieting too.
It makes you pee. LOL. But its stronger than the republic of teas one.

Yeah, good point chop chop.  NOT eating some things will suppress your appetite - like, if you avoid refined sugar and white bread and things like that.

Try Fiber One cereal.  It's got tons and tons and tons of fiber.  In fact, it's hard to imagine how they FIT that much fiber into it.  It's got, like, 15 grams per 100 calories or something like that.

Cinnamon for sure!! But it's gotta be real cinnamon.  You get a lot of crap passed off as cinnamon these days.  You get a lot of crap passed off as anything.

AND imagery / visualization can suppress your appetite.  I made myself a tape to listen to every night as I fall asleep.  It contains positive imagery of being at my goal weight, 140 LBS (at 5'7)

Start each meal with a HUGE spinach salad (I am talking about the size of a family bowl! SO HUGE!) with red wine vinegar. You will consume about 25 calories and you will get sooo full that when you actually eat your meal, you will be too full to continue!

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