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The "myth" that Asian girls are naturally slim

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This is one of my number one pet peeves.  It's NOT TRUE (I am a walking example of this, I have struggled with weight since oh you know, birth).

Females in Asia are consistently pressured via media, parents, men, etc to stay skinny.  Celebrities usually weigh less than 100 lbs and a size L in Korea is the same as a women's size 7/8 in the USA.  Diet products and plastic surgery abound.  The social stigmatization of girls who are "fat" is brutal; therefore Asian women starve and purge their way to thinness.

If you want further proof, look at Korean adoptees in the USA.  It's all about WHERE you are, not ethnicity.

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i agree. every "americanized" asian friend i had carried a little extra. or put on extra after being exposed to american food.

and the super thin ones....they had those scary moms that would yell at them for not being perfect. i had no idea what was said as i dont really speak  chinese...but my one friends mother..omg....SCARY.....gaining 5 pounds or getting OFF the honor roll was like a death in the family or something.

and LOL on the fashion...wtf... i love that stuff but you have to be so teensy to even think about fitting in it.
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There does seem to be an underlying obsession, leading to deep-rooted fear, of gaining weight in Asian communities. I do beleive that it is where you live, rather than ethnicity.

I think that also there is a different attitude towards exercise and diet in Asian countries, that leads to a lower obecity level. I would say that generally they live a healthier, more active lifestyle, with more vegetables and less red meat, and a focus on healthy eating and exercize.

Sure, I can see there being lot of problems such as starving and purging in these societies, under these conditions, and that this is less public than in NA. The effects of increasing globalization is probably being seen right now as well, with ideas and ideals changing with regards to weight and lifestyle.
A women I knew/know who is very wealthy and japanese has threatened to cut her 21 year old daughter out of her will if she doesn't lose X amount of weight in X amount of time. I was horrified when I learned this! Until this point I never knew how bad it really was for some in the culture.
From my own personal experience....  Every Asian girl that I've known had either an eating disorder or used meth to stay thin. 
lol. well america does have really shitty food.

it's much easier to stay in shape in china since most people bike everywhere nearby. or take a taxi to further locations and walk the rest of the way.

also, american fast food is just starting to develop in china. i think my aunt said burger king just appeared... or it's not there yet... something like that. i just know it's def not as bad as it is here.
I always thought it was because of genetics, because some people just are naturally thinner than others, and that people who have ancestors who lived through famines evolved so that they store more fat, have a slower metabolism, and have a tendency to overeat which is probably caused by their brain chemistry. So I thought that Asian people on average were thin naturally, though maybe not all of them. They also have a smaller body frame, with smaller bones and stuff. Of course, lifestyle effects your body weight even more than genetics does, so that's why Asians who come to America tend to become fat. They also say that Asian people are smarter. That doesn't mean that an Asian kid is automatically smarter than a kid of any other race, it's just that on average, Asians are slightly smarter. However, this might just be a myth and a stereotype, so don't get mad at me if this isn't true.

But I didn't know that there was so much pressure to be thin in Asia. But, I think that celebrities being under 100 lbs and a 7/8 being an L can be accounted for partially because they have smaller body frames.
I have to say, I don't see many normal weight or overweight Asians.  The Japanese market I frequent is 99% asian, shoppers and workers. 

It makes me more than sad to think that they all have eating disorders or take meth to stay that thin.  I think they are very beautiful. =(
Actually, I have a friend that's from Asian. Only here for college purposes they have different views on many subjects. Their cultures are so different. She was a tiny little thing when she first arrived. After being here a couple years, she's bigger. But, that's due to ' what ' she eats now. Portion size in America is different. Just as it is in Africa. Or France.

However, that doesn't change the fact that certain races have smaller structures. Their frames are smaller. Period. So I agree and do not at the same time.
LOL. I totally agree! My mum would call me from Indonesia and ask "Are u thin or fat?" We are chinese, and it's important to be a perfect daughter.. I gained so much after I came to the States, I guess it has something to do with less pressure that we have over here.. Over there, I was 96 lbs and they can still call me chubby. :( I even feel afraid to go home because people always say: OMG What happen with u????? What did u eat???? I can't recognize u anymoreee
I'm half japanese, and in japan right now...
The people here are either really podgy, or anorexically thin. Like, skeletal- unnatural.
I went into a clothes shop, for jeans [uni qlo], and the largest size they stocked was like, 29/39 inches.
I'm usually 27/28, but bought a pair in 26 inches [slightly baggy], so the sizes are made slightly larger. but STILL...
And in restaurants, it has the number of calories in each meal... which is quite useful.
However, there are a LOT of cakes and doughnuts and stuff in convenient stores etc... so its all very bizarre.
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James Fallows lived in Japan several years ago to do a series of articles on life, politics, economics, etc. for the Atlantic.  One of the articles dealt with how he and his American family felt hungry all the time.  Every once in a while they needed to gorge on KFC or McDonalds to satisfy their craving for fatty food.  The low-fat Japanese diet didn't appear to be so much a matter of social pressure as it was, well, just part of being Japanese.
My best friend is Korean and lives with this nonsense everyday. Yes she is small but she can gain weight like the rest of us and a lot of time she does. There's a lot of issues that surround Asian females that are very upsetting to her, but that's a whole other thread and most likely forum
My sister in law is Asain she came in one summer with my brother for a visit. The last time she was in I was still really thin, first thing out of her mouth when she seen me and she was quite blunt

Wow you got really really fat You need to lose weight. So apparently in those countries being fat is a big no no. Maybe if we all were a bit rude to each other in the states most of us would not be so fat haha.
For me, in addition to the myth of Aisan females as being slim, itā??s extremely frustrating to hear the generalization that Asians are small framed ā?? Possibly a large percentage of them are --- But I for one, am a LARGE framed Asian . . . NOT small, NOT medium, but LARGE. 

Iā??ve never had an eating disorder nor have I taken meth in my entire life ā?? 

Fallingstars727 - Itā??s really sad to hear that all the Asian women you know fall under that category.

When it comes to pet-peeves, Iā??m with you Meelynn!  But perhaps an even greater pet peeve of mine is when others make assumptions about people based on their cultural background D: 
strunggle since birth. 

As for all this generalization! cmon...you know what a male really wants?  Some woman who's healthy to only pop out his babies hahaha.  Thats why ladies wear makeup and red lipstick. No joke!  Its a sign of .... health.  With THIN waiste and big big boobs! 

And women want men to... give them money!  a big **** and have uh... be big to defend agaist the saber tooth tigers and hobos.

Im kidding hahah!

Lets get serious for a moment! (just a moment)
I feel ya I suppose,  i dont think media is just pressuring asians only.  But thats just it... its society itself.

As for parents, their living on some old traditions.

And men?  Hu... women do the same lol  It works both ways... and we all know women will be in charge of the world in the end.  Its natural for a mate to select what they like and dislike.  We both choose and we both want to please the other (to find a mate and keep them).  But thats another story :P
[but yes, men never had these problems right? lol they do, but some dont give a fk]

all in all, its comes down to... YOU!  control of your life and the pressure of the outside world.  To fit into the social norm or not... since we know reality is warped and "beauty" is subjective.  But you knew all this right? lol

o btw. im asian ahaha and no i dont want no stick figure, rather a woman with curves thats healthy.
[who want me, not my money...or lack their off lol]
There was a post on some group on Facebook that claimed that the "Western Ideal" of a thinness is what leads Asians to develop eating disorders.

I find this absolutely absurd.  I think it's mostly due to the fact that so many Asians are portrayed as small, thin, and tiny.  I know I was/am very pressured by relatives to lose weight, and it's horrible.  (I should probably mention I'm also Asian xD)

I have been overweight my whole life and lost a lot of weight on WeightWatchers a few years ago.  I went from 180 pounds to about 120, but along the way, my eating habits became very distorted.  When I went up to 140 pounds, my aunt asked me (in front of a friend) if I had gained weight and that I needed to watch out.  I was mortified and didn't eat the whole day.  Later that night, I heard her asking my dad if I had gained weight, again!  After that, I basically refused to go out to any family gatherings because I have a habit of taking things too personally and would rather not deal with those superficial comments.

Unfortunately, I still struggle with my weight and eating habits; but yeah, I'd definitely say that how Asians are portrayed as thin and tiny definitely affected me.  And really, it's not only females, the males are pretty tiny too.

Also, Asians with mental illnesses, such as eating disorders, are less likely to seek help as having such an illness tends to bring shame upon the family.
o jezh... skinny males lol  another one bites the dust!

fight the powers!
Ugh, I do know where this post is coming from, I'm also Asian and have two parents who constantly ask about my weight whenever I call them. My mom is thin and has a great figure, but she did get a bit thicker back in the day, my dad didn't gain weight until after quit smoking, though alot of his sisters are thick! I don't want to be too skinny, as I'm naturally busty, but I would love make it all come together! LOL. My mom used to call and ask me how much I lost, if I told her anything less than 2 she would be like Is that all? Umm yeah the safe and natural way. Parents just don't understand! LOL! She is better now, but seriously both mom and dad would drive me up the wall!
I lived in Korea for a year and I've also live in Japan when I was a child and I cay say first hand that 95% of the population (from what I saw)was small.  One time I was downtown shopping in Korea and there was this one girl who happen to not be small and I saw people starring and pointing at her and laughing, I felt so bad for her =(.  But I noticed that when I went to eat in Korean resturants they share their food so the portion they intake is alot smaller than what Americans eat.  ALSO they walk alot, ecspecially the older people,  I did this hiking tour there once and Korea is very hilly, I bout died going up and down those hills, I saw these older people walking around like it was nothing.   Also I've worked in a retail store here in America w/2 asian girls who happened to not be small and they would always tell me stories of how they're family would treat them like outcasts because of their weight.  I think it has alot to do w/where you live.  I also have a friend who is half Korean and she is so small even after having her daughter...it makes me sick lol, ecspecially cause we once use to be the same size lol.

Ejoy =)
i also happen to be asian and have lived in both asian and western cities. local asian people can be so unforgiving sometimes. for example, my aunt from hk who had come to canada to visit me was like, "omg! your arms are so fat now! how much do you weight?" when i said 115, she was like, "omg, when did you hit 100? you were so skinny back there!"

i wanted to say '...yeah, that's cause i'm a grown woman now...not a kid.' it made me want to crawl into a hole and die. 
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