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Muscle soreness = weight gain ?? Help !

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So, I have just started working out again this week.

I typically do a 30 min spin class, some time on the treadmill, and walks with my children...

I am doing strength training as well, but really focusing on the cardio.

Yesterday I used my elliptical for the first time in a while, too.

Once I went to bed, my legs were SO SORE I could not seep.  I figured no pain, no gain, right ??

However, when I weigh myself this morning, I am MUCH higher than yesterday. I know weight fluctuates, but can it be from muscles being overworked ??

I know you produce latic acid in recovery... does that  make you retain water or something ??  Just trying to figure out where the gain is from.  I ate less calories than I should. And nothing late.....

Any ideas ??   


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Working your muscles in new ways can result in water retention - let your muscles rest for a day before getting back into it, although you can do lighter cardio if you want, get plenty of water, and over time, you'll stop seeing as dramatic fluctuations.

How often are you working out? How often are you lifting/weight training?

You never want to work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row. You need a recovery day in between. Lifting 3 days a week is enough. After lifting and strenuous exercise you need to consume protein/carbs within an hour of your workout. Liquid protein is really good at that time. Whey protein is great. You can buy the powder and mix it with water or milk. It helps nourish and heal the muscles after a workout.

Stretching is very important before and after a workout also. Make sure to spend enough time stretching before. Don't "bounce" hold your moves for 15-30 seconds or more.

Make sure you are eating enough to compensate for the additional exercise and getting enough sleep. Sleep helps you recover and not getting enough will cause muscle soreness.

And the no pain-no gain thing is wrong. You will have some soreness after lifting but you should not be in "pain" and definitely not in so much pain that you cannot sleep.

There is a condition know as over-training syndrome and I learned about that the hard way.

It is completely normal for weight to fluctuate 3-5 Lb. It is just normal metabolism. Depends on a lot of things, how much food is in your stomach, have you had a recent bowel movement, how much salt you ate and are you retaining water. When you work your muscles they swell some and hold more water temporarily. Don't worry about a fluctuation in your weight. It is not true weight it is mostly water and the other things I listed above.

Don't go by the scale--go by how your clothes fit.

And yes, its entirely normal for the scale to be up a few pounds after working out the day before. Muscles retain water as they heal, so if you hurt, expect to see a rise on the scale. Its temporary, and your goal is to be more fit, right? Doesn't matter so much what the scale says. Use the clothes indicator as your guide to how well you are doing :)

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