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Weight Loss
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I have MS and struggle to exercise but still need to loose 50lb!

I have started the calorie counting but it gets you down that you can't exercise and my weight fluctuates by as much as 4/5 lb in a day! It is driving me crazy and would like to know if anyone else feels this way about their fluctuating weight!

I would be happy to hear how any one else manges to stay so positive and manage to lose the lb's at the same time!

I am off on holiday in 2 weeks so trying to lose 4lb before I go! Help :-)

Thanks for reading

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Calorie deficits are all you need for weight loss, not exercise. Exercise definitely helps, but is not necessary. Calorie deficits drive weight loss.


Just be good about eating at a deficit and the weight will come off.

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My mom has ms. :( how's yours? Can you walk? We got her on a bike and she's able to ride.
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Thank you both for the replies - no I can not walk far at all so exercise is really hard for me.

I am trying to stick to about 1500-1600 calories a day in the hope my body won't go into starvation mode!

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Could you try getting either a Recumbent bike or adult training wheels?! That wouldn't strain your muscles and there's no way you could fall over;  that would also help strengthen your legs (my mom falls a lot and could definitely use some stronger legs). And with a bike like that, it wouldn't mater how slowly you were pedaling-you don't have to worry about the balancing to avoid falling over. Again, just trying some suggestions as I don't know how bad your MS is.   

My Husband has MS and his legs are very bad so I bought him and electronic peddler, not sure of the name but we outfitted it with straps so we can strap his feet in and then turn it on and it pedals for him but gets his legs moving.  

It counts his calories burned and if we change the pedals he can use his hands to exercise his arms, his legs are very weak so without it he would really not move very much.

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